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11th house in the sign of Cancer

The 11th house shows how much its owners are disposed to join any social group, contribute to the common cause and make friends. By the sign on the cusp, they can also find out where unexpected profits will come from or understand where to get ideas for maintaining the level of a rich life set by the 10th house of destiny and glory. This is a continuation of the line of creativity, given by the 5th sector of passion and hobbies.

The 11th house in Cancer makes its owners warm and loving. They perceive people who are pleasant to the heart as their blood relatives, who can always count on their support and participation. Sometimes this creates problems in their own families, because for the sake of friends they are ready for anything.

Friends and social activity

The symbolic ruler of this house is Uranus, and the Moon is responsible for the sign of Cancer, therefore, for an accurate characterization, it is important to take into account the aspects of these planets. In any case, for karmic harmonization, it is necessary to bring creative energy to a high level of service to the team, indicated in the 11th house. This can be done with the support of friends and colleagues.

The events in the life of the group are taken to heart by the owners of the 11th house in Cancer and can even get sick if they are not accepted or pushed out of the company, institute, business, the environment that they already consider their family. Acutely experiencing a break with friends, the native is ready for desperate deeds. Such individuals can give up pride and beg for forgiveness, although they are not at all guilty, or their habit of holding back feelings in the 5th house in Capricorn will prevail, and they will not trust people and become attached to them for a long time.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Cancer on the fate and character of a person:

  • excessive emotionality regarding what is happening in the team and with friends, experiences other people’s suffering as their own, always ready to help even to the detriment of themselves;
  • secrecy, shyness, misunderstanding of one’s role in an organization or company of friends, dependence on a support group, feeling that one was born in the wrong family, with the moon affected;
  • turning own home into a place for parties and meetings with friends, at a low level – the lack of coziness and comfort for family members, but friends can do everything, which is confirmed by the position of the Meridian of the Middle Heaven in Gemini;
  • the destruction of personal relationships from a false understanding of duty to comrades;
  • the ability to manipulate others through their feelings and get what they want, especially if the theme of the 5th house in Capricorn and the mental ambitions of Gemini in the 10th sector are affected, and the Moon is in earth signs;
  • the habit of making friends with families, visiting guests, just not to sit at home;
  • friends are kind, sympathetic, devoted, but with negative aspects there is a danger of warming up infantile sticks who intend to receive material benefits from the owners of the horoscope for imaginary support and insincere admiration, which they take at face value.

Most often, the native is surrounded by women. Significant help and support will be provided by friends who look like a mother or about her age. When the Moon is afflicted, on the contrary, one should be wary of their interference in the affairs of the team and any ambitious plans of the owner of the horoscope.

Goals and wealth

Wealth comes to the owners of the horoscope due to the radiated vibrations of emotional support and concern for others. Regardless of gender, they need to reflect the Mother archetype, helping, inspiring, caring for the members of the social group in which they currently belong.

At a low level of development, they manipulate, suppress, enjoy the dependence of subordinates. They may hold back wages by forcing people to ask for them over and over, and secretly enjoy power, but this behavior blocks money energy. It is very dangerous for them to get a leadership position precisely because of the temptation to bind people to themselves and not let them grow further, if only not to let go. This affects the profits of the entire organization.

The main goal of the owner of the 11th house in Cancer is to create a family atmosphere at work, but let the chicks out of the nest in the name of a common cause.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Cancer

Since non-profit organizations that promote the spiritual growth of a person are symbolically displayed in this sector, God himself ordered the wards of Cancer to actively participate in charitable and religious projects, help nursing homes and hospitals. It is necessary to get rid of the feeling of possessiveness.

Giving sincerely, from the heart, people with the 11th house in the sign of Cancer receive much more. Clinging to obsolete relationships, trying to keep friends and relatives around them by any means, they not only aggravate the gap, but also worsen their karma. In life, they will often have to part with friends who come just to teach them how to calmly let go.

If they don’t learn their lesson, they’ll have to endure layoffs for trivial reasons. This is especially pronounced in life if there is a Moon-Pluto opposition or a tau-square, one of the peaks of which is the Moon or Uranus. The fear of losing friends largely comes from the 5th house in Capricorn. If it is negatively aspected, it is difficult for them to find close and devoted comrades. They need to be in society more and not reject acquaintances outright. By getting to know people better, there are more chances not to miss a faithful companion.

Talisman stones of the 11th house in Cancer will help them gain confidence and peace of mind. These are white pearls, larimar, mother of pearl.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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