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12 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut: getting a haircut on the twelfth lunar day means attracting financial flows and improving the body. Rapid growth of hair is still ensured, which will be trimmed.

Coloring: Coloring this day is the best way to attract wealth.

What to do with your hair : the more unusual the hairstyle on the 12th day of the moon, the better. Originality is the surest way to achieve success in business and personal life. The time has come to self-cultivate spiritually. Mercantile interests will recede into the background, it is good to do charity work, even if on a small scale.
12 lunar day - hair cuttingBusiness tasks, the solution of which was previously a priority area of ​​activity, now no longer seem to be such an important phenomenon in life. This is not the best time to plan for financial gains. Such situations develop for most people, because the streams of energy from space are of a spiritual nature on this day. At the same time, if you make every effort to catch the energy flows associated with establishing business, communications, love and health, you can get a significant head start in all these areas. In any case, the competition here will be negligible, which means that all doors will be open.


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