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11th house in the sign of Aquarius

The house, which is responsible for friends, luck in finances and career, social activity and success in any team, will bring good luck to those who are in trouble with Uranus, its symbolic patron. This is difficult to do, because its owner is the king of unpredictability and high intelligence, and to quickly advance in society, people need to use these two categories.

However, the owners of the 11th house in Aquarius do an excellent job of shocking the audience and falling in love with themselves. That’s just to have such extravagant friends is not easy. It’s fun with them, but it’s not a fact that in difficult times they won’t run away to save humanity, leaving a specific friend to sort out problems on their own.

Friendship and social activity

From the outside it seems that the owners of the 11th house in Aquarius are surrounded by a crowd of friends, but in reality they are just people with whom to have fun. Yes, the owners of the horoscope love communication and can chat for hours about everything in the world, gush with ideas and dream, but do not flatter themselves about their friendship. They easily forget friends, carried away by new people, or if they don’t like something, they break off relations without regret.

Given that the 5th house is in Leo, it is important for them that their friends are bright and admired in society, and they themselves want to be like that, and then, being in a team, feel free to bring their original creative ideas into reality. If a friend is in trouble and is no longer so extravagant and attractive in the perception of a social group, the native finds a new star in order to ascend together to success.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Aquarius on fate:

  • freedom from social conventions and rules, looseness, low emotionality and empathy, ease of communication;
  • feeling that the social group in which they are intellectually behind them: mental arrogance;
  • the ability to generate fantastic ideas, but here everything depends on the position of Uranus, and if it is without bad aspects, then they will expand the horizons of the world and become an innovator in science, but bad aspects will make them a clown and an eccentric;
  • the ability to make friends is revealed only in conditions of freedom from excessive manifestation of emotions and obligations;
  • lack of mutual understanding with others, mainly due to the ability to read information from higher planes of consciousness, openness to everything new and unusual;
  • talents of an astrologer, actor, engineer, pilot, astronaut, programmer;
  • friends are cunning, pretending to be nice and ingenuous, but absent when help is really needed, although at the same time they are an excellent team in implementing the most daring innovative ideas;
  • getting into unforeseen, difficult situations due to gullibility and excessive impulsiveness.

The most important thing in friendship for the horoscope holders is intellectual unity and mutual support of ideas born in this union. They will never associate with the average in thinking and ambition.

Goals and wealth

Owners of the 11th house in Aquarius are incredibly talented in various fields. Uranus is quite strong here and supports any initiative that a person takes. The main thing is to choose one thing and develop along this line, because most often there is a dispersion of interests and it is not possible to achieve all the goals at the same time.

Hobbies should be an outlet, and not take up all the time completely. Their hobbies are unusual, they can be a pilot or a doctor and at the same time engage in astrology or Indian dances, and sometimes teach in these different areas.

Money comes in unexpected ways. As a rule, this is a profit from funds impulsively invested in shares, a project that fired, a sponsorship payment from people who supported a bold idea. Such individuals themselves can spoil financial luck. They have such a feature – at the last moment, abandon the work done, break deadlines, break the branch on which they sit, being one step away from success. This happens especially clearly at the time of the transit of Uranus.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Aquarius

It is important to understand that people with the 11th house in the sign of Aquarius cannot advance their ideas alone. Aquarius is a socially active sign that needs a society where it will demonstrate originality, talents, inventions. Despite the predisposition to freelancing, live communication energizes. If it’s still more convenient to work online, then they need to become popular there. Aquarius in the 11th house portend easy glory only in the absence of defeats of Saturn, as the 2nd ruler of the sign.

If there are negative aspects, they will have to work out the planet of karma. If it is in the 12th house, there are karmic obstacles to popularity. A bright personality can repel potential friends and bosses, since everything fades next to the owner of the 11th house in Aquarius. They must strive to rally like-minded people around themselves, and not just to arouse admiration for the revolutionary image and ideas.

For success, such individuals should constantly be in a real or virtual society of intellectuals or creative bohemians, where they will draw inspiration and courage for the next fantastic projects.

Stones that support the strengths of the 11th house in Aquarius will help them achieve their goals faster and keep friends. These include fluorite, fire opal, paraiba tourmaline, blue topaz.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Aquarius:


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