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6 lunar day – hair cutting, coloring, care

Haircut : the best moment for transformation for those people who have health problems and a precarious financial situation. A haircut on this day will help get rid of many types of viral, colds and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. In addition, changing the hairstyle will attract incoming cash flows. Hair after a haircut on the 6th lunar day will grow especially quickly.

Coloring: it is better not to experiment with hair color, this will negatively affect the quality of business communication and the level of mutual understanding with colleagues.

What to do with hair : it is better to give preference to a strict hairstyle and fix it well. This technique will help to put in order an unthinkable amount of different emotions that will prevail throughout the day. The moment will be so intense that you will want to be alone in order to understand your inner state. Disputes and conflict situations should be avoided, trying to calm down raging emotions.
6 lunar day - hair cuttingThe main task of this day is to rationalize thoughts and feelings, to try to weaken the influence of the storm that is caused by the increased exchange of information with the outside world. You need to try to calm down and not give in to emotions. This will help avoid rash actions, which you will later have to regret very much. Simple meditation techniques will come to the rescue. It is enough to retire a couple of times in a quiet, calm place, close your eyes, connect your fingertips and mentally say: “Everything is in order, nothing terrible is happening. There is nothing to worry about, everything that seems bad is transitory. I am calm and full of faith in good things. “


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