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Black Moon (Lilith) in the signs of the zodiac

Lilith or Black Moon shows dark latent states that can become apparent, and a person, knowing his temptations from the Black Moon, should deliberately avoid them.

In addition, Lilith is, as it were, a “counter” of dark karma and is amplified by every dishonest, criminal, immoral act of a person. For this fatal property – to strengthen, and so close attention is riveted to it.

All information related to Lilith enhances the fatality of the horoscope and events in people's lives. Through the Black Moon, rock manifests itself as yielding to the Dark beginning. Lilith feels the energy of your soul, forcing it to transform, resorting to temptations or brute force, if necessary.

Psychologically, it determines the bad inclinations of a person and, having a cycle of circulation of nine years, especially intensifies in years divisible by nine: at nine years, eighteen years, twenty-seven, thirty-six, forty-five, fifty-four, sixty-three, seventy-two, eighty-one years. These are all years of awareness, years of special control, when you can slide down, years of special temptation.

By the age of 63, a person is obliged to make the final choice between Good and Evil.
Lilith determines the measure of evil that a person can commit in this life, shows the lowest path that a person can descend and pass in life. However, this total indicator of our secret sins and complexes can be changed by our conscious and independent development.

The manifestations of the Black Moon in the events of life are periods in our life when unhealthy impulses appear in us, when we commit unmotivated actions, when we become susceptible to seduction. The time of the eclipse of reason, when a person does not know what he is doing.

In contrast to the influence of the Black Moon, a person must develop self-defense.
It is important to pay attention to the element in which Lilith is in the horoscope. This element is dangerous to humans.

Depending on the level of human development, on the ability to control oneself and on the degree of self-awareness, there are three levels of manifestation of the Black Moon. How it will manifest itself depends on the spiritual development of a person, on his work on himself.


HIGHEST LEVEL – makes it possible to see evil and not sink into the abyss, to have a clear idea of ​​what is objectively bad. A person has already paid off his karmic debt, has gone through everything, and he already has a clear separation of Evil and Good. Immunity to the temptations of Evil is acquired, and evil is rejected from such people. A person immediately discerns situations corresponding to Evil, and thanks to this, these situations are repelled from him. Such rejection and repulsion of Evil requires a developed self-awareness and independence of human thinking. That is, the person worked off his sins.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL – a person himself does not follow the path of temptations, he already realizes that this is a sin, that the Devil tempts him and refuses to follow the path of Lilith, at her call. This is the path of repentance and redemption, i.e. a person must be punished for everything he has done, and he receives the punishment in the same form in which he sinned. Here a person must repent, i.e. extinguish the processes that he launched in a past life. As a punishment, a person attracts all evil spirits to himself in accordance with his dark Karma.

Accidents are lined up in a certain system, irreversible, fatal situations develop. The ancients believed that this path is better, since there is an opportunity to work off karma, and, after suffering, to leave the circle of incarnations.
There is also a borderline between these two – and such people are usually fatalists.

LOWEST LEVEL – a person gets pleasure and satisfaction from his dark deeds, from Lilith he receives nourishment and support. According to the sign and house of Lilith in the horoscope, one can see where a person is drawn, his vicious instincts. By the strength and position of Lilith, one can say how great is the danger of falling, in what form it is possible and the very degree of falling. This is the active level. Passion is stronger than will and reason, it can even contradict the program of life.

Since Lilith in the Sign is given for certain deeds in past lives, the zodiac sign will show in what form the Black Karma has been accumulated. A person is drawn there and the worst way is to succumb to all temptations and repeat all the same in this life.

On Earth, a person can be born with a lower or medium level of manifestation of the Black Moon. It is believed that if a person dies in repentance, then in the next incarnation he will be born with an average level of the Black Moon. You can be born with the lowest level of Lilith manifestation and already in this life abandon the path of Evil and go to the middle level.

When a person changes, the Black Moon ceases to affect him at the lower level and goes to the middle one, and the person begins to receive retribution for all his black deeds. When he redeems his karma and is internally transformed, he can go to the highest level. As far as we know, people are not born with a higher level, although a person can very early, even in childhood, move from an intermediate level to a higher one. If you have a weak Lilith, it means that already in past lives you have been working on yourself, and during one life you can go through all three levels.

The speed of the transition depends on the intensity of a person's spiritual work. The same is the case with repentance, that is, in what form you will atone for your guilt, also depends on your spiritual level. The higher your spiritual level, and the more you work on yourself, the more time is compressed and the faster the transition from one level to another occurs.

And even when you reach the highest level, you must always remember that the temptation still remains. If you weaken self-observation and spiritual work, then the Black Moon can begin to manifest itself again, but only in more subtle spheres and forms. That is, there is always a danger of moving from a higher level back to a lower one, one has only to weaken attention and work on oneself.

Therefore, a person should always be extremely careful about the problems associated with the Black Moon. They cannot be worked out once and for all so that they do not manifest themselves on an unconscious level, without control, mechanically. Constant self-observation is imperative, it is necessary to constantly keep them in the field of consciousness. Of course, it cannot be said that at the highest level the Black Moon is a “temptation”, it is rather an indicator, a person immediately sees the not yet manifested, potential Evil in the form and in those areas of life that correspond to the sign of the Zodiac, where a person has a Black Moon …

Lilith also shows what our enemies will be.
On the deliberately chosen Light path, if immunity to temptations and vices has already been developed, instructions are given through Lilith what else needs to be worked out.

