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13 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut: today it will have a beneficial effect on the intuitive possibilities of realizing business tasks, and will also help to improve the excretory and genitourinary systems. Making a haircut on the 13th lunar day means significantly accelerating hair growth.

Coloring : Any exposure to hair dye on this lunar day will have a negative effect.

What to do with your hair : It is best to comb your hair yourself, not trusting anyone with this job. Do-it-yourself styling will have a positive effect on the organization of the transmission of streams of new cosmic energy. On the thirteenth lunar day, you can achieve what previously seemed impracticable. It's time for the most daring ideas to come true. A good day to spend with loved ones.
13 lunar day - hair cuttingYou should not spare time and effort in order to mend a relationship that has cracked. Particular attention should be paid to parents and children. It is also difficult today to maintain rationalization abilities. The desire to touch something beautiful will surely awaken, heightened sentimentality will accompany you throughout the day. You can go to nature and relax with loved ones. In general, you should listen to what the body tells you. Do not overexert yourself and increase the amount of daily work. If possible, it is better to postpone the decision of important issues until tomorrow. Intuitive abilities are at their best, so facts that were unknown until recently may become apparent. It is better to spend the day at a measured pace and enjoy every minute of your life.


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