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3 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : manipulating the length and structure of the hairstyle on the 3rd Lunar day will help attract wealth and positive emotions. In addition, the waxing moon will ensure fast hair growth.

Coloring : Changing hair color with natural dyes will help you move up the career ladder.

What to do with hair : on the third day of the lunar calendar, it is better to do as natural, ordinary hairstyle as possible – this will ensure unity with the outside world and help to establish a constant flow of positive energy. You want to get rid of the routine, pull towards something new, unknown. Physical health and inner strength are inexhaustible, so you can try the implementation of the most daring business and creative projects.

Twice a day, you should do the following manipulation: brush your hair as many times as you are old, while calmly saying: “How many years, so many hairs. My hair, curl, strengthen, my years, add strength and wealth. ”
3 lunar day - hair cuttingThere is no doubt that these actions will entail an increase in the positive flow of energy and minimize the negative impact from the outside. This is especially important right now, when a full-fledged energy exchange is barely established and a person is sensitive to any external influences. Everyone is able to protect themselves from bad things on their own.


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