The Greeks called the Black Moon – Hecate – this is the reverse side of the Moon. The ancient Hindus associated with her the embodiment of karmic debts, sins acquired in past incarnations.

The earth is a testing ground for testing a person as an entity. Liberation of the Spark of God is the task of every incarnation, and a person, knowing his temptations according to the Black Moon, can avoid them and achieve Liberation or salvation.

According to the horoscope, one can determine which path is easier to follow, but it is impossible to determine which path a person will actually take. With a successful horoscope, Lilith's manifestations are less noticeable.

If a person wants to work on himself, he must extract this invisible dirt and destroy it.

Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of AriesBlack Moon Lilith

In past incarnations, Aries could be a warrior who decided that he had the right to exceed the powers given to him by law. This often happens to people who are too active in life.

Negative manifestations can be found in two extremes – activity and submission.

Activity manifests itself in the following way: a person feels such a powerful desire to act immediately that not one of his appearance is complete without the release of incredible energy that he is unable to control.

Разумная решительность резко перетекает в упрямый сокрушительный напор, склонность к импульсивности переходит в полную непредсказуемость, а свобода и ответственность превращается в непреодолимое препятствие завладеть волей и душами окружающих людей. Овны вдруг с удивлением обнаруживают, что они испытывают неземное наслаждение от преодоления трудностей и навязывания своей воли другим.

Что касается покорности, то в этой крайности Овны становятся невероятно притягательным объектом для манипуляторов. У покорных, пассивных людей отсутствует сила воли, они превращаются в легко внушаемых и управляемых, нерешительных и слабых, ленивых и безынициативных. Все, что заботит их в жизни – как бы переложить ответственность за свою жизнь на окружающих. Однако при этом у них идет накопление агрессивности, которое разрушает душевное спокойствие и здоровье, приводя ко множеству болезней.

Опасными зонами для Овнов, вставших на путь душевного очищения, являются насилие, огонь и любое огнестрельное оружие. Постарайтесь избегать этого. Также будьте осторожны с острыми предметами. Учитесь бесстрашию, грамотному распределению душевных ресурсов. Избавляйтесь от стремительности, суетливости, активности и желания подавить чужую волю.

Наивысшая ступень: в воплощениях прошлых жизней человек побеждал зло, проявлял свои геройские качества. Не исключено и то, что, вставая на защиту добра, правды и света, он поплатился собственной жизнью.

Задача, которая стоит перед Овнами в этой жизни – победить зло, целенаправленно и бесстрашно защищать добро и правду. Овнам необходимо победить негативную часть самих себя: избавиться от темных наклонностей, ненависти к недругам. Им придется столкнуться с насилием, грубостью, убийствами лицом к лицу и в их самых жестоких проявлениях. Человек должен всеми своими силами предотвратить распространение зла по миру, используя огонь Духа.

Овны должны придерживаться заповеди «Не убий». Им требуется сохранить те искорки духовности и просвещения, которые до сих пор тлеют в душах окружающих людей, а также развивать свое божественное начало. Необходимо перевоспитывать насильников и убийц, рассказывая им о дороге правды, света и добра, ставя их на путь истинный.

Средняя ступень: в воплощениях прошлых жизней человек отличался особой жестокостью, грубостью, самовлюбленностью, превышением данных ему полномочий. Он считал, что для достижения своих целей хороши любые средства. В этой жизни ему придется пережить встречи со всеми теми, которые были его жертвами и страдали от его грубости. Жертвы будут ему грубить, хамить, относиться несправедливо – то есть, отплатят Овну той же монетой. Когда Овны будут сталкиваться с такими ситуациями, их душа начнет искупать свои грехи. Человек может пострадать от оружия, огня, насилия. Есть вероятность убийства.

Овны почувствуют желание ответить злом на зло, поскольку жизнь то и дело будет провоцировать их на эти поступки. Однако они должны бороться и терпеливо сносить кризисные ситуации, действия противников и врагов.

Низшая ступень: в прошлой жизни Овен совершил много злых и ужасных поступков, и в этой жизни его также влечет путь темноты и несправедливости. Такие люди почитают преступный мир и связанную с ним грубую силу. Они никогда никого не пропускают впереди себя.

В самых худших случаях Овны в прошлой жизни насиловали, убивали людей, злоупотребляли своими полномочиями во время войны и битв, мародерствовали, а сейчас им приходится столкнуться со своими разрушительными инстинктами, которые владеют над их существованием.В их жизни преобладают неконтролируемые сексуальные желания, садизм и наглость. Они чувствуют непреодолимое влечение к острым, колющим предметам и огню, однако при этом в их характере присутствует трусость.

В их жизни может произойти аборт, и карма убийц будет наложена и на отца, и на мать. Чувствуется жажда человеческой крови, боли, страданий в мире, несправедливости. Желание манипулировать людьми, подчинить их своим целям.

 Черная Луна (Лилит) в знаке ТельцаBlack Moon Lilith

В Тельце Черная Луна (Лилит) проявляет себя в двух крайностях – чрезмерная скупость и расточительство. В прошлых жизнях Тельцы, скорее всего, были чревоугодниками, ростовщиками и скрягами. Цель их существования заключалась в том, чтобы получить от жизни как можно больше приятных чувственных ощущений (гедонизм).

