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LUNAR BIRTHDAY and zodiac sign

So, we were able to make sure that the Moon in one or another sign of the Zodiac turns into an incredibly reliable and accurate compass among the raging ocean of passions, emotions and feelings. The state of our body, mental and physical health, as well as the state of home and gardening depends on the position of the moon in a certain sign. Thanks to the information provided, you can easily improve your life by making it more harmonious, calm and conscious. Your relationships with loved ones will become stronger and happier. To calculate the lunar horoscope by date of birth, follow this link.


LUNAR BIRTHDAYAries are ruled by Mars, which belongs to the fire element. Therefore, Aries are people subconsciously tuned in to struggle, skirmishes, scandals and tensions. They are highly sensitive to everything sharp and harsh. In their lives, situations of extreme, most stressful and critical nature often occur. This is due to the fact that the Moon is in Aries, and an unconscious attitude to such situations leads them to a search for where they could use their strength, actively act, jerkily achieve high and difficult to achieve goals, seize and overcome difficulties.

The very character of man will also be changed by Martian features. Aries will become rude, hot-tempered, impulsive, their perception will become sharper and heightened. Aries are capable of being very carried away, idealization is characteristic of them, since the Martian form of manifestation is distinguished by activity and the desire to act. Whatever the planet that falls into this zodiac sign, it will always have a black and white perception, and halftones are completely excluded. It is for this reason that this idealism is distinguished by extreme assessments, and not by intuition and “watery” nature.

Such people subconsciously show fearlessness, aggression, the desire to take risks and fight, determination. They will be emphatically self-confident, ready for any extreme and critical situations.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, and they belong to the element Earth. Therefore, those people whose planet is currently in the sign of Taurus will be sensitive to comfort, material environment, harmony. The disharmony of the world around them will cause a strong rejection reaction in them. Harmony lies in a relationship with nature, people around and the material world. Such people, on a subconscious level, will tune in to those situations that are characterized by slow development, stability, provide an opportunity to feel comfort and save something.

However, remember that each situation is always more varied than what we can perceive. Our consciousness interacts with only a small part of it. In other words, we enrich our inner world with this part of the situation, and what our mind's eye falls on in the first place depends precisely on the position of the Moon in a certain sign. That is, any situation is multidimensional and infinite, and people build it according to their own program of attitudes and perception.

The perception of people, when the Moon is in Taurus, is characterized by slowness, and stability, calmness and balance prevail in feelings and emotions.

It is generally accepted that the Moon in Taurus guarantees everyone a healthy, rational and stable psyche. However, do not oversimplify everything. At first glance, we see stability, but if any crack appears, then people cannot adapt to the changed conditions of life.

In people with the Moon in this sign of the Zodiac, subconscious reactions are extremely slow development, therefore patience and a long “swing” prevail in their character before taking any action. It often happens that people with the Moon in Taurus try not to make unnecessary movements, since actions require a waste of energy. And Taurus is a symbol of filling, accumulation and tranquility, therefore, if there is no urgent need, people are unlikely to budge.

Such people are distinguished by their love for good food, warm and cozy atmosphere. The most comfortable position for them is to sit in a large comfortable armchair and admire the fire in the fireplace. However, Mars and other active planets can be expressed in humans. In other words, in life, they can from time to time perform bold deeds and active actions, but their idea of ​​a happy life is the same as was given a little above: tasty, satisfyingly warm, cozy, beautiful and pleasant to the touch things around, calmness, absence of stress , pressure and coercion.


Gemini belongs to the “air” signs, are ruled by Mercury. They are subconsciously tuned in to making acquaintances, making new contacts, receiving new information, transmitting it, and communicating. There is no better guide than Gemini. The characteristic features of their essence are a high level of psychological variability, fluctuations in emotions and mood. Should the situation change slightly, it will instantly affect the state of mind of Gemini. It happens that in just one hour they experience a whole range of different emotions – from anger and despondency to enthusiasm and benevolence towards the whole world.

Gemini needs a regular change of environment. They feel an irresistible attraction to the new, the unknown and the undiscovered. At the same time, they do not need to know what exactly they need. The true motive of their actions is the search for new information and its transfer, the creation of new acquaintances. At the same time, they will always be able to rationally explain the reason for their actions, even if it differs from the above.

Gemini has a strong need to be influenced from the outside. The position of the moon makes them great guides: they learned something new and immediately passed it on, leaving nothing for themselves. Gemini can only learn new things when something or someone is acting on them.

