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3rd house in Leo. The star needs a round of applause

Education at school, communication with people from the inner circle: brothers, sisters, neighbors, blood relatives and teachers can be deciphered by knowing the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house. It is important to understand this for the child’s parents when choosing a school and teacher, as well as for those who have problems with relatives, driving a car and eternal burdens with documents. By harmonizing work at home with astrological methods, it is easier to solve these difficulties.

Lev simple and difficult at the same time, because its ruler Sun . If it is strong, the happiness of life and self-realization will charge the native with powerful energy from the 1st grade of school. Leaders, favorites of society, the core of the family, around which loving household members revolve, enjoy the sympathy of teachers and colleagues. However, a weak Sun gives selfishness and a desire to manipulate people, regardless of kinship.

Relationships at school and with relatives

Men and women with such a 3 sector of the card believe that the strong is always right. Already at school, they strive to take the position of the main star. Much depends on the position of the sun. If it is in the 1st, 3rd, 5th house, with many trines and sextiles, they will easily be able to shine with talents, represent their class and school at interesting creative events, command classmates and go to teachers’ favorites. The situation is much more complicated with a weak Sun.

The desire to be in charge does not go anywhere, but a person does not know how to realize it. If there are squares, then circumstances will make it difficult to satisfy ambitions. For example, teachers will designate another student as team captain or class representative in a competition. With opposition, internal complexes poison the joy of victory. The native faces competition and painfully defends his leadership. It is important for him to follow an outwardly bright, creative teacher, otherwise the interest in lessons fades away. But the owners of the 3rd house in Leo study always well in order to be no worse than others.

In communication with a close circle of relatives and friends, common features are also observed:

  • the desire to command, control the actions of other people, take the weak under guardianship, and avoid equals in strength, or at all costs wants to outplay and impress with their successes;
  • envy of more talented and interesting friends, relatives, classmates at a low level of spirituality, at a high level – a passionate desire to get closer to them, learn the secret of popularity, enter the chosen circle of friends;
  • there are celebrities or just bright creative personalities among relatives who will help to realize personal plans;
  • good oratorical skills, persuasive lively speech, the ability to defend their boundaries and the interests of those who patronize;
  • a chosen attitude towards others: he gives attention and love only to those who admire him, and even if siblings are competitors in terms of talents, they will be biased and unfair to them;
  • a painful need to be the first, to talk about yourself and your children at family gatherings incessantly, to demand recognition of merits and achievements.

The main figure of the patron saint is the father, who is symbolized by the Sun, the ruler of the 3rd house. If he has his support, the native opens his wings behind his back, and he easily defeats competitors. With a weak planet, there will be a desire to endlessly prove to parents their uniqueness and viability.

Road and documents

The third-house Leo adores luxurious and prestigious cars, such that at first glance it is clear who the head of state is. Cars of gold color or bright unusual shades, steering wheel with rhinestones, all this flatters his ego.

Interestingly, it is the owner of the 3rd house in Leo that most often decorates the car with an abundance of icons. Not out of fear, but rather emphasizes her chosenness and closeness to the heavenly patron in spirit. The machines are of huge sizes.

The driving behavior depends on the position of the sun. But even if it is in Aries or Gemini, the native will not endanger his life and compete in speed for fun. He protects his transport and reputation. Also, third-house Lions often come to the rescue of those in accidents.

With a harmonious Sun and 3rd house, influential people help the native to solve problems, so he rarely toils in lines, drawing up documents. Connections and cronies help to do everything quickly. If there are none, he easily invents relationships with famous personalities to emphasize his uniqueness, and this also works. This is often done by the owners of the Ascendant in Leo, Gemini, Aquarius. But if the Sun is struck, there will be barriers and prohibitions on the part of the powers that be.

Working out the 3rd house in Leo

If in the life of a native there are no remarkable events that satisfy his vanity, he begins to lie and invent them out of the blue, keeping this habit for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is important to determine your strengths, develop them, receiving material confirmation of your own importance: certificates, diplomas, prizes.

If possible: appear at social events, try to communicate with famous people, get their autographs, which will serve as an energy magnet for the third-house Leo to enter the desired social circle.

As a rule, the older brothers and sisters of these people are the first to achieve success and fame. It is extremely important here to transform envy into the desire to reach no less brilliant heights not through competition, but thanks to the already existing experience of a loved one, not excluding existing useful contacts.

In material matters and in communication, you will need to observe a sense of proportion and tact, without overwhelming other people with your person.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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