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Pearls – the magical properties of the stone

Pearls are oval-shaped organic minerals with a silvery white color. It is valued on a par with precious stones, thanks to the external beauty and internal strength inside each pearl, which turns into a grain of sand wrapped in mother-of-pearl in a mollusk shell. During the first year, it grows to 2-3 mm in diameter, subsequently adding half a millimeter every six months.

This partly explains the high price of large minerals, but there is one more thing – the more layers of mother-of-pearl layers the mollusk, the more multifaceted the color, the deeper the shine and the stronger the magic of the stone , which is born from the fusion of the energy of the sea, echoes of the wind in the shell and moonlight.

The first mention of pearls as a symbol of true beauty is found in the Old Testament. In the ancient world, he was an adornment of the elite: the queens and priests of Babylon and Egypt, the Roman patricians and Slavic princesses. In Renaissance Europe, he was used to decorate crowns, clothing, palace chambers and religious objects. Pearls were used to treat eye and mental illnesses, used as protection, added to face creams and hair powder.

Nowadays, it is also a symbol of elegance, thanks to its property to be combined with any metals, precious stones and outfits.

Pearls are opaque, but they seem to glow from the inside, they are characterized by a silvery-white color, but, depending on the geographical origin, they can be yellow (the coast of Sri Lanka), golden (Panama), bluish-purple (Japan), and the rarest is considered graphite black. The sea mineral is more expensive than the river mineral, despite the similar medicinal and magical properties. Pearls cultured in the laboratory will not have a significant effect on human health and fate.

The magical properties of the stone

Since ancient times, pearls have established themselves as a talisman of health and beauty, a magnet for wealth and love, as well as a female stone that is undesirable for men, except for priests and doctors.

The patron planets of the stone – the   Moon and Neptune endowed it with a powerful charge of Yin energy, increasing feminine strength and the ability to receive help from the element of Water, to heal and heal others. The energetic vibrations of pearls are identical to those of women, and, accordingly, intensify them. Interesting historical facts are connected with this:

Nefertiti and Cleopatra drank a pearl, crushed into powder, mixed with wine every month, not only for external beauty, but also for possessing magical powers;

Statues of the goddesses of the moon in different cultures were decorated with pearls, praying in front of them, women were cured of depression and gained self-confidence;

In ancient Russia, the prince gave the baptized a handful of pearls, with which she embroidered a kokoshnik, which served as a talisman for a happy marriage.

Beads made of small minerals will protect young girls from temptations and attacks from intruders. Large stones will help married women to maintain their beauty and youth, while at the same time giving the strength to wisely manage family and work. The magical properties of pearls will definitely manifest themselves in the life of the owner in accordance with its symbolism:

  • Wealth and health;
  • Happiness in love and fertility;
  • Creative self-expression;
  • Purity of thoughts and actions;
  • Youth and longevity;
  • Protection from anger and damage from the outside.

A necklace, earrings and a ring will acquire magical energy if you hold them in the light of the moon during the full moon without letting them go, or if you put them on yourself. The stones should be in contact with the skin. It is necessary to name the goal in which pearls will help.

The healing properties of the stone

Combining the forces of the elements of Water and Earth, pearls harmonize the imbalance of the nervous system and strengthen the immune system. Tarnishing or discoloration signals the onset of the disease, in particular, the formation of a tumor. If you wear it regularly, you can get rid of:

  • Irritability and anger;
  • Chronic stress and fatigue;
  • Diseases of the kidneys, bladder;
  • Skin rashes and redness;
  • Viral infections;
  • Infertility and frigidity.

Pearls stimulate the throat chakra, which promotes eloquence and develops clairvoyance. The healing properties vary depending on the color of the minerals:

White – normalize pressure and temperature;

Black – strengthens bones and cerebral circulation;

Pink – heals the reproductive organs;

Blue – relieve febrile conditions;

Yellow ones – treat the liver and stomach.

Traditional medicine doctors still advise drinking water, in which at least 20 pearls were cooked for about an hour, for anemia and washing with it for skin rashes.

Who suits

Pearls of any shade will help reveal the hidden talents of Pisces and Cancers , absorb the excess of their inherent melancholy, and relieve obsessive thoughts. Scorpios can wear exclusively black pearls, whose energetic vibrations will release their dormant powers from laziness and depression and inspire decisive action.

This mineral is not suitable for fire signs, but if you really want to, you can wear the jewelry for a short time, or choose a black stone. The sea mineral will give the representatives of the elements of Air and Earth balance and optimism.

If in the natal chart there is a strong defeat of the Moon and Neptune with negative aspects (black lines from other planets), then even water signs should be careful to wear pearl jewelry. They can cause poor health, just like in people with an increased concentration of problem planets in Cancer.

The sea stone will have a healing effect on people with a weak position of the Moon and Neptune in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the fire element of which symbolically burns them. Pearls harmonize imbalance at the level of the etheric and physical bodies, with the exception of the position of these planets in the 1st and 3rd houses. Strengthening their positions there will lead to distraction and illusion.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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