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Transit Moon in Leo – long live the king!

The moon, passing through the constellation Leo, is at the mercy of the brilliance of the main luminary – the Sun , in the element of fire and Yang energy. People begin to strive for the heights, actively act to achieve cherished desires, believe that the impossible is possible and successfully prove it. Everyone will want to feel themselves on the throne in a blaze of glory, recognition of merit and applause.

The soul asks for a holiday, courage, creativity. It is useful to remove the excessive importance of the ego in communicating with children – to fool around in funny games, buy sweet gifts. Nobility and courage will receive a well-deserved reward – a promotion, a declaration of love, or an offer of true friendship.

The main danger is not to stay at the peak of excitement and waste all financial and energy resources, trying to match the image of a generous and gallant altruist. This is a great time for actors to get the roles they want, and those who dream of leaving the routine and starting creative work will have many chances to change their destiny.

Career and finance

The transit moon in Leo gives the ability to act quickly and organize important events, confidently talk with influential people. Business drive and willingness to take risks are profitable and successful.

The bosses are complacent and most likely will support the request for a salary increase and help with personal problems. Colleagues will be more helpful if you include sincere compliments in your communication. Everyone wants to try on a royal robe and feel like a significant person.

Favorable time to deal with a note of creativity and charisma:

  • political campaigns, theater performances, film festivals;
  • fashion shows, advertising presentations, fairs;
  • festivals of children’s creativity, trips to camps, school trips;
  • extracurricular activities – cultural excursions, quizzes, lightning;
  • organization of holidays – weddings, anniversaries, children’s birthdays.

The transit moon in Leo encourages spending money on luxurious and expensive things that will later be taken out of the closet infrequently, but thanks to the lunar energy, they will envelop the owner’s aura with royal splendor. Tense aspects create upstarts and braggarts, irritating with inflated egos. There is a high probability of overestimating strengths and letting down the team.

Love and health

Passion and love are in the air, connecting lonely hearts, thirsting not only for adventure, but for long-term trusting relationships, as in movies and romantic literature. Girls are like princesses, and a knight wakes up in men, which kindles a dying flame in married couples with great experience. Beautiful courtship will win the heart of the subject of sympathy in a short time. Refusal in this period is perceived as a collapse of hopes and the future, so a decisive “no” is better to say later, or to wrap it in a beautiful verbal “wrapper”.

It is important for children to maintain high self-esteem: to admire their appearance, academic success, sports, and also to relax together on the playground, in the park, draw and watch a good movie.

It is useful for men and women on the transit moon in Leo to visit spas and certified massage therapists, to pay attention to the image and beauty. In the danger zone, the heart, spine, abdomen, especially the solar plexus, bones and teeth.
Surgery in the chest, blood vessels, removal of moles and warts is prohibited.

Astrologers recommend treating:

  • eyes, vegetative-vascular dystonia (complex of maintenance therapy in a hospital);
  • shins, feet, tics and nervous system disorders;
  • joints, headaches, osteochondrosis.

An upright posture and yoga stretching the spine will prevent energy loss and reduce stress on the heart muscle.

Favorable and negative periods

Those looking for a job on the transit moon in Leo will definitely be lucky – there is a chance to shine at an interview, and in a new position a person is ready for multitasking, wanting to show himself in all his glory. Construction of a house or summer house begins on the 10th, 20th, 27th, 30th lunar day. The trials during this period are distinguished by the brightness and aggressiveness of the discussion between the lawyer and the prosecutor, everyone wants victory at any cost.

The union of the Moon and the Sun favors:

  • public work, contacting bureaucratic authorities with a request to resolve complex issues;
  • establishing useful contacts at social events, business presentations, attracting clients;
  • admission to a university, especially a creative direction;
  • exhibitions, demonstrations, auctions, discount sales;
  • reception of guests, housewarming, a holiday on the occasion of the first salary for a successful “infusion” into the team;
  • purchasing a lottery ticket, visiting a casino;
  • shopping for luxury jewelry with precious stones, designer wardrobe accessories.

You should not make a decision on co-authorship and collaboration, since each participant will want to appropriate the laurels for himself. It is dangerous to make long-term financial investments, gamble on the stock exchange, draw up a lease agreement and criticize bosses and higher authorities. The transit of the Moon in Leo awakens the desire to pamper yourself with culinary delights – red caviar, foie gras, shark steaks, which is fraught with wasted money, excess calories and does not exclude the poisoning of the body with fatty unusual food.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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