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11th house in the sign of Sagittarius

The 11th house of the horoscope affects the ability to make friends, shows how people themselves behave as comrades and how others respond to them. This is the realm of Uranus, cold and original, where sympathy at the mental level is more important than passion, because at stake is no longer personal success, as in the 5th house, from where the axis goes to the 11th field, but the promotion of a large social group in which the native is a member.

However, in the case of the 11th house in Sagittarius, conventions break down. It seems that the whole world is friends with the owners of the horoscope, and they are open for communication 24 hours. Ruler Jupiter a priori bestows the happiness of strong and faithful friendship, the main thing is to determine who is an ally and who is a hanger-on.

Friendship and social activity

Men and women with the 11th house in Sagittarius like Leo and Libra tend to associate with the rich and famous, but they are much more comfortable with this. For them, this is more of a norm than a coveted prize. At the same time, unlike Libra, they do not limit the social circle only to an elite social circle. The democracy and liberalism of Uranus resonates with the wide soul of Jupiter, so the list of acquaintances of the native is very diverse.

Such horoscope holders are real masters of networking, who know everyone and everything, do not hesitate to call and ask for help in any given situation.

The ability to get along with the plumber and the king, and equally please both, comes from the 5th house in Gemini. However, it is difficult for them to adapt their broad nature to the rules of a social group, because they are outside the rules and daily routine, and they do not know how to obey orders at all. They are the soul of the company, the source of ideas and inspiration. When everyone is sour, joyful 11-house Sagittarius run into the office and start shouting optimistically that, they say, all problems are temporary, let’s grab the oars and row to the top of the waterfall. The most interesting thing is that if people listen tothem and do as they said, then success is inevitable. Only for them it will not work.

General features of the influence of the 11th house in Sagittarius on character and destiny:

  • the charisma of a guy or girl from a neighboring yard, charm, childishness, wit, talkativeness at the level of talkativeness, in severe cases – tactlessness, love for lavish parties, holidays, festivals;
  • gullibility and quick getting used to people they like, the ability to maintain strong friendships throughout life;
  • lack of shyness, despondency, analytical abilities in relation to people, they either like a person or not;
  • friends are cheerful, noisy and kind, they do not envy, they are always ready to celebrate the next success of the native, but in difficult times they are not around;
  • excessive obsession, fussiness, self-centeredness, when there is a lot of ado about nothing, tiring activity for others, with the defeat of the 11th house or Jupiter by negative aspects;
  • devotion to friendship, to high ideals, will never recede from a comrade who has made a mistake, is in prison, and is condemned by society.

If Jupiter and the 11th house have several harmonious aspects, then there are too many people who want to make up the retinue of the native. This indulges and forms the confidence that friends are always in abundance. The owners of horoscope cease to appreciate sincerity and care, noticing only flattery and indulgence of their extravagance and idleness. They are  born agitators and propagandists, love demonstrations, rallies, pickets for the rights of any organizations, but routine affairs annoy them.

Goals and wealth

The 11th house, in addition to everything else, symbolizes people who will be guardian angels in life, and, accordingly, will help to achieve goals, especially in 5th and 10th houses. In the case of Sagittarius, there is undoubted luck here, thanks to Jupiter – the planet of great happiness. Holders of such house definitely need to be friends with legally literate, authoritative people, rich, but not arrogant. They will be lucky to get acquainted on trips and foreign internships with useful in terms of promotion and pleasant men and women in communication.

They most often have a Jupiterian appearance: a dense physique, a large head, curly hair, but if there are other planets in the 11th house, then they will also affect the appearance and nature of the environment.

Wealth comes easily, like sponsorship, support for the most incredible ideas of them. Whatever profession they choose, the goal is to make life a holiday, and without easy-going friends, this will not work.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Sagittarius

At a low level of development, people with the 11th house in the sign of Sagittarius are upstarts and smart-asses. They annoy with their indefatigable activity, stir up water for no reason, hear the beginning, do not think about the causes and consequences of the story and runs, rousing everyone to fight injustice. It is important to cultivate patience, endurance, according to Saturn in the natal chart, and increase the level of knowledge on Mercury.

To maintain collective sympathy in the group, as well as for social advancement, one must take on duties that are useful to others, and not just inspire and encourage.

If there is an irresistible desire to be a source of joyful emotions for others, then it is compensated by participation in corporate theatrical amateur performances, or it is really worth becoming a theater and film actor, organizer of children’s holidays, quests and show programs. It is very good to work as a host of birthdays and weddings. Elaboration gives the ability to motivate dull and depressive members of society to positive changes in fate and great achievements, and at the same time to profit from this for oneself.

The best amulets for the 11th house in Sagittarius will be amethyst, yellow topaz, citrine and amber.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Sagittarius:


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