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The sun, passing from one sign of the zodiac to another, stays in each sign for one month. In contrast, the Moon makes a transition every 2-3 days. These two celestial bodies “meet” in the same sign of the zodiac on New Moon and a couple of days closest to it, as well as in one specific month.
Our feelings and emotions, inclination to certain activities and lifestyle depend on the position of the moon in the signs of the zodiac.

The passage of the moon according to the signs of the zodiac

The moon in the signs of the zodiac shows a person's perception. The moon is the “Yin” planet, reveals a number of “Yin” planets. This night luminary is associated with the inner world of a person and his subconscious. It is the Moon that makes it possible to understand what exactly will attract a person's unconscious gaze, which will unconsciously attract his attention in the first place. There is no planet faster than the Moon, therefore it is she who shows the very first and sincere reaction to what a person's gaze fell on.

In addition, the Moon allows you to find out what conclusion a person will make in a given situation, to what reactions he is already subconsciously tuned in, what he is ready to perceive. The pure manifestation of this luminary is rarely seen by anyone, because it is very difficult to get rid of rational control and an endless stream of reasoning. Sometimes this control partially disappears during a state of shock, with strong intoxication with alcoholic beverages – those conditions that forcibly deprive a person of his rational, rational beginning. It is at these moments that the manifestations of the moon can be seen.



In ordinary people, which most of us are, the Moon is hidden and disguised, since conscious behavior dominates (especially in males). In women, the manifestations of the Moon can be seen in their usual behavior and consciousness. That is why you should not take every phrase, reading the descriptions of the moon in the signs of the zodiac, seriously. Many planets affect human life, and therefore the descriptions given below are practically not found in their pure form. These are just peculiar recurring characteristics. The full complex can hardly appear – only a few features (or even one). When studying the influence of all planets, this will form a certain shape, which will be more close to the actual behavior of a certain person.

The moon in the signs of the zodiac is a kind of analytical parts, and it is our task to assemble a single whole from them.

MOON IN THE SIGN OF Ariesmoon in zodiac signs

When the Moon passes over the sign Aries, there is an increase in mental and physical activity, there is a desire to be the first. Excitement increases, changes occur in mental abilities, originality, creativity, aggressiveness and courage are manifested. At this time, you want to do something unusual, and not a routine.

Favorable time for: taking tough measures, making bold decisions, starting new projects, starting a new business (especially one where there is a risk).
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moon in zodiac sign

Stress and tension, which were observed in previous days and were associated with the passage of the heavenly body of the sign of Aries, will gradually come to naught. In the time of Taurus, people will feel peace, tranquility, and reliability. Reactions will begin to slow down, thoughts will stop bothering and swarming. These days, all people are a little slow-witted and stubborn, so it is extremely difficult to move them and get them to act. They become phlegmatic, slow, do household chores, solve everyday household tasks – for example, buy food for a week, make minor cosmetic repairs. They devote their working time to current affairs.

If they are engaged in entrepreneurship, then in the days of Taurus it is better not to sign important contracts and not to conclude large transactions, since slowness in thoughts and reactions will do a disservice.
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On such days, people feel a surge of strength and a desire to take active action. However, along with this, suggestibility increases, the risk of becoming susceptible to various influences from outside. You need to try very hard to cope with a fleeting impulse and avoid mistakes, straying off the intended course. These days, people “turn off” the ability to reasonably, and they attend meaningless events, waste time on empty talk and money on unnecessary things. And after that they ask themselves with surprise: “What has gotten over me?”

During this period, people feel an irresistible craving for communication and unlimited expansion of contacts. They get to know each other with great eagerness and enthusiasm, and then realize that half of the new acquaintances they do not need at all.

In the days of Gemini, people become more receptive, emotional. Any little thing can cause a violent reaction. However, it is worth noting that the emotions and feelings experienced are superficial – there are no deep, strong and real ones among them. People waste their mental and physical strength on a bunch of trivial things, strive to finish them in one fell swoop, but at the same time almost all of them remain unfinished.

