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1st house in the sign of Libra

The first house is the spine of the entire horoscope. If it is weak or for some reason people cannot reveal the potential inherent at birth, then the rest of the sectors will not turn on at full strength. Here, strengths and weaknesses of character traits, talents and opportunities, impulsive reactions and social image are indicated, how individuals want to appear surrounded by other people, even if they have a radically opposite sun sign. The sign of the 1st house shows the circumstances in which personalities are most easily revealed.

If the house is in Libra, then the guarantor of self-expression will be relationships with people in matters of love and marriage, social justice, beauty and spiritual harmony. The surrounding people are a kind of mirror where these individuals see the true intentions and level of development. However, this is a magical gift: by changing themselves for the better, such individuals influence their neighbors, improving the world around them.

Birth conditions

Parents have high expectations for their child. such a baby can be a long-awaited and desired heir, for whom the father has big plans, a successor to the family (if it was not possible to get pregnant for a long time), and at a low level of development it is simpler – through birth they planned to expand living space, receive subsidies from the state. Likewise with the conditions of birth. It will be an elite maternity hospital, where the presence of famous patients is possible, or a state hospital with quotas. Parents also expect their child to be prettier and more talented than peers. Childbirth is easy, without breaks and severe pain, if Venus is harmonious.

Image in the eyes of others

Libra of the first house are always beautiful if the love planet is strong, without negative aspects, but even otherwise, they radiate a negative charm that is difficult to resist. Despite their obviously sexy appearance, it is difficult to expect warmth and violent emotions from them, unless, of course, the Moon is in water signs.

As a rule, these people carefully hide their feelings, but enjoy the admiration of others. Men are feminine, with a certain note of sweetness in appearance. The girls are beautiful with cold royal beauty.

For Libra in the 1st house, it is important to be in harmony with the outside world, so that everyone around would be friends and treat each other well. They feel bad during quarrels, but they don’t want to compromise on principles either. They often break off relations out of excessive categoricalness, and then suffer, but they will gladly go forward if the other side apologizes. It is easy to negotiate with them.

The purpose of life is to travel, learning the beauty and history of other countries, to bring a beautiful image to the world, resolving conflicts and appeasing with one presence, as well as creating something beautiful in any field of activity. However, they should not forget that enemies and partners follow the sign of Aries, that is, they must prepare for unpredictability and impulsive actions, be able to resist this without rudeness, but confidently.

Ways of self-expression

It seems that people with 1 house in the sign of Libra  do not quarrel with anyone, are always in a good mood, peaceful and polite. Passions and a desire to realize themselves are boiling inside, but they will not show this, pretending to be cute forget-me-nots. However, without social status and recognition by those around them of their merits, there will be no happiness.

The main areas of self-expression for Libra in the 1st house will be career and love relationships. In all cases, the success strategy should include diplomatic skills, the ability to negotiate, charm, easily get to know and win people over through personal values.

The best hobbies that can turn into a profession for such individuals will be painting, fashion, design, jewelry, modeling and acting studios, make-up, cosmetology, massage and etiquette school. Such Libra can lead these areas, or take part in projects.

Style and colors of clothing

It is important for men and women with 1 house in Libra to be or at least seem to be representatives of high society. Expensive quality items of well-known brands in light shades are preferred. It is undesirable to wear black, raspberry, emerald green, dark pink are suitable from bright ones. Jewelry is better to choose a sophisticated design, made to order, and generally pay attention to luxurious accessories that distinguish the owner from the crowd. Men need to choose expensive watches from well-known companies and pens with gold or platinum inserts.

Elaboration of the 1st house in Libra

The mission of the owner of the first house in Libra is to create and increase the beauty in the world. This can be both work in the fields of beauty and art, and a personal example: appearance, style, the ability to live an active social life, work productively and remain attractive.

The second direction is to help people be elegant, happy and open their eyes to the higher beauty of life. This can be done through the design of clothes, jewelry, interiors, nails, the creation of wedding agencies and art galleries, as well as patronage in the arts.

The third path for elaboration and reaching the highest level of the sign is the restoration of justice and harmony in the world through jurisprudence and diplomacy. Primordial Libra are wonderful judges who take into account all the nuances of the case to make an objective decision, as well as natural peacemakers.

The best sources of energy that can literally take the owner to a new social level will be diamonds in white gold, as well as pink and watermelon tourmalines.


Vasilisa Vishneva


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