Чрезмерная расточительность: Тельцы не умеют грамотно распоряжаться полученными доходами. Они часто выбрасывают денежные средства на ветер, приобретая кучу совершенно не нужных вещей. Они также не способны удерживать свою энергию и душевные силы, поэтому являются «лакомым кусочком» для манипуляторов и людей-вампиров. И физические силы, и душевные тратятся совершенно не к месту.

Человек отличается жадностью, алчностью, тягой к стяжательству, чрезмерно высоким аппетитом, быстро переходящим к обжорству, желанием заработать много денег, приобрести материальные блага, достичь физического комфорта. Тельцы обращают основное внимание на внешние стороны, а не  внутренние связи. Они чувствуют непреодолимое желание подчинить себе весь мир, что является причиной ревности, повышенным чувством собственности, зацикленности на чувствах, ненормальной привязчивости к вещам.

Путь искупления Тельцов будет состоять из бесконечных денежных затруднений, долгов и обязательств. Все, что им удастся скопить, растратиться на разные пустяки, деньги превратятся в пыль, поэтому этим людям нужно перестать накапливать и постараться гармонизировать свои финансовые дела. Особую опасность представляют для них землетрясения, воровство и кражи.

The highest stage : in his previous lives, a person came to the realization that material well-being and wealth is nothing more than a fictitious illusion. Luxury and excesses limit self-development and spiritual growth, bind a person to material things. Taurus needs to get rid of the feeling of possessiveness, the desire for hoarding, the desire to get pleasure in food, feelings and sensations. The motto of their life should be the phrase: “No to the golden calf!”

People need to put aside art, which awakens dark instincts and desires, vulgarity in the mind. It is required to turn to true, real spiritual values ​​that lead to enlightenment. All the tricks of the dark forces become obvious to a person, and he overcomes evil with great patience, humility and compassion. His love saves the souls of the fallen. Beauty sees in the Beast his inner soul, which languishes in a terrifying shell, and feels love for him.

Middle level : in their past, Taurus often fell into the net of Maya, were distinguished by greed, led a disgusting lifestyle, put money at the highest level of the hierarchy of values, and had down-to-earth feelings in their heads. In this life, they will have to pay for all their not pious way of life: constant failures, eternal budget deficits, the loss of what is most important for him, the inability to satisfy the need for material wealth.

For Taurus, a loved one is a sweet, pleasant toy that belongs only to him. With these thoughts in his head, it becomes impossible for him to meet true love, which will give him strong and bright feelings. In order to embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment, he needs to part with material goods without feeling the slightest regret. You need to understand that he will be given exactly as much money and other benefits as is required for his spiritual development and enlightenment.

The lowest stage : in his past lives, it seemed to a person that the material is much more important than spiritual values. In this life, his main ideals are also a passion for wealth and accumulation. Taurus, standing at this level, are distinguished by vulgar materialism, have nothing sacred, they are ready to sell their conscience in order to provide material comfort. Neither truth nor divine enlightenment are sufficient grounds for them to give up material goods.

Taurus is distinguished by gluttony, the desire for hoarding, stinginess and greed, absolute immersion in matter, lasciviousness, damage to beautiful works of art, flat, coarse desires and dirty passions, disgusting. Evil in the understanding of Taurus leads to endless pleasures and wealth. It is not associated in their minds with pain, fear and suffering. However, those people who, for the sake of material gain, give up spiritual wealth, become servants of darkness and evil.

 Black Moon (Lilith) in GeminiBlack Moon Lilith

The Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is expressed in the sphere of communication, forming two extremes in them – slurred pronunciation of words and unbearable talkativeness. In past lives, they could be eternal little children who do dirty tricks to harm others – for example, theft, intrigues, various denunciations and vile deeds.

Extreme talkativeness can be expressed in the following way: Gemini becomes extremely promiscuous in communication and contacts, and the accumulation of the latter turns into almost the main goal of Gemini. However, despite the huge number of acquaintances, the communication of these people is superficial and scattered. Gemini are chatty people who seek to throw out their every thought or judgment. This is what keeps them in chains and does not allow them to know the world, achieve harmony and all-round development.

Gemini can also become passive people who have a desire to take in as much information as possible. They turn into a kind of information omnivore. Gemini strives for continuous communication, both face to face and by phone. They watch TV endlessly, read, but their choice of TV programs or books is completely chaotic and illegible. New information becomes the main thing for Gemini, not usefulness. It is extremely difficult for them to express their thoughts clearly and clearly, and when trying to achieve this, a huge amount of mental energy is wasted.

If the Gemini embarked on the path of spiritual enlightenment, then they are in danger from friends and relatives who can deceive them, steal something, weave a skillful and durable network of intrigues and gossip. They have difficulty learning.

Gemini needs to learn to see deception and avoid it, beware of gossip, slander, talkativeness and theft, abandon chaos and promiscuity in thoughts, carefully check the information received. The danger to these people lies in plane crashes, asphyxiation and gases that can cause poisoning.

The highest stage : in the past, the Gemini began to have access to methods and methods that use dark forces to mislead, deceive, and confuse a person. In real life, their mission is to clear information from accidental and false. They clearly see lies, falsehoods, lies. They need to fight that which pollutes the pure, light and sincere. Gemini's task is to destroy sources that seek to seduce, deceive naive people, corrupt them and induce them to follow a false, dark path. Their Covenant is “Beware of slander, theft, slander, delusion of other people.”