On such days, the need for a change of scenery, for new impressions increases, so it is useful to take short walks around the city or travel by car. Loneliness and solitude are only harmful. Meeting with friends and relatives will bring a lot of positive emotions and joyful impressions.
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calculate the moon in zodiac signs

In the days of Cancer, most people become easily hurt, resentful and sensitive. They plunge into the inner world, move away from problems and the external environment. The significance of their experiences, emotions and impressions becomes more important than real life. Their mood becomes very unstable and changeable, their behavior is extremely unstable. During this period, people are able to follow their subconscious impulses, which are difficult to explain, and often commit inappropriate actions and deeds. They can, without a drop of doubt, take risks, sacrifice something important.

The most reasonable thing to do these days is to give up rash actions and impulsive decisions, carefully consider your behavior and thoughts. It is useful to create a comfortable, cozy and protected environment for yourself: for example, to put things in order in the house, to make minor repairs. It is not at all necessary to leave your inner world – it will simply become brighter and richer.
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the moon in the signs of the zodiac

Leo days are usually accompanied by cheerfulness, optimism and good mood. The conviction arises that it is possible to achieve everything, even the most difficult, that a little more – and the whole world will obediently submit. I would like to be “bombarded” with compliments, praises. At this time, you should praise others more often, then you can get the same in return.

Leo Days are ideal for celebrations and noisy feasts. Presentations are excellent. Dress well in your most beautiful clothes and go to those public places where the atmosphere of unrestrained fun reigns – to visit friends, to a concert, to the theater or cinema. You should pay special attention to your appearance, as others will pick up on him. Therefore, in order to make a wonderful impression on the public, you should try.
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moon in zodiac signs

During this period, people become more rational, reasonable and practical. However, at the same time, pedantry awakens in their character: they quarrel over trifles, find fault with loved ones, pay attention to insignificant things, missing the main thing. These days, quarrels often occur over such trifles that are not worth the slightest attention, but in the days of Virgo they seem serious and significant.

Virgo Days also give people good qualities of character – for example, discipline, responsibility, attentiveness and focus. Complex work that requires a great concentration of attention and accuracy of actions is performed without problems. People become cautious, judicious, and orderly. They do not seek to get rid of the problem in one fell swoop, but trust their mind. Unfortunately, we are talking about everyday, small, household chores. If we talk about global decisions and risky projects, then people feel an acute lack of intuition, natural flair and the ability to calculate events in advance. It is best to do tedious, monotonous and time-consuming work, and postpone important responsible steps for later.
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The moon in this zodiac sign sets people up for harmony, good rest and peace. The possibility of disputes and conflicts is extremely low. People find it much easier to find a common language with others, make compromises, reconcile and forgive offenders.

On such days, great importance is attached to the norms of etiquette, rules of behavior and external decency, so people become pleasant to talk to, courteous and delicate. All desire to offend, quarrel and argue disappears. The mood is stable, there is an understanding of the opposite opinion and other points of view.

However, the Moon rewards people with such qualities as hesitation, self-doubt and indecision. Difficulties arise in making choices and important decisions, so it is postponed indefinitely. These days it is better to work on relationships, look for a compromise, joint solutions, hold meetings and negotiations where diplomatic qualities are required.
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moon by zodiac signs

Emotions, feelings, desires intensify. The tendency to tantrums and clarification of relationships may increase. Large and small passions capture people with their heads. A person feels dissatisfaction with himself, sees the world in black tones, wants to radically change the environment in one fell swoop. It is dangerous to succumb to this destructive urge because it is caused by addiction to mood swings.

In the days of Scorpio, a person becomes sullen, gloomy and irritable. Everything around him makes him nervous, as his sensitivity increases. Life appears at its worst. However, there is a definite plus in this: seeing the bad, we can get rid of it in time.

