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6 Lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Bird
Stones: Citrine , Zircon

The spirit of the 6th lunar day is filled with pure primordial energy, it gives everyone a chance to realize the meaning of their own life and even look into the future. Listen to your soul, it knows exactly where your true path is.

On this day, spiritual awakening, spontaneous illumination are possible, telepathic abilities are enhanced. People with a deep gift will feel it if they listen to their inner world. Intuition today will tell you what is true and what is a lie, trust your inner instinct. Dreams will be prophetic, and can show the upcoming future, but you need to be able to interpret them correctly.

It is better to spend the 6th Lunar day calmly, without conflicts, try to avoid noisy companies and unnecessary fuss, this will betray you deep self-confidence and will not allow you to waste energy. Dedicate this day better to something sublime. Walking and contemplating nature will have a healing effect. People who practice meditation can easily achieve higher levels of concentration.

In general, this day is very favorable, it allows you to show all your abilities. Luckiness increases, new plans and thoughts appear that can change your life for the better. Scientific and social activities will be good on this day. However, in contacts you need to be restrained, since excessive pressure or complete tactlessness can reduce the effectiveness of your actions.

Love and relationships

The 6th lunar day is the best time to enter into happy marriages for love, there are beliefs that marriages on this day are concluded in heaven, therefore they can be considered the happiest. A very good date.


6th lunar dayThis lunar day is very good for breathing exercises, visiting beauty salons or a beautician. Any anti-aging procedure will bring good results. On the 6th lunar day, the thoracic regions, shoulders, lungs, bronchi are vulnerable. Also, the day is unfavorable for the treatment and extraction of teeth.


A great day for solving household problems and doing housework. Everything will work out with ease, and cleaning the house, in addition to dirt, will also cleanse the energy of the space.

Business and money

The sixth lunar day is very good for signing new contracts, starting a new business, registering an enterprise. All financial affairs will bring positive results. Overall, this is the best day for business in the entire lunar calendar. The only thing is that it is not worth lending money today, since it is believed that along with the money you transfer your monetary luck.

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