Middle stage : in their past incarnations, Gemini deliberately did not tell the whole truth. They often cheated, stole, or slandered others. Now they will have to taste the fruits of their dark activity – now it is Gemini who suffer from intrigue, gossip and denunciations. He can be constantly caught at his word. In his attempts to do business, he constantly fails. Difficulties and troubles follow him in trade, business trips and other trips. Brothers and sisters, acquaintances, relatives and friends constantly betray.

At times, Gemini can experience an irresistible desire to appropriate someone else's, to embellish, to deceive others. Their spiteful tongue can get them in big trouble. It is necessary to endure attacks, even unjust ones, and not try to take revenge on others by responding with evil for evil.

The lowest level : in the past, the Gemini committed a lot of unkind acts, however, in this life they continue the same path: they appropriate other people's things, slander, distort truthful facts to achieve any personal gain, seduce, distort spiritual knowledge, use the word for bad purposes. Gemini often become poets or writers who sing about evil, vice, sin. They can be scammers and crooks, they have the ability to induce curses.

Twins suffer from speech defects, diseases of the larynx and tongue, and respiratory diseases. They may have poor coordination of movements or problems with the musculoskeletal system. Women feel attracted to women, men to men. Masturbation is abused. They should be wary of brothers and friends, since they are the source of misery.

Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of CancerBlack Moon Lilith

The black moon Lilith in Cancer manifests itself in such two extremes as indecision and tyranny, manifested in family relationships.

Negative karma was created as a result of their betrayal, cowardice. Cancers often shake their skins and behave like ostriches, hiding their heads in the sand at the slightest danger. It is Cancers who most often throw evil words to their parents, neglect family traditions. Cancers often suffer from the ancestral curse, falling into the abyss of negative karma of their ancestors.

The two extremes of Lilith Moon in Cancer:

Activity: all the aspirations and efforts of Cancers are aimed at raising children and conscientiously doing household chores, but children suffer from excessive, imposed and stifling custody. Sometimes Cancers try to realize in family relationships all their unfulfilled ambitions and desires associated with power and command. These people strive to stand at the head of the family, gain control over all those close to them, and enjoy the power they have won. Cancers are distinguished by conservative views, jealously respect ancestral traditions, zealously guarding their own delusions. Admitting that they are wrong is like death for them.

Passivity: Cancer's family responsibilities are a burden, and they do their best to elude them, which they rarely succeed in. As a child, Cancers can experience intense psychological anxiety or even trauma that affects their entire future life. This trauma can make Cancers fearful, indecisive, and weak-willed. They often have distorted concepts about children and motherhood, dislike children, cannot have them for health reasons or because of the lack of such a desire.

On the path of spiritual cleansing, Cancers may experience difficulties living in their own home, because they are constantly oppressed by something. In the family, in relations with children and parents, difficulties and misunderstandings often arise. Cancers should devote their lives to improving their homeland, country, to leave a bright mark on the national history of their people. They must refuse to indulge in their secret vices. Cancers should be wary of close people, because betrayal is possible on their part. They also need to stay away from water – there is a risk of poisoning or drowning.

Highest level : in the past, Cancers often defeated the evil that was hidden in the depths of their own soul. These people are responsible not only for themselves, but also for the karma of their kind and country. The goal of their entire life is to cleanse the spiritual and cultural traditions of their people from dirt and harmful layers, to defeat secret evil. They have a subtle sense of traitors and those who have an unclean soul and plan dangerous deeds. Cancers are able to untie strong and tangled karmic knots. They need to honor their parents, homeland and ancestors.

The middle stage : a person in his past lives did not fulfill his duty to his family, he tried to leave his native roots. The payback is that Cancer constantly faces unpleasant situations in their own home. His loved ones suffer from problems. Difficult relationships often arise with parents, perhaps a lack of mutual understanding and psychological support. Cancer feels that the native walls seem to press on him.

It is difficult for him to achieve recognition in his homeland. Every now and then, those around you crawl into the soul, inject into the most painful places. There is a danger from water elements, there can be secret troubles. To cleanse the soul, Cancers need to endure everything patiently, not trying to avoid problems.

Cancers can suffer from bad heredity, when the worst tendencies are transmitted to him from the mother.

The lowest level : in the past, this person committed bad deeds aimed at loved ones, the country, nature. A dark past thickened over his head. Cancers feel an irresistible desire to betray, insult and desecrate traditions, customs and shrines.

Sometimes Cancers carry a family curse with them. Forced weaning may occur. They have strong outcast karma. They cannot get rid of indulging in secret, hidden vices and desires.

Cancers carry within themselves skillfully disguised evil, dark intentions. That is why they pose a strong threat. These people know all the weak points of others, they know how to achieve the location of a person, and then trample him. In their lives, there may be incest, sexual feelings towards the mother and close relatives.

Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of LeoBlack Moon Lilith

The black moon of Lilith in Leo manifests itself in the form of disguise and ambition, two extreme forms of self-expression. It can look like vanity and excessive pride in the past, or voluntarily burying your talent in the ground. Lions abuse power, use it to achieve non-pious deeds, can become child killers, resorting to abortion. They pose a danger to children by working in the child pornography industry, seducing and corrupting them.