Introspection and consistent correction of character flaws are helpful during this period. It is better to put harsh actions and important decisions aside. When a person improves some of his character traits, the world will seem more friendly and open.
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The days of Scorpio, which brought darkness and destruction, give way to the calm days of Sagittarius. People feel a strong need for stability, balance, and order. Respect for laws, rules and regulations awakens in them. They accept regimes, advice and recommendations well, need mentors and patrons. However, some of them feel the urge to give advice themselves. These days there is an increase in interest in events taking place in public life. There is a desire to make life orderly, to strengthen the earth under your feet.

This is the most favorable time for teachers: they transfer their knowledge well and learn themselves. The days contribute to the better assimilation of new skills and abilities. The transfer of advice goes brilliantly, but if there is no request, it is better not to interfere with anyone with your advice.
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moon zodiac sign

These days, the intensity of passions and emotionality subsides, and responsibility and a sense of duty come to the fore. In all their actions and deeds, people proceed from considerations of utility and expediency. Fleeting whims and desires are instantly rejected. For example, if a person comes to a store on Capricorn's day with a list that only contains bread and milk, then no chocolate, buns or ice cream will be able to tempt him. Even the most fashionable beauties will indifferently walk past the bright counter with perfumes and cosmetics, purchasing only toothpaste and soap.

During this period, the ability to empathize and sympathy also decreases. People can show alienation to loved ones, indifference and cruelty. They do not feel sorry for anyone – neither strangers, nor relatives and friends, nor themselves.

Everything that possesses people these days is logic, reason, expediency. It is best to do things that require strict adherence to instructions, clarity and accuracy. It is better to postpone creativity and art until better times. It's good to put your desk in perfect order by putting all things in their place.
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In the days of Aquarius, people yearn for emancipation and spiritual freedom. Emotions manifest freely and without hesitation, feelings come to life and flourish. At this time, even the slightest pressure and coercion can cause a storm of negative emotions. The main goal is to gain internal independence, freedom from the shackles that public opinion and attitudes impose on us.

A person has a positive attitude towards little things that give joy and good mood – for example, a delicious chocolate bar, a new bottle of perfume, a fashionable gadget. And, acquiring this, he does not feel the slightest guilt or remorse behind him. He wants something new, unexpected, bold. Some people become capable of such quirks that others, smiling, only shrug their shoulders.

However, people should be especially careful not to create anarchy and not overwhelm those around them with too daring antics. It will immediately become clear to everyone that this is nothing more than a desire to assert themselves, to demonstrate to everyone their freedom from the rules imposed by society, to show their courage and independence.

During this period, it is good to carry out various experiments and reforms, even if at first glance they seem too bold and risky. Most of the innovations and ideas will be implemented surprisingly well. Therefore, you should not be afraid to take risks, since the risk will be justified in any case. For example, you may be unexpectedly lucky in the lottery or gambling. Quiet, calm, home rest in the circle of loved ones and relatives can only tire and bring mortal boredom, so it is worth going out more and communicating with colleagues, friends and acquaintances.
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These days are characterized by daydreaming, a penchant for romanticism. Intuition becomes stronger, unusual thoughts appear, a tendency to mysticism. People begin to willingly believe in the incomprehensible, mysterious and magical. If they are believers, then their faith becomes stronger several times. People easily understand the hidden relationship of things and events, understand the essence of phenomena. They also become affectionate, gentle and caring, at times showing real sentimentality. For example, it costs them nothing to cry over a woman's novel or soap series. There is a desire to talk more often with loved ones, support them, inspire and give a good mood.

These days, people are awakening the ability to feel and perceive works of art, music and poetry at a deep level. The soul persistently demands aesthetic impressions and high feelings. It is useful to visit an exhibition in a museum, watch an old favorite film, go to the theater, or just sit in a quiet, calm corner with a volume of poems in your hands. However, mass entertainment art – television programs, serials, etc. – bring only disappointment and emptiness to the soul. Therefore, you should choose an art that can leave a deep impression in your soul and make you think about serious, eternal issues.
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