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Aspects of Mars and Jupiter


Mars conjunct Jupiter

You have an incredibly optimistic and positive attitude and the belief that nothing is possible that you cannot do. Therefore, solving life problems with self-confidence, strong will and great pleasure is characteristic of you. You love challenges, and if someone tells you that something cannot be done, this makes you even more willing to take on the task. No matter how much you accomplish, you will never rest on your laurels as there are always more difficult challenges ahead and you actively seek them out. You are forward-thinking, adventurous and full of enthusiasm and new projects.

You are unhappy with situations that offer you no challenge and potential for personal growth and future expansion – no matter how safe or otherwise satisfying. People probably think of you as a very competitive person, but first and foremost you are in competition with yourself, constantly testing yourself how far you can go and what you can achieve. You are dominated by leadership skills and can instill drive, confidence, and enthusiasm in others.

You have a spark of life and a pretty strong vitality, so your health is generally in good condition. Any problems that may arise are likely to be due to burnout and not something serious.

Because you are extremely prone to problems, you may lose interest in things or people if you don’t feel challenged. This trend can affect your intimate life as well – you can constantly change partners in search of someone who can keep up with you or keep you on the alert. You love the thrill of chasing more than conquest. You like to absorb