Misconduct in the past has the following consequences for the present:

Activity: Leo is sure that he occupies a central place in the Universe, that all living things that exist in space are concentrated around him. He strives to gain power in order to take possession of other people. Often becomes a manipulator, inspiring people around him with his own ideas, thoughts and judgments. A healthy need for attention and respect turns into an obsession that he cannot get rid of. Self-love, which is expressed in the desire to stand out, demonstrative behavior, flattery and bragging, brings many painful minutes to Leo.

Often Leos either play as slaves, or require their partners to fulfill this role. These people become fixated on love, enduring any suffering and humiliation. They are prone to masochism, experiencing pleasure from the fact that their partners humiliate them and mock them. However, if someone falls in love with them, then the Lions begin to torment their fans.

Passive position in life: Leos suffer from de-individualization, become easily suggestible, lose their own will, surrender to others. They strive to disappear, to completely dissolve in the crowd of others. The attention of others is extremely unpleasant for them. Leos often suffer from low self-esteem, unable to gain self-esteem. If they try to express themselves, they will not be able to invent something of their own, individual – all their forms of creativity and activity will be borrowed from other people. They easily enter any image, play in life, using other people's masks, acquire hypocrisy and disgusting obsequiousness. Their individuality quickly fades away.

On the path of spiritual enlightenment, Cancers cannot reveal their inner potential, since those around them constantly weave intrigues, gossip, pose difficulties and obstacles, largely due to their irresistible envy. To achieve your goal, you need to learn to endure the blows of life, to raise children. The danger comes from strokes, sun and fire.

The highest stage : in the past, a person devoted his life to creativity, and he realized that even one single person can bring a lot of grief to the world. Now his task is to cleanse the defiled creativity. This person clearly feels evil in works of art, sees insincerity and falsity in the entertainment industry. He needs to fight pornography, vulgarity, protect young people from the negative impact of modern civilization, from laziness and boredom, from the traps that grant sensual pleasures, but completely empty the soul and burn out in it all the brightest that only exists in a person.

Leos need to share lust and love, achieve enlightened creativity, see their own imperfections and vices, take responsibility for the fruits of their labor – children, love and creativity.

The middle stage : in a past life, a person abused his position, authority, was selfish, used his talent or outstanding abilities to harm people, was unfair to children, or there was something unkind, bad in the products of his creativity.

It's time to atone for your sins – to stop expecting gratitude and appreciation from children, to get rid of the desire to gain worldwide fame. Leos need to understand that success and disappointment go hand in hand, just like love and heartache. They need to come to terms with creative dissatisfaction and the fact that people around him will often downplay his merits and achievements, exaggerating the shortcomings and imperfections of character. Some life events will negatively affect a person's self-esteem, forming an inferiority complex in him. There is a danger of public ridicule. Lions need to survive shame in public with pride, honor and inner dignity. They need to try to stay away from the fire.

The lowest level : creative people who molest children mentally (which is much more dangerous than physical molestation), become infanticides, forcibly plant vices, organize brothels, brothels and entertainment places where passions and vulgarity reign. They use sex for mean purposes.

Lions often destroy and spoil great works of art, fight against the bright manifestations of love, talent, originality, joy of life. They often become pedophiles, experiencing sexual attraction to young children. They find themselves involved in prostitution, pimping. The animal, low beginning of Leo is strengthened by an irresistible desire to get as much pleasure from life as possible. They become players, life-burners, envy more talented people who have achieved success and social recognition in life, and strive to take revenge on them.

 Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of VirgoBlack Moon Lilith

Lilith Moon appears in Virgo in the form of chaos and pettiness. In the past, Virgos could deprive loved ones, be petty, cynical, greedy. If they became doctors, they often broke the Hippocratic oath. The people around them suffered from their bureaucracy and quarrelsomeness.

Activity: Virgos have prudence and increased practicality. They bring detail to complete absurdity, getting carried away with petty, insignificant details, analyzing and decomposing what is generally not worth the slightest attention, making an elephant out of a fly, which creates confusion in the little things. At the same time, connection with the main, essential is often lost. Virgos exhaust others with their unbearable penchant for criticism: they criticize and discuss everything that happens in their life.

Passivity: Virgos become completely unable to notice details and little things that often play a significant role. It is difficult for them to maintain order and cleanliness in the house, therefore confusion and chaos reigns where they live. They seem to be obscured by something, so Virgos are not able to look at their lives soberly and critically. They lose discipline, commitment, conscientiousness, and caring for their own health. They are often haunted by obsessive fears associated with illness.

On the path of spiritual cleansing, they may suffer from colleagues or doctors. Virgos need to avoid suspiciousness related to their health. Do not take revenge, do not do dirty tricks – even in small things. Treat people with higher mental potential with respect. Be wary of subways, earthquakes and operations.

The highest stage : in past lives, a person went through many humiliations, dirt and meanness, but he was able to retain his humanity, faith in the higher. Now his main task is to eradicate slavish inclinations from himself, to establish the supremacy of reason and spirit over the material world. Virgos need to mercilessly destroy everything that lands the soul of a person and destroys the spiritual in him. Such people are called upon to protect the elderly, the disadvantaged, the poor and the sick. The following words should become the motto of their life: physical dirt is powerless before the sublimity of the soul. Do not be afraid of work that can stain you, with all your might cleanse this world and people from the filth that has struck them.

