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4 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : it is better to refuse hair cutting on the 4th lunar day . It will become a real obstacle in achieving your goals, both in personal and business space. However, the moon phase still provides accelerated hair growth.

Coloring: if you use natural dyes to give your hair a natural shade, success in career advancement and unexpected cash flows are ensured.

What to do with your hair : It is better to opt for a natural hairstyle, abandoning any innovations. On this day, a person especially strongly feels the interaction with the outside world, the incessant movement of various types of energy. Moreover, he himself is a unique transmitter of information.
4 lunar day - hair cuttingThe fourth day of the lunar calendar is marked by ease of communication, quick achievement of the plan. Hair caught on the comb should be immediately collected in a ball and burned on a white candle. Then you need to rub the resulting ash with the pads of the fingers of your left hand and do not forget to spit over your left shoulder three times. Such simple manipulations will prepare you for productive interaction with others, and will also help you tune in to receive qualitatively new energy information.


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