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12th house in the sign of Virgo

The 12th house shows how people behave in solitude, as well as the secrets of their families, the subconscious, a tendency to negative actions. Here they can see the possibility of imprisonment, stay in the hospital and even going to the monastery. Knowing the subtleties of the aspects and the influence of the zodiac sign, they can pick up compensators and neutralize the danger.

The 12th house in Virgo does not give its owners internal support and optimism in a state of forced loneliness. Any interference from outside plunges into panic, knocks out the ground from under their feet. Most of the problems arise from mistakes due to stupidity or carelessness. The situation is aggravated by picky petty enemies who can wait for the moment when the native is especially vulnerable.

Problems and limitations

The talent and at the same time the misfortune of the owners of the 12th house in Virgo lies in the unconscious ability to notice details and trifles invisible to others. Sometimes it saves lives and helps to find a way out of the crisis, as in a fairy tale the heroes found their way out of the thicket of the forest along the abandoned pebbles.

However, in most cases, these are suspicious people who are pissed off by the slightest failure in plans, not to mention the intrigues of ill-wishers or poor health. Deviations from the norm frighten and loosen the nervous system. Hence the manic desire for order and polishing to a shine all the small details of the house.

At a low level of development, the opposite is true: they are immersed in the mental experience of all the nuances of the problem, and the house turns into chaos.

Men and women with the 12th house in Virgo face a difficult task – to sacrifice their suspiciousness and obsession with details, to learn not to become attached to small pleasant things, the daily routine, any symbols of stability. They will need the abstract and mystical vision of Pisces in the 6th house, the ability to go with the flow and the flexibility of thinking.

The main problems that arise for the owners of the horoscope:

  • inability to long-term planning, life in the compartment of one day, when the big is seen at a distance, but next to them they are unable to see it (concerns friendship, love, career opportunities);
  • the habit of appreciating and realizing happiness after its loss, captiousness, stinginess, secrecy;
  • difficulties with promotion in society, support for communication, retention of material resources with a weak Mercury and the Sun;
  • lack of selflessness: expects a reciprocal service for any trifle or calculates in advance how to earn the favor of people, but just does not help, unless Venus is in Cancer or Pisces;
  • an inflated sense of self-importance, selfishness, secret vices and violations of the law on trifles;
  • anxiety in matters of religion due to an increased sense of guilt and moral principles, it always seems that God will punish for misconduct.

At a high level of development, the 12th house in Virgo gives a unique employee who meticulously double-checks every detail without making the slightest mistake, and at the same time has a creative approach and rich imagination. This is a unique combination of Mercurial precision and Neptunian creativity in one person.

Enemies and diseases

Men and women with the 12th house in Virgo are prone to nervous diseases, arthritis of the joints in the hands, ankles, as well as respiratory infections. They make a problem out of any ailment, they worry about their health, but it is extremely difficult for them to follow the treatment, especially when they are scheduled to take pills throughout the day in different dosages. It just drives them crazy. Yes, and it is difficult for them to get to the hospital. The fears that they will discover terrible diseases or that they will have to sit out long queues interfere. Spending money on private clinics is not in their rules.

Secret enemies await the owners of the 12th house in Virgo at work. These are inconspicuous, humble employees who do not grab the stars from the sky, but are very jealous of the ability of the owner of the horoscope to combine commitment and a technical mindset with a powerful flow of creativity.

It is especially important not to offend simple-looking and quiet hard workers in the team, because they will calculate their revenge masterfully, carefully studying the enemy and hitting him in the most vulnerable place. At a low level of development, the suspicion of such individuals is excessive. They see conspiracies and a negative attitude towards themselves  everywhere, avoiding communication.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Virgo

If people with the 12th house in the sign  of Virgo are not ready to sacrifice addiction to trifles, including captiousness and a critical assessment of other people’s work, they will have to pay with health, because Virgo is the symbolic ruler of the 6th house of illnesses, and in the 12th house they are even more aggravated.

They need periods of loneliness when they plunge into routine work: cleaning the house, decluttering, rearranging the apartment, but this also includes mental cleansing. It is necessary for them to make a decision to get rid of toxic people and relationships, clean contacts on the phone, data on the computer. Even against desire, they should undergo scheduled examinations with a doctor, and if Saturn is in the 12th house, then with a dentist.

The development of Virgo gives a talented inventor who is able to create a vaccine against a virus, a cure for a little-studied disease, to be a virtuoso jeweler, musician, writer, inventing something that was not there before.

At a low level of awareness, such individual strives to create something big for everyone instead of choosing a narrow niche, but it is impossible to create a pill for all diseases, this leads to disappointment.

The owners of the 12th house in Virgo need to show more sincere care and mercy to people, forgetting about the ego. In this they will be supported by the energy of natural stones: red jasper, jade, jadeiteaquamarine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Virgo:


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