Virgos see that if science and knowledge are devoid of spirituality, then they are capable of causing irreparable harm to the world. They need to fight against the falsity that is disguised as true values, with the pernicious influence of civilization, which seeks to erase the soul from a person and turn him into a robot.

The middle stage : in past lives, the Virgins humiliated their dignity, were slaves and did not bother with thoughts of eternal values. They burdened others with their problems, introducing them into a depressed and depressed state.

In this life, the purpose of Virgos is to endure hardships and hardships, humiliation and repression. He will be convinced to prove that he is an empty place. He will also tolerate nit-picking. At work, Virgos will suffer from eternal difficulties and troubles, at home – from poor health. Minor problems can pile up and pin him to the ground. Virgos are forced to care for the sick, without seeing the end of the unpleasant duties. In life, he has to stand behind the scenes, play the role of a fool. Virgos cannot live with their minds. Beware of spoiled food.

Lower stage : a person uses his vast experience to curry favor with impure forces, continues to walk along the dark road. Nothing can cause disgust in him. Virgo lives by cold calculation, there is no morality in her soul. She is a slave, seeking to rob the owner and set up a minor nuisance for him. Every thing that Virgo touched turns into dirt and evil.

Virgo possesses comprehensive knowledge about life, her profession, the latest achievements of science and technology, using them for dark plans and dirty plans. Often Virgos become killer doctors or scientists who use the opportunities given to him for evil. Virgos despise pure, noble spiritual impulses, are distinguished by coldness, frigidity, and depravity. Often sexually promiscuous, necrophilic. Morally they are experiencing a complete decline.

 Black Moon (Lilith) in LibraBlack Moon Lilith

The black moon of Lilith manifests itself in Libra in the form of dependence or greed. In past lives, Libra could be judges who now and then went against the law, or bribe-takers who justified their actions under the guise of justice.

Activity: Libra sees imperfection in every thing, makes exaggerated and unfair demands on others. When choosing partners, they pay attention only to the outer shell and to whether he belongs to an elite society. Their value system is based on aesthetic assessments, which are most often subjective, and goals are set only when they help to achieve prestige. The concept of what is injustice and justice is greatly distorted. Libras have the ability to attract people and then manipulate them to achieve personal goals.

Passivity: a person experiences great difficulty when a choice arises before him, fluctuating from one option to the completely opposite. In his love relationship, there is dependence, complete subordination, agreement with everything said, the desire to get rid of responsibility and shift it onto others. Often there is a marriage of convenience, when Libra plans to improve the financial situation of the owl at the expense of a partner or even live entirely at his expense.

On the path of spiritual cleansing, Libra can be dragged into the courts, and in their family relations there are disagreements every now and then. Their other half now and then brings them misfortune, or Libra themselves are cuckolds, if in the past they have cheated. There is a danger from the law, they can go to jail without sufficient grounds for that, only vile people live around whom you cannot rely on. It is necessary to exercise increased caution near electricity, society (publicity, scandal, gossip, noise), at work (possible industrial injury), when traveling.

The highest stage : in the past, Libra fully opened the negative, reverse side of this world, they had to see a lot of unsightly things, but these people withstood the temptations and temptations. In real life, Libra has an increased sensitivity to evil, which occurs in any social process. Libra's mission is to fight against public evil for justice, legality and morality, to eradicate bureaucracy. Purity should be present in all areas of their life, be it thoughts, actions or feelings. This purity will help purify the society as well.

The middle stage : in past lives, Libra showed themselves in the life of society from a far from the best side, bringing confusion, disturbing public peace. They could betray their colleagues, acquaintances and friends, commit fraud, serve on “two fronts”, engage in libel, transgress through their own conscience and morality. Now he has to pay for everything he did: he is surrounded by enemies, and everything bad that happens to him is given immediate publicity.

Relationships with people around are confused: Libra is pursued by courts and lawsuits, unfair slander, baseless accusations and conflicts. In marriage, everything is also not all right: the spouse is cheating, it comes to divorces. Relations with the law are extremely tense. To atone for your sins, you need to take the hostility that the outside world shows up every now and then, for granted – this will help atone for committed sins.

The lowest stage : a person continues his path along the dark road of evil, in order to achieve personal gain, he goes to deception and betrayal. Libra can tempt and present the most disgusting things at their best. They hide behind the backs of others, serve the strong and victorious, commit dirty deeds with the wrong hands, benefit from scandals and disputes.

Such people do not have their own opinion, and under the harmonious appearance a complete mental decline is hidden. Libra serves evil and corrupts others intellectually. If they work as public figures or creators of works of art, then vice is the main place in their work. There is promiscuity in sexual relations, they often live at someone else's expense, they rejoice when their sexual exploits are publicized.

Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of Scorpiomoon lilith

The black moon of Lilith manifests itself in Scorpios in the form of tremendous power, expressed as sacrifice or tyranny. In past lives, they experienced all possible vices, were rapists, maniacs, mafiosi.

Activity: Scorpios may yearn to change the world they live in according to their own will. They cannot live without thrills, adrenaline and risk, they know how to create dangerous situations for themselves and involve others in them, and also often impose their judgments on others. Feel an increased interest in sexual perversion as well as violence.