It must be remembered that people with the Moon in Gemini experience difficulties in relationships, since they expect others to influence to receive new information, but their expectations and ideas are not met. The relationship of two people with the Moon in other signs is usually very successful.

Rarely enough, but there are situations when a person turns into a conductor of the Cosmos, manifesting in himself the highest, divine, being able to perceive information from the Universe.


This sign of the zodiac is the abode of the moon . It is here that she is the true mistress. If you imagine what has been said figuratively, then this is exactly the feeling of calmness and security that you feel when you are in your own home. The moon is the mistress of this sign, therefore it is in him that it manifests itself most fully and vividly. People with the Moon in Cancer are able to perceive subconscious processes, which makes them psychologically gifted: they feel the subconsciousness of the people around them.

A person with the Moon in Cancer is greatly influenced by his inner world, soul, emotions and experiences. Internal feelings for him are much more important than the outside world. Real relationships have little effect on him, but one should not assume that this is an abnormal, mental deviation.

Born with the Moon in Cancer, the usual state is a kind of detachment from the real world and attunement to your inner state. They are sensitive to cosmic rhythms, especially the lunar phases. Phase breaks for them are something like crises, which is clearly seen when the transition to the 4th quarter from 3. People with the Moon in Cancer have an increased sensitivity to every rhythm of the Cosmos, so they often experience unreasonable excitement, anxiety and anxiety. At the same time, for an outsider, this situation will mean absolutely nothing.

These people have a subtle perception, the ability to deeply feel and sense. They are characterized by vulnerability, and their psyche is changeable and unstable. Often they are voluntarily forgotten in the dream world, especially if it is often touched (which is achieved quite simply). In order to “hold” it in reality, a warm, safe and secure environment is needed. Such people have an extremely rich and unusual inner world – castles, palaces, amazing nature, sublime feelings.

People with the Moon in Cancer, few people are allowed to enter their own world. To open up to another person, they need to trust them infinitely, believe them in everything, feel that he is interesting, that they will not turn away from him. Often these people are able to withdraw from a careless gesture or an insignificant word. What remains invisible to others, is a reason for crayfish to close in order to protect their inner world from capture and invasion.

The manifestation of Cancer is most of all expressed in the form of a look inside, when a person looks not at the interlocutor, but into his inner world. In other words, its focus on the inner essence is expressed even externally.


This zodiac sign belongs to the element of Fire and is under the rule of the Sun. Here the Sun acts as a hospitable host, and the Moon acts as a long-awaited guest. The sun represents a bright disclosure of the manifested features, therefore, people with the Moon in Leo will be distinguished by the openness of the subconscious and are tuned in to reveal their inner abilities and peace of mind. They will begin to perceive any situation that has arisen in life as an opportunity for self-realization, creativity and manifestation of their true “I”.

It is for this reason that such people have a strong tendency towards dramatization and acting, and this tendency manifests itself unconsciously. In the worst cases, manifestations of pomp and theatricality, as well as steroidism (a situation in which a person says incredible, ridiculous and funny things to himself, and he believes in what he says with all his heart – how he committed terrible acts, crimes) will become more frequent. … The fact is that a person with the Moon in Leo suffers from an irresistible desire to receive as much attention from others as possible to his inner feelings and experiences. She will strive to organize her destiny and life in such a way that people empathize and constantly pity her. If for some reason this does not work out, then such a person will begin to attract attention to himself by artificial methods.

The Moon, visiting the Sun, shows solar features, is seen through a prism. People these days strive to put their experiences and inner world at the center of everything that exists, including people. At worst, it will look like inventing all sorts of incredible stories, at best – charm, charisma, acting talent. After all, the secret of charisma and attractiveness lies precisely in the ability to share what lies in the soul – feelings, emotions and experiences.


Virgo belongs to the element Earth under the rule of Proserpine and Mercury. The Moon is visiting these planets, giving people an unconscious attitude to all the little things. People perceive them well and grasp their true meaning. In any life situation, at first glance, they see important details and react violently to them. These people make wonderful programmers, investigators, detectives and scientists, whose work requires a high degree of accuracy and many thorough measurements. For such a person, everything turns out by itself, without the intervention of consciousness. The perception of such people is characterized by fragmentation, lack of integrity. Sometimes, on rare occasions, a person is able to see the whole situation through many different details.

Be that as it may, the Moon in Virgo bestows pedantry, pickiness, prudence and a sober, unclouded look at the events taking place in life.

