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3rd house in Libra. The road to high society

The third house is associated with self-expression through the use of information and speech, respectively, communication with relatives, neighbors, classmates and teachers. It also includes pre-college school, driving behavior, events on short trips and handling documents. The cusp of the 3rd sector in Libra means that Venus is the ruler of the house .

The idea of ​​world justice, the desire to pacify rage with a kind word and clarify issues that do not even concern the native directly, are characteristic of the owner of the horoscope. At a low level of development, this is expressed in the idealization of the rich, who are perceived by the superior race, and an aversion to simple hard workers. Everything that is beautiful and expensive rises on a pedestal. And only with spiritual growth comes the understanding that true beauty is in the soul and in sincere, not secular communication.

Communication at school and with relatives

With a harmonious 3rd house, the native studies in a high-status and socially significant school. It can be a paid institution, an elite gymnasium at the embassy, ​​the best lyceum in the city, or even a class for artistically gifted children, future diplomats or journalists, but everything that happens there has a public resonance. Hence, a person’s confidence in the ability to influence life events.

Parents of owners of 3 houses in Libra need to know that their children are unpleasant in an environment where a physically developed person wins, and not an intellectually developed person. They do not like loud shouts and rude words, from which their academic performance and desire to learn noticeably weaken. So strong is the fear of conflict that at a low level of development they will not interfere if they offend the weak nearby, but at a high level they restore justice, trying to reconcile the disputants, or call on the teacher as the highest authority.

It is very important for the wards of the 3rd house in Libra to fit into the social circle corresponding to its spheres. Therefore, if their background, financial wealth, clothing, family do not correspond to the norms adopted in school life, they suffer unbearably. General features of the influence of Venusian energy on the 3rd house:

  • external beauty and charm, elegant light speech, the talent of a negotiator and peacemaker – with a harmonious state of Libra;
  • politeness and respect when communicating with neighbors, relatives, teachers, and even with school hooligans, for which they do not bully much;
  • striving for elite superiority, but at the same time they do not cross the line of permissiveness, demonstrating exclusivity through the literary style of speech and refined manners, as well as intellectual achievements;
  • in teaching, the form of presentation of the material and the environment are important, if they are far from aesthetics, then he will not want to study;
  • a huge variety of interests and hobbies requires narrowing professional specialization in order to exclude amateurism;
  • the ability to see the pros and cons of any situation and make the right decision.

With a good Venus, relatives are rich and famous, occupy a good place in society, which prompts the native to strive to communicate with them, although this rarely goes beyond the secular level. But with the affected planet of love, the arrogant attitude of the more popular and beautiful brother and sister, cousins, hurts self-esteem, but on the other hand, encourages more actively to improve oneself.

Travel behavior and documents

The influence of Venus on Libra in the 3rd house is different from that of Taurus, despite the fact that it is a common ruler. Here, not comfort comes first, but status and prestige. Third-home Libra would rather take a taxi than buy a used car. The car should be associated with the chosen circle, the upper class, and be expensive. At the same time, the owner may not understand the technical features of his transport and purchase it, since Hollywood celebrities drive the same car.

If Uranus is in the 8th house or negatively aspects Venus, there is a desire to hire a driver. This also emphasizes the elitism of the owner of the horoscope, while meeting the need for security.

With a harmonious 3rd house, where Saturn exalts, legal issues with documents and contracts are always resolved successfully. Personal charisma plays an important role in this: they accept documents out of turn, because the native is charming and polite, or give a bonus to the loan because of a sudden personal sympathy. A person is also interested in jurisprudence, knows his rights and knows how to defend them.

Working out the 3rd house in Libra

With the affected 3rd house in Libra, the native is often inferior both in trifles and in matters important to himself. He jealously asks from equals and is afraid to demand the same from rich and famous people. There is a danger of running errands for the financially secured students of the class, if only they are accepted into the “pack”, which will later become a lifestyle.

It is important to maintain self-confidence as a person, regardless of what you are wearing. The point of self-sufficiency should be personal talents, and the desire to uncover them in collaboration with a similarly gifted person will become the best road to a brilliant future, where the native is so eager. The obvious arrogance at the first successes will alienate potential friends, so it is necessary to strive to communicate on an equal footing with both the janitor and the president of the company.

It is worth avoiding picky and not too elegant teachers in elementary school, so it is advisable to choose an institution with an artistic bias, where creative and sublime natures are taught.

A native will be able to fit into the desired circle of society if he embarks on the path of his destiny, which must be viewed along the Meridian of the Midheaven .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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