Passivity: Scorpios become easily suggestible, they lack willpower and their own opinion. Suffer from manipulators, sexual abuse. Experiencing a constant feeling of jealousy, do not know how to forgive, have a low libido.

On the path of spiritual cleansing, they may encounter fatal love, which leads to dangerous consequences. There is a risk of complications during pregnancy or childbirth, rape, drowning and explosions. Children under the age of 9 have the likelihood that they, like sponges, will absorb all the vices of the world around them, so try to instill in them concepts of good and evil as early as possible.

The highest stage : in the past, a person often came into contact with evil, dark forces, he managed to emerge victorious and overcome temptations. Now the whole seamy side of this world is open to him. Scorpio deliberately eradicates all the evil that comes its way, attracts the energy of the cosmos, becomes a subject of global processes taking place on earth. The fight against universal evil for him must begin with the eradication of his own vices.

The middle stage : in a past life, a person committed a crime, following his own dark deeds. Now he needs to atone for all his sins, going through temptations, temptations and many misfortunes. Can fall victim to black magic, violence or corruption. Women are afraid of maniacs, there is a desire for death and suicide. A fatal passion is possible, bringing suffering and torment. Paying for sins can take abominable forms.

The lower stage : a person walks hand in hand with evil, enters into criminal relationships, lower instincts dominate over him. For him, nothing is sacred, Scorpio embodies all the most disgusting and disgusting that can be in a person. It absorbs all the vices that exist in society. Often takes part in drunkenness and sexual debauchery.

Scorpios experience pleasure, causing others to experience suffering. They are capable of destroying, but not building. They are fueled by fear and anguish. The most terrible things that happen in the world are accomplished by the hands of these people.

 Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of Sagittariusmoon lilith

In a past life, Sagittarius went against true authorities, were false teachers, and committed crimes against major public figures.

Activity: Sagittarius becomes unstoppable, neglects daily duties and household chores. He drives others crazy by giving them unsolicited advice and intrusive teachings. Their self-esteem is extremely overestimated, fanatics, do not tolerate a different worldview.

Passivity: easily suggested, his worldview and value attitudes are completely dictated by the people around him. Believes in ethics and morality that reign in a given society, do not have a personal outlook on life, rely on other people's authorities, idealize mentors and tirelessly seek an ideal that they could copy.

On the path of spiritual enlightenment, they can be tormented by false teachers. Sagittarius suffer from misunderstanding and contempt, an extremely tense and problematic relationship with religion. Higher education is difficult. It is dangerous for them to creep into ideology and turn into novices. Beware of long trips and adventurers.

The highest stage : Sagittarius, having learned the seamy side of life, withstood temptations and temptations. In this life, they see through and through the distortion of spiritual teachings, sinful politicians, false teachers.

Such people need to fight venality, corruption, lies in political ideology. Sagittarius in life must be guided by the following words: “You cannot make claims to society, and you need to earn happiness on your own, not relying on dirty ideals.”

The middle stage : in past lives, a person often abused his powers, using his position in society and the power given to him for his own purposes, was distinguished by pride and disrespect for others, followed false ideals.

On the path to spiritual cleansing, he will have to face the injustice of those in power. Public goods will be taken away from him, tensions will arise in relations with power structures and ideology, troubles may appear from foreigners or during foreign trips. There is a possibility that he will fall under the influence of dangerous, false ideals. You cannot teach and impose your opinion on others.

The lowest stage : a person deceives people, continues to follow the path of evil, preaches false doctrines. A politician, religious or public figure, a scientist uses his power to achieve personal goals that harm society. Differs in great conceit and pride, greed, the desire for power, he is plotting major adventures involving the participation of a huge number of people. In the soul of this person uncontrollable passions are raging, the need for carnal love is great.

Black Moon (Lilith) in the sign of CapricornBlack Moon Lilith

In the past, Capricorns suppressed their surroundings, were distinguished by ruthlessness and cruelty, went to great lengths to achieve their goals.

Activity: such people do not tolerate authority over themselves and seek to seize power, manipulate people, impose their will on them. Nothing can stop them. If they fail to achieve a position in society, then they turn into domestic tyrants.

Passivity: as soon as the slightest trouble arises, this person gives up. Neither social position, nor power, nor any other plans can inspire Capricorns. They become obedient, controlled, afraid to take responsibility, even in small things.

Such people often become scapegoats during spiritual enlightenment. All sins can be blamed on them and sacrificed. Capricorns cannot renounce someone else's guilt. They need to become hardy and patient. The danger comes from heights, metro and transport. They need to be careful not to fall prey to landslides.

The highest stage: a person knows how hard responsibility can be, but he honorably fulfilled the duties assigned to him. He knows how to clear the karma of people, and he strives for this. His fate is closely intertwined with the fate of the country and the people, he can free his family from oppression, having achieved better living conditions for them. The symbols of Capricorn are the crown of thorns, the crucifix and Golgotha.

Average level : in past lives, a person was cold, callous, cruel, distinguished by prudence, was a source of misfortune and misfortune for others, complicating their life, and for the sake of achieving personal gain, he did not disdain anything.

On the path of purification, he will have to face the most difficult circumstances, people will treat him rudely and mercilessly, making a scapegoat, putting the blame of others on him. They hound him, humiliate him, trample him, try to lower him. A person needs to show humility, patience, and maintain dignity. The danger comes from the height, there is a risk of being buried or getting a fracture, being buried alive.