Virgos believe that they are small, meaningless details, wheels in this huge, endless world. Subconsciously, they are firmly convinced that they must do their job conscientiously, otherwise the entire gigantic mechanism, due to the lack of a clear fulfillment by a person of his duties, will fall apart into small pieces. Also, these people are very obedient, do not like to open up in front of people, sometimes they are constrained and timid.

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MAN BORN WITH THE MOON IN LIBRAbirthday on the moon

Libra belongs to the air element and is ruled by Chiron and Venus. The moon in Libra will show a subconscious mood for harmony, since one of the most important properties of Libra is finding an equilibrium point, a position that balances two different forces.

The Moon appears before us, and subconscious processes set people up to search for harmony, justice, balance, grace and beauty. Peacefulness and a tendency to find compromises awaken in a person. He will try to avoid sharp corners, conflicts, arguments and quarrels. Moon in Libra – this is unconscious diplomatic qualities, excellent taste, mannerism and sophistication. In the worst case, snobbery can appear.

These days, people are striving for high society, exquisite things, and great works of art. Venus is working, the purpose of which is to create an accordion; Chiron works, reflecting the subtle world in the embodied; strong and powerful Saturn, which is directly related to the formation of Libra, builds a special system. A person subconsciously strives to organize his own life. This organization presupposes an aesthetic system, where each thing occupies a strictly defined place, a combination of low and high elements occurs in life, the laws of proportion are observed everywhere. It is here that the aspiration for a refined society, admiration for art, love for the beautiful interior of apartments begins. After all, a beautiful and harmonious environment is essential to maintain human well-being. Without this environment, a person will feel discomfort and confusion.


Scorpio is a water sign. He is ruled by Pluto and Mars, as a result of which man is constantly looking for destruction, crisis, transition and death. He subconsciously aims at transformation and restructuring of the internal structure.

The internal structure will definitely endure destruction – for this is the responsibility of Pluto, who is known for his ability to bring chaos into the world. Then there will be a choice – death or a qualitatively new order. A person feels sudden mood swings, lack of mental balance, the need for constant psychological renewal.

But whatever structure is created, it will still collapse. Scorpios are eternally active, in need of change and creation of something new. If this need is not satisfied, then a person develops a negative worldview: there is no value for him that cannot be destroyed. He can even become a misanthropist. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary for him to provide a constant internal change.

The moon in Scorpio bestows a powerful psychological gift: these people feel the whole inner world of a person – hopes, goals, dreams, weaknesses, flaws, complexes. Therefore, two types of person can emerge from Scorpios – a professional psychologist and a sensitive psychotherapist, or a dangerous, destructive manipulator.

People with the Moon in Scorpio can become clairvoyants, easily perceiving the messages of the subtle world. For example, Nostradamus had the Moon in this sign.


The moon is here in the sign of Fire, a guest of Jupiter. Therefore, a person is subconsciously tuned in to authority, social relationships, hierarchy. He perfectly feels the whole structure of social relations, perceives ideology and traditions. He has a strong, irresistible desire to become a role model for the people around him, a shining example, an authority enjoying great influence. They are receptive and sensitive to customs and traditions, unconsciously rushing towards authorities and domineering persons. People also strive to become authorities themselves, so they may have increased pride, vanity, pomp, self-delusion. They really want to have these character traits, so if they do not find them in themselves, they will suffer a lot and worry for a long time.

Such people feel like a fish in water in a social environment, they are perfectly oriented in it. They may not make a conscious choice or decision, but they already internally feel someone else's social environment, which has rigor and clearly expressed levels of social hierarchy. They instantly understand who is the authority here, and who occupies a step below, quickly navigate and understand how to behave in order to gain recognition and respect. These people are like indicators, tuned in to a change of authority, a replacement of leaders, and a change in the social environment. They may not be aware of such moments, but everything is manifested in their relationships, habits and behavior. They are often the disseminators of scientific and occult knowledge. To calculate the lunar day by date of birth for free, follow the link and enter your date of birth.

MAN BORN WITH THE MOON IN CAPRICORNcharacteristic for the lunar birthday

Capricorn belongs to the element Earth, and the Moon is visiting Saturn. This leaves a certain imprint on people: they become obsessed with their goals. People begin to perceive only those situations that lead them to the fulfillment of their dreams. Events in life will be considered in accordance with the achievement of the goal. The perception of people becomes as selective as possible.

