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4 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Tree of Knowledge

Stones: Jade , Onyx

The 4th Lunar day, according to its energy, is a passive day, it is better not to be active, but to spend this day calmly, without unnecessary fuss.

It is better to devote this Lunar day to lofty thoughts, increasing your spirituality. It is ideal for walking in the forest, praying, meditating, commemorating ancestors, reading books. If you have lost your spiritual path, then on this day you will feel empty, it's time to think about it, and find your way, the energy of this lunar day will help you in every possible way to get you back on track, to guide you on the path. Open your soul and it will direct you in the right direction.

The 4th lunar day is very favorable for the beginning of training, advanced training. Everything will be easy to succeed whose activities are related to information technology, communications, telephony, the Internet.

4th lunar dayAt this time, you should not make quick decisions, it is better to think over everything ten times, and only then make a decision. Teamwork is not recommended, trees cannot be cut. People who were born on the 4th lunar day have some kind of cosmic secret, but at the same time they must learn it themselves. It is also believed that prophetic dreams can be seen on these lunar days, especially if deceased relatives dreamed in a dream.

Love and relationships

This Lunar day is considered unsuitable for romantic dates, especially if you expect a lot from it and have high expectations. On the 4th lunar day, most people are prone to apathy, which is why any romantic mood is reduced to nothing.


4th lunar dayOn the 4th lunar day, any work with wood will succeed, no matter what you do with it, sawing, planing, burning. Only cutting trees is not allowed. A good time to clean the house.


Weak organs are the larynx and cervical vertebrae. You can easily break your voice, physical and emotional overwork is contraindicated. Drinking alcohol is not recommended. The day is well suited for the preparation of medicinal herbal infusions.

Business and money

All business related to finance may not go very well, it is not recommended to start new business, but it is better to continue what you started. This Lunar day is great for working on bugs.

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