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Aspects of Mars and Pluto


Mars conjunct Pluto

This is a powerful aspect – for good or bad. When you really want something, you do your best to get what you want and it will be very good if you achieve it in a decent way, taking into account the wishes and needs of other people, and not just stepping over those who you feel are worth on your way. You are very diligent and fanatical about the ideas that come to your mind. It makes you capable of great reforms and great building or destruction, depending on how you use your energy.

You are strong-willed and stubborn, and you never get discouraged. You are much more resilient than those around you, and if you are in a leadership position it would be good to know that other people do not have the energy and stamina that you have. So be careful not to become the notorious exploiter and ruthless boss.

Sometimes in pursuit of your goals, you lose your objectivity and are completely controlled by your desires and passions. At such times, you will not let anyone get in your way. You are always sure that you are absolutely right in everything you say or do. You have a large and powerful ego, and it would be good to remember that humility and humility will make the path easier than an inflated ego. At least your colleagues and associates will think so.

Power fascinates you, and most of the things you do can be directed towards more and more control over things, situations and people. This can make you a real tyrant to those around you. Your tendency is not so much to bypass something as to transcend and suppress, especially what comes your way. You can achieve a lot if you just keep in mind that some methods are more productive than others in the long run.

You can be ruthless and impartial when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals in life. You are full of energy and capable of incredible effort and great achievement. You can also become an avid workaholic.

You have the ability to exercise subtle control over others, which makes it easier for you to manipulate others. You have to remember two things: no one likes to be manipulated and, in the end, you will reap what you sow. You are a born detective and bloodhound. Nothing escapes you as long as you have the ability to correctly form an opinion about people or a situation. You may have difficulty expressing your warm relationship and love to other people. Sometimes you need to cheer up. You have the ability to accept life as you perceive it, not wanting to change anything.
Aspects of Mars and Pluto


Mars is in harmony with Pluto

You believe in yourself and the mission that is intended for you. You have a strong sense of self-confidence and willpower – this prevents you from admitting defeat. You know what you want and how to achieve it in the most constructive way. You are a born leader and people look to you to show them the way. You have an opinion, and you are not afraid to voice it or stand up for what you believe in. You are interested in reform when something could be done better. You have the drive, endurance, and persistence to excel at whatever you desire.

Sometimes you can get so carried away with a project that you cannot quit, even if you are physically exhausted. You must listen to your body and be able to stop before you are exhausted. Your ego is pretty strong, but you tend to underestimate it because you don't always need to be the center of attention. You like to be in control of your life, preferring to be the leader in any situation. Since this is not always possible, you need to learn how to cooperate and make compromises.

You like everything unknown and mysterious, and you want to get to the bottom of things. You need answers. Life after death issues may be of particular interest to you, and perhaps the art of healing is also important to you, as far as you know, you have the ability to do it. You are a born detective and a bloodhound and can assess people and a situation fairly accurately and relatively quickly. Little else escapes your attention. You prefer depth over breadth. You don't feel like fighting verbally, but you have to do it when necessary. Although you can control your anger quite well, if you lose your temper, your anger will burst out.


Inharmonious aspects of Mars with Pluto

You have a powerful will and influence on those around you. People feel threatened by you, and some may even try to stop you before you stop them. Influential people can be brought into your life to teach you how to use power and leadership properly. You have strong desires and passions, and when you want something, you are obsessed and follow the goal tirelessly until you achieve it or get what you want. You can be so driven by your desire that you lose your objectivity. Coercive, obsessive behavior is possible in this aspect and it is necessary to control your fanatical inclinations. Your desire for power and control over others is probably highly developed and you should definitely watch this, as no one likes to be controlled. You should know it like that

You are mysterious and do not reveal your intentions to other people until the moment is right. You want to know everything about others, but at the same time you don't want to tell them anything. You always try to maintain superiority, no matter if it's a subject of conversation or a situation. You love tension – and whether the outcome is good or bad doesn't matter as long as you get the experience. Power struggles and relationships with a strong dominant motive are also likely for you.

You have huge reserves of energy, stamina and resilience, but you must remember that people around you, as a rule, may not share these characteristics, so do not be too cruel with them, because they simply do not have the ability to withstand stress, hard work and the pressure you can handle. You don't want to be famous as a tough, despotic boss, do you? You need to learn how to control and properly direct your energies.

With all of the above, it should be obvious to you that you are capable of tremendous effort and great achievement if you channel your energies in a positive direction. You can be great good or evil, it all depends on how you direct your mind, will and desires.

Try to get better at working in harmony with others. Collaboration will definitely take you further than competition. You do not want to make enemies for yourself on your way up, because you will meet them on the way down, and you will go down if you take insidious or illegal actions to implement your plans.

Listening to other people's ideas and considering them will allow you to see things that you have not even thought about and will allow you to benefit from it. Even if you think you are right most of the time, you can still learn many things by listening to the advice of others and taking note of their ideas.

Give people a chance to prove themselves, and don't give them answers to all their questions, even if you know them. Thus, you will be helping them and receiving benefits for yourself at the same time. One final note – it makes sense for you to remember that being too stubborn can easily turn friends into enemies.

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