The lowest stage : a person continues the sinful path, suppresses others on the way to the goal, despises fun and joy, is a robot without feelings and desires, is a tyrant who brings suffering and despair to society. He serves evil and possesses Satanic wisdom, often the Antichrist, destroying all the best and brightest that is on earth. Capricorn considers good people weak, punishes sinners, considers himself great. In sex, he shows sadism, likes to humiliate a partner, to hurt him.

 Lilith (Black Moon) in the sign of AquariusBlack Moon Lilith

The Black Moon Lilith manifests itself in Aquarius as conservatism or eccentricity. In the past, such people were distinguished by their love of freedom and sought to achieve independence by any means. They betrayed friends, they were adventurers and antichrists.

Activity: impatience with pressures and restrictions, the slightest coercion causes violent resistance and indignation. Mood swings are common. They are prone to unusual, strange actions that shock people. Aquarians do not tolerate responsibility, they hate marriage, they are dismissive of the norms of behavior.

Passivity: Aquarians completely block their ability to learn new things, which leads to the establishment of boundaries, difficulty in intuition, the manifestation of fears and complexes.

During the cleansing of sins, Aquarius will face restriction of freedom, betrayal, destruction of plans, loneliness and boredom, lack of stability. They are unable to distinguish between good and evil. Debts should be avoided, the danger comes from electricity, low-quality medicines, from people who can be swindlers, deceivers and speculators.

The highest stage : in the past, a person realized that a careless act could cause irreparable harm to society and nature. He understands how dangerous scientific activity can be. His task is to concentrate all evil and remove it from this world. Methods – astrology, using the latest achievements of science and technology. It is necessary to be wary of modern trends in society, to deal with overload and stress.

The middle stage : a person often went beyond the border of what was permissible, turned the lives of others into chaos, used astrology to achieve personal goals. Now he has to meet with scum and cynics, and colleagues and friends often bring trouble. Plans that seemed unshakable are crumbling right before our eyes. Unforeseen circumstances completely shake up life. There is danger from lightning, electricity, aircraft, machinery and electronics.

The lowest stage: a person uses his outstanding abilities to achieve personal goals, brings chaos, evil, encroaches on the sacred, constantly looking for something exciting, has perverted tastes, skillfully uses the confusion of people. If this is a scientist, then his ingenious ingenuity is directed towards the achievement of devastation. If it is a trainer, coach or “guru”, then thanks to modern trainings and seminars, the minds of numerous clients are zombified. In love for them there are no restrictions. Inclined to nudism, liberated.

 Black Moon (Lilith) in PiscesBlack Moon Lilith

The black moon of Lilith manifests itself in Pisces in the form of sacrifice or deception. In past lives, they could engage in illegal, immoral and secret affairs, be drug addicts, criminals, alcoholics or dangerous spies.

Activity: an uncontrollable desire to help, which turns into obsession. Such people feel sorry for those who do not need pity. Those people who really need support do not receive the slightest attention from Pisces. Pisces tend to sacrifice themselves, but often they get it completely out of place. May become a member of a religious sect with a dubious reputation.

Passivity: the reasons for the actions of Pisces are unclear to them. They become easily suggestible, they can be influenced by influencing the subconscious. It is almost impossible for Pisces to hear the voice of the true “I”. If they have to empathize with other people, they experience a psychological crisis, instability of the state of mind, mental disorders arise, and alcoholism can be the result.

On the way of atonement for sins, Pisces is often avenged, and secretly. Pisces are people with an extremely unstable psyche, they can experience nightmares, illusions, and suffer from schizophrenia. They are susceptible to the evil eye, they may experience memory loss. It is necessary to stay away from enemies wearing the mask of friends. There is a danger from poisoning, drowning, a vicious society, alcohol.

The highest stage : a person cognized the shadow side of the world, the knowledge of evil forces was opened to him, but he did not use them. Now Pisces sees the dark beginning and is fighting against it. They know all the methods of the dark forces, and the responsibility given to these people by nature allows them to successfully fight them. Therefore, Pisces must rid people of the world's evil, root out the dark forces from the Earth, and defeat the demons. They need to cleanse people of false religions, teachings and questionable sects.

The middle stage : in a past life, a person had to perform illegal secret activities – espionage, denunciations, gossip, delusions. He could use his musical or occult abilities to the detriment of society, have connections with sects of a dark orientation. On the path of purification, he must face confusing situations, patiently endure secret enemies, unreasonable fears, blackmail, fear of the dark. Such people are very suggestible, suffer from psychosis, can be isolated from society because of prisons or hospitals. There is a danger from liquids, water.

The lowest stage : a person continues to commit sinful acts, undermines the activities of society, engages in black magic and witchcraft, manipulates the psyche of others with pleasure, participates in dubious organizations. Can suffer from mental illness, communicate with demons from the other world.

Such people skillfully hide their real goals and intentions, deceive, show themselves off, while at the same time quietly achieving personal goals. Their imaginations are highly developed, especially their sexual fantasies. They are prone to recklessness, sometimes they lose control over their actions. They can be addicted to drugs and alcohol, the desire to get as much pleasure as possible. Sometimes associated with the dark egre mountain.

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