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10 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Source, Fountain

Stones: Amber , Sardonyx

The symbol of the 10th lunar day is a fountain, it symbolizes an inexhaustible source of pure energy, inspiration and wisdom, so the day today can truly be considered very clean, kind and productive, it is also a day of family and clan. It will be good to devote this day to your relatives and family, to remember your ancestors, childhood and reflect on the topic of your family tree.

10th lunar dayAstrologers believe that the 10th lunar day is the day of heavenly gifts, today, as if by magic, everything succeeds easily, for example, a randomly bought lottery ticket may turn out to be a winning one, or you may be on sale and buy something that you have dreamed of for a long time at a low price price.

People with low energy can replenish it by drinking water from natural springs, all sorts of sources. Pure water today has a special energy. Water can be spoken to improve your health.

Love and relationships

This day is very good for dating, romantic relationships. Relationships with the opposite sex will bring joy and strong bonds. The best option today is to go outdoors to a clean source of water. Under no circumstances should you sit at home on the couch next to the TV for such a day. A very good day for marriage, they will be strong and happy and will have a large family tree in the future.

Household chores on the 10th lunar day

10th lunar dayToday is a good day to start building a new house, greenhouse or bathhouse, it is also good to start repairing a house or apartment. In household matters, everything will work out well.


It is not recommended to pass the day today. The ribs, thoracic vertebrae and elbow joints are vulnerable. A great day to visit the bathhouse and steam room, it is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible. Water has a special healing power today.

Business and money

On the 10th lunar day, it is very suitable for solving any production problems, a friendly atmosphere reigns at work. Today, you can easily fulfill the weekly rate. In financial matters, everything will also work out, a very good day for signing important financial documents.

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