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28 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : along with hair, you can shorten your life and lose activity in business, so the haircut should be postponed until better times. If, nevertheless, it becomes necessary to cut your hair, it will grow slowly due to the waning moon .

Coloring: cardinal coloring will lead to unfavorable results, but toning hair with natural formulations will help strengthen social status.

What to do with your hair : Styling should be as simple and natural as possible to connect with the energy of nature. In general, the 28 lunar day is very calm and bright.
28 lunar day - hair cuttingThe emotional background is stable, suitable for lengthy reasoning and searching for answers to the most important questions. It is possible to draw conclusions from previous situations and predict further steps – the correct conclusions will be made. A good time for a sober assessment of your own capabilities and planning for the near future – all intellectual processes will have a positive background.


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