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17 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Bunch of grapes
Stones:  Amethyst , Zircon

The symbol of the 17th lunar day is grapes, and he, in turn, personifies the symbol of fertility. In the Eastern tradition, this Lunar Day is dedicated to Shakti – this is the goddess of femininity. These are some of the most wonderful days for conceiving a child. On this day, the transformation of feminine energy takes place.
The seventeenth lunar day is very suitable for feasts and holidays, and a variety of entertainment events. Today people are becoming very loving and emotional.

17th lunar dayThis is a day of harmony, love, love of life and fun. Radiate the energy of joy and celebration, and success, luck and luck will surely attract you. Because what we radiate, we usually attract.

Love and relationships

Today is a very suitable day for weddings, there is a long-standing omen that those who are married on this day will live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale. A great day for romantic dates, there is a high probability of falling in love at first sight.


It is not recommended to work on the 17th lunar day, this time is not suitable for washing and cleaning, today is the time of the holiday.


17th lunar day Today the skin, eyes, endocrine and nervous systems, kidneys and lower back are vulnerable.
The seventeenth lunar day is well suited for hydrotherapy, cleansing from toxins, self-healing and self-healing of starvation. Today, you can safely follow the teachings of alternative medicine, as well as be treated by psychics.

Business and money

A great day for all types of financial matters, but very important matters and matters are recommended to be postponed. Serious negotiations on the 17th lunar day will most likely fail. The energy of this Lunar day is very free, which is not conducive to work affairs.

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