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10 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : The tenth day of the lunar calendar is not at all suitable for a haircut, as this will necessarily have a negative effect on the physical condition of the body.

Coloring : coloring with natural ingredients will allow you to get the location of the bosses.

What to do with your hair : Brushing your hair vigorously will help tidy up the body’s energy conduction system On this day, you can feel the course of your past lives, determine your place in this world – you just need to concentrate a little on receiving information from space. It is no coincidence that the tenth lunar day was named the day of traditions.
10 lunar day - hair cuttingThe information obtained will be invaluable for determining the importance of certain events, finding optimal solutions and ways out of various situations. It is on this day that you can find your true “I”, having understood in which direction you should move through life. By implementing the right program, you can achieve harmony and understanding not only with the world around you, but also with yourself. All these opportunities open up before a person on this day of the lunar calendar. The most important thing is not to miss those signals that come from outside. And for this, intensive work with hair and its adjustment as a transmitter of energy and information is the key to success.


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