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2nd house in Virgo. Price equals quality

The second home rarely brings fabulous wealth, but provides hints on how to ensure a constant stable income, which guarantees a comfortable and pleasant life. In terms of his sphere of influence, talents are visible that will help in this, habits that inhibit development, and dietary habits that are destructive to health. By creating harmony in these areas, a person will receive resources for solid capital, and if there are connections with the 8th house , then wealth.

The zealous Virgo on the cusp of the 2nd house rarely sits without a penny in her pocket, but she does not rush to the tops of the golden mountains either. An exception is the strongly pronounced Leo and Capricorn in the natal chart , especially those associated with aspects of the 2nd sector. A native lives no worse than others within his social group, but it is difficult to move to a higher rank, because he is used to living within his means. At a low level, alas, boring, stingy, narrow-mindedness.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Virgo

The nature of the native depends on the level of his spirituality and the environment of upbringing. Ideally, this is a person of the system, who respects the rules and puts business above all else. At the same time, he is cheerful and sociable, easily joins the team, even if you have to mimic someone else’s value systems, because financial well-being is at the forefront of his world.

Mercury will show how the owner of the 2nd house in Virgo is dexterous and resourceful. The position in Gemini is a sign of a successful businessman, and in Capricorn it is a financial manager-manager. But in any case, there will be a temptation to manipulate others for your own benefit, especially if Lilith, Chiron is in the 2nd house, or there are negative aspects to them.

Success professions are associated with numbers and the ability to create a coherent picture of small elements: accountants, financiers, bank employees, jewelers, surgeons, pharmacists, pharmacists, tax officials and middle managers. Literary work is not excluded: translators, proofreaders, editors. It is better to be in the position of a subordinate than to take over the leadership of the company, especially if there are connections of the 2nd house with the 6th, or there is a Virgo ruler. Common features of influence:

  • Ambitiousness, multiplied by caution, money is a guarantor of self-confidence, which means it provides peace of mind;
  • commitment and foresight: paying bills and loans, repaying debt, completing tasks on time or earlier;
  • attentiveness: they read contracts, consult with lawyers, delve into the intricacies of financial processes, even if they are not related to them by profession;
  • personal dignity is favorably served if vain self-admiration is excluded with their intelligence and dexterity;
  • stinginess and cruelty during a period of failure or loss, even with a harmonious horoscope as a whole;
  • saving on quantity, not quality: they will buy a ticket to an expensive sanatorium once a year or one thing, but from an excellent manufacturer;
  • preference for healthy eating, sports, social circle of like-minded people, equal in intelligence;
  • obsession with treatment, examinations, disease prevention, interest in alternative medicine.

If a native struggles with self-centeredness and a sense of mental superiority over others, he will easily find his place in life. When arrogance dominates, the collective rejects it.

Relationship with money

Men and women with 2 houses in Virgo do not save on themselves and will not buy a thing or products just because they have promotions and discounts. Quality and beauty play a decisive role; they would rather eat buckwheat and vegetables and buy quality brand shoes than buy three pairs of leatherette on sale.

At the same time, pettiness is inherent in them, the habit of writing down even tiny expenses, tediousness in relation to loved ones who want to spontaneously go for a walk and spend money on entertainment.

Earning comes through helping people and manual labor, even if they are not directly related to the profession. Profit is accumulated from investments in life insurance, real estate, land, food industry.

In the second half of life, bankruptcy is likely if social activities or personal relationships go against the principles of doing business.

Working out the 2nd house in Virgo

A typical situation is the maximum result, but the income is small. The answer lies in the sensory realm. By developing the selflessness of Pisces, Virgo thrives on her own. The native loves to be a part of a group, an irreplaceable gear in a large system, without which the common work will collapse. But it will be possible to get a high assessment of your qualities only with the development of Piscean selflessness, sympathy, participation and help without calculating to get something in return.

This is possible if you have self-confidence, and in the 2nd house in Pisces, it arises after a series of victories and overcoming difficulties.

Traditionally, the native receives great help in this process from friends. It is all the more important to be an emotionally responsive person, able to offer practical help in order to later fulfill a karmic task together with like-minded people.

We must fight suspiciousness and fears about health. The owners of the 2nd house in Virgo get sick a lot if they succumb to mind games and ignore the symptoms at the initial stage, but if they drink vitamins and undergo regular examinations, they are not in danger.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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