There is a slowdown in the manifestation of emotional reactions, because the development of the inner world and unconscious processes continually slows down, and sometimes even stops altogether. Such people subconsciously hate to show their inner, mental states, feelings and emotions. It seems to them that showing their bad mood and loss of strength is a sign of weakness and worthlessness. The moon is visiting Saturn, so a person experiences all his emotions and feelings deep inside. Outwardly, he seems to be insensitive, unemotional, dry “log”, but in fact, in his soul he is deeply vulnerable. His subconsciousness is limited and compressed, a person strives to close him from the outside world.

Those around them are unaware of the suffering and torment of these people, since it is hidden deep inside. These people artificially create for themselves many problems and obstacles that have absolutely no connection with the outside world. They throw away everything that does not lead to the achievement of their goal, since they consider any situation from the point of view of whether it will help them achieve what they have planned or not. Sometimes this is called mental asceticism: all attention and efforts are concentrated exclusively on one or another algorithm of actions, and all unnecessary and unnecessary is thrown away without regret. It is here that the roots of strong will and unshakable determination sprout.

The moon in Capricorn was found in many world famous people – for example, Khomeini, Caesar or Lenin.

MAN BORN WITH THE MOON IN AQUARIUScharacteristic for the lunar birthday

Aquarius is an air sign and the Moon is visiting Saturn and Uranus. This noticeably affects the behavior of people: they strive for freedom, unification, spiritual self-development and growth, the perception of the unusual, strange and new. He has a strong inner need to find freedom, to go beyond the limiting framework and throw off heavy fetters. Freedom can have two meanings – “for” and “from”.

Freedom from is independence. Such a person does not tolerate the slightest obligations and strives with all his might to avoid situations where there is a risk that his freedom will be infringed. Such situations cause unpleasant, difficult feelings in him, and he will strive for a life that will be free from them. This person fiercely protects his inner world from invasion, because Saturn is a constant opposition.

Such people can be loyal to their friends, but only if this friendship is at a distance. It should not be forgotten that Aquarius is under the auspices of Saturn, which at the same time provides an aloof position (“getting too close is forbidden”) and a strengthening relationship. If spiritual closeness is carried out under the auspices of Uranus, then Saturn both strengthens it, and at the same time creates a certain distance. In this case, a person treats everyone to all people around him with impersonal benevolence. Sometimes it combines completely opposite things in character – for example, extreme selfishness and altruism. This is a strange and unusual behavior in humans from Uranus.

Uranus is also known for the ability to cause unexpected turns, therefore, the inner world of a person is characterized by a tendency to sudden changes, instability and instability. Quite often, he experiences mood swings for no particular reason. Such a person is sometimes capricious, selfish, but at the same time is capable of inventing amazing things and mastering something new. In his character, eccentricity is clearly manifested.

MAN BORN WITH THE MOON IN PISCEScharacteristic for the lunar birthday

One cannot but agree that this is the best state of the moon. She is visiting Jupiter and Neptune. When the Moon is in water signs, it gives a person an incredibly strong intuition. However, in Pisces, she gives a superficial intuition associated with the comprehension of superficial things and phenomena. A person will tune in to the perception of the secret, hidden and deep. He will have an incredibly rich inner world with very sensitive and deep feelings. He will also strive to hide from others all the beauty of his soul. Sometimes it gets sentimental. A person will begin to realize the secret meaning of this world, develop a sense of rhythm in himself, since Neptune characterizes musical harmony. The Man with the Moon in Piscesusually talented in music, receptive, however, he can become a capable student in a wide variety of fields. Pisces provide a deep and thorough understanding of things, so a person learns and comprehends new things not superficially, but with a sense of the inner essence and hidden harmony.

This situation is often found among mediums – people who are susceptible to hypnosis. In this state, they can manifest mediumistic abilities, however, in ordinary, everyday life, they are usually hidden. Such abilities are most often manifested in fanatics, drug addicts and alcoholics, since Pisces is a symbol of harmony, ideal, divine beauty. If a person is not able to perceive this, then there is no suitable environment around him, and he replaces it with fantasies, delusional ideas, illusions, drugs or alcoholic beverages. All this creates for him a kind of surrogate for the real harmony of life. Such people are highly suggestible, and women are known for strong affection for family and friends. They are often selfless. Pisces is probably the only sign

For other signs, the situation is different. Yes, many people with other signs of the zodiac will be able to go to death – even Aries, but the difference is that this will be an ordinary impulse, a sharp urge when a person cannot cope with the energy that overwhelms him. … For example, a person can sacrifice himself in order to achieve some personal goals.

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