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Aspects of Mars and Saturn


Mars conjunct Saturn

You take your ambitions and your goals seriously, and you know that hard work and dedication are the best guarantees that you will be successful. You understand that it takes time to build something of value, and you are more than willing to put the time and effort into it. You are capable of a lot of self-denial until the job is finished. The willingness to put in a lot of effort and work tirelessly for as long as it takes to get the job done is natural to you.

You are discreet, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in your dealings. You are a natural born leader who has executive skills and great concentration. People sometimes perceive you as a smug person, but at the same time they know that they can always count on you, since you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come to their aid, no matter what.

You face obstacles and a life without emotion and are willing to patiently deal with these difficult circumstances. Most of the time, you feel that you should only rely on yourself and that everything rests solely on your shoulders. You can have harsh discipline, expecting too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own strength and capabilities. You are afraid of rejection, and therefore you will do anything to avoid it. There are times when it seems that every obstacle in the world has been thrown to you, preventing you from accomplishing what has long been planned. Your solution is to dig into yourself and work longer and harder. Your strength of determination and endurance is what makes you successful.

You have a strong drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You want to build and leave durable structures. You are focused on power and leadership. At times, you can be too conservative not willing to take risks, which are sometimes just necessary to be successful. Don't let fear hold you back from taking calculated and calculated risks. Develop self-confidence. You may not be a genius, but remember what Thomas Edison said: “Success is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration.” Remember that you have an extraordinary ability to maintain concentration until your projects are completely unfinished.

When you are upset, you can hardly control your anger, sometimes quite explosive, due to the tendency to inner hostility. You must learn to verbalize your grievances before you become unruly. If you find it impossible to talk about your grievances, then you should write them down and then re-read them. You can destroy them when your anger is gone, after reading these notes – if not, then you should pass them on to the one who caused your disappointment with the idea of ​​talking about the feeling of oppression when the document is read.

You must remember that holding back anger inside can be one of the main causes of gallstones and urolithiasis. It is also necessary to control cravings, as recalcitrant desires can drag you into many problems if left unchecked.
Aspects of Mars and Saturn


Mars is in harmony with Saturn

You have self-control, endurance, perseverance, patience, organizational skills, and a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals. You are tough and don't sag under pressure. You know, building something lasting takes time, and once you make a commitment, you won't stop, even if it takes a lot of time and effort. The goals you are inclined towards are practical and realistic, and you follow them step by step in a well-planned and organized way. You have executive ability and your ambitions are high enough. You love to work alone, feeling that your best work is done when you are alone.

You have common sense and good judgment, although sometimes you need to remind yourself that you shouldn't give up if it takes more time and effort to complete projects than other people. You don't need to be fast, but it is important to be thorough. Everything you build, you build for consistency. If you suffer from the accumulated anger and anger, you must learn to let go of them, otherwise it can lead to bitterness and resentment. Learn to express your reasons for anger to those involved. You have a positive mix of courage and discretion. In past lives, you have done an excellent job of balancing your desires with a sense of responsibility. You tend to be reserved enough that it can make it difficult for you to relax and enjoy social situations. One of the most positive qualities is


Inharmonious aspects of Mars with Saturn

Your energy meets conservatism and caution. This aspect at its worst tends to make you violent, cold, and insensitive. You keep anger and resentment within you, and you never forget or forgive mistakes. Revenge is constantly on your mind, as is the urge to make those people pay for what they did to you, either in reality or just in their mind. But this aspect can also give a very strong-willed and ambitious character.

It can force a person to persevere, endure, fight, and work hard despite difficulties and disappointments. In its usual influence, this aspect makes you hesitate and constantly change your mind, while creating obstacles in your path to test you and understand what you are capable of. This is not a very pleasant aspect, but it can give you the drive and determination to succeed despite all the setbacks and disappointments. He can really improve your character, if you can, of course, withstand this pressure.

By focusing on one well-defined goal, you can achieve a lot, but you often feel that this journey is quite difficult for you, and that you must fight alone with all the responsibility and obligation that rests on your shoulders. Now you know how Atlas must have felt, carrying the entire weight of the world on his shoulders. You are capable of self-control, great self-denial and strict self-discipline, at the same time you can be very demanding of yourself, expecting too much from yourself.

You are sometimes held back by your own fear and self-doubt. Self-confidence sometimes diminishes as work progresses without noticeable progress. You encounter strong resistance when trying to take the lead or trying to be assertive. An inferiority complex can arise from accumulated difficulties that lead to anger and frustration, and if you don't have a positive way to relieve that stress, you might just explode. Of course, the people you fall for are your loved ones. This creates a lot of disagreements and conflicts. For this reason, you are a hundred times better at working alone. This aspect is often the cause of delays, frustrations, frustrations, and obstacles in everything you try to do. This will certainly test your patience.

You must decide what your responsibilities are, and when you can safely follow your own desires, rather than meet and live by the obligations to which you are committed. If you follow your desires, you will be seen as an irresponsible and selfish person, but if you never allow yourself to fulfill your desires, you can tear yourself to pieces. The trick is to find the right balance between the two. Part of the problem is that quite often you feel frustrated because you think you don't have a chance to do what you enjoy doing.

It causes and builds up anger and anger, making you sarcastic, angry, and resentful. Make a list of your true responsibilities and fulfill them. Then, make a list of what you want to do for fun and relaxation. Through compromise, you can get rid of an over-feeling of responsibility. You are a skilled professional because of your organizational skills and attention to detail. You are proud of your job and you just want to do your job well.

You can also add to this that the task of this aspect is to see the beauty and kindness in the world that surrounds you, because in view of all your troubles, you tend to see life as cruel and hateful, which sets everyone against each other. Life seems incredibly difficult from this point of view. What you should try to do is see the good in this world of disharmony. You need love and support, but they may not be there, since in order to receive love, you first need to give it, and it is not so easy for you to open your emotions to others. You have been hurt in the past, and you hate heartache. So it takes a while to open up to people. Because of your character, you seem to be serious, cold and indifferent to others. They have no idea what is going on inside you.

As noted earlier, you tend to hold on to anger and anger, and if you don't learn to let go of your frustrations, that anger can burst out of control. You must remember that accumulating anger inside, this can become one of the main causes of gall – and urolithiasis.

Another aspect – learn to control your cravings, since following rebellious desires can get you into a lot of trouble if left unattended. There are also times when you cannot complete the projects you initiated due to a lack of a sense of commitment to the goal. The insensitivity of this aspect can affect you, making you an egoist who does not want to do something for others, if there is no benefit to you.

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