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12th house in the sign of Aquarius

The 12th house of loneliness of good will or as a result of karmic debts requires people to pay maximum attention to the secrets of their kind and hidden talents. Very often, showing abilities on the topic of the sign of this field of the horoscope, they can easily and simply work out its negative impact on fate. After all, here are the reasons for the imprisonment of them in prison and hospital, there is a collapse of hopes and careers, enemies attack suddenly if they are careless and lazy.

12th house in Aquarius gives mental loneliness. Society is not interested in its advanced ideas and prophecies, in which no one believes. Uranus in the realm of Neptune is a stormy ocean. People with such horosocope need to learn how to manage, otherwise it is easy to fall under the influence of strange companies, deceitful friends and suffer from an addiction to dangerous adventures.

Problems and limitations

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, always gives its wards bright talent and even genius. Most often it is associated with electronics, invention, space and astrology. But any excess of the measure is fraught with rejection of society.

If Uranus forms a trine or sextile, the probability of overcoming the obstacles of the 12th house is higher. If ties with other planets are tense, there are many trials, intrigues and enemies ahead, whose ingenuity competes with the fervent imagination of the native. Imprisonment due to revolutionary political views is not ruled out.

From the side it seems that the owners of the 12th house in Aquarius empathize with the unfairly offended, but in fact they do not take the suffering of a single person to heart, preferring to passionately fight for abstract justice.

During periods of loneliness, they need to rethink their behavior in society, determine the line of eccentricity that will attract, not repel, and also find original ideas for their business.

The main problems and nuances of the influence of the 12th house in Aquarius on fate:

  • long periods of depression from being in the dull present when mentally they are already in the radiant future;
  • difficulties with entering the team, depending on the position of Uranus, to varying degrees, opposes itself to society: from a lone wolf to a genius who surpasses everyone in intellect;
  • strong influence of friends, can involve in dangerous enterprises, extreme sports or extremist communities;
  • emotional throwing between innate sociability and the need for solitude;
  • a period of internal rebellion, irritability and anxiety about one’s place under the sun up to 30 years;
  • the ability to hide personal experiences and emotional mood swings in order to maintain a positive reputation, which often leads to nervous strain;
  • the ability to sacrifice freedom, family and friends for abstract ideals.

The main problem of the owners of the 12th house in Aquarius is the desire to shift their routine duties and responsibilities to other people. Later, they are outraged that they did not live up to their expectations or failed, although they were the first to hide their heads in the sand, not wanting to do the preparatory work.

Enemies and diseases

Aquarius symbolizes all-round communication with the world. In the 12th house, these energies are so reprogrammed that one must be wary of enemies among the immediate environment, and especially from former friends. Astrologers recommend the owners of the 12th house in Aquarius to part with people smoothly and peacefully. Quarrels and breaks contribute to the emergence of enemies who, from the position of past connections, know the secrets of them, which means they can make them public and disgrace them.

A stream of thoughts of the information field of the Universe passes through the mind of the owners of the horoscope. This is frightening and they cannot immediately understand which of them are their personal ones, accepting ideas floating in the air as creations of their own minds. In a positive sense, this is great for creativity and invention, but at a low level it threatens with mental disorders and permanent neurosis. This is partly the cause of eccentric behavior and theatrical outbursts in public.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Aquarius

People with the 12th house in the sign of Aquarius should learn to control the flow of their consciousness, to separate the information of higher and lower planes that comes to them in dreams and during loneliness, from their own personality. This gift must be used for good, splashing out through creativity and the study of astrology.

Excess stress is relieved by physical activity. Mobile team sports are shown very well: football, volleyball, basketball, as well as swimming. The ideal choice for harmonizing Neptune and Uranus would be diving, unless there are negative aspects of these planets with Mars.

In a past life, death could be associated with carelessness and the inability to keep secrets. Now such individuals should learn how to choose the right confidants and friends. The problem of them is that they themselves are wonderful friends, who at the same time have absolutely no understanding: are there real comrades around or just pleasant companions and adventure companions. Fear of novelty, change and insisting on one’s own at all costs often cause big problems.

Constant contact with natural talisman stones of the 12th house in Aquarius will help to avoid them: blue topaz, agate, aquamarine and fluorite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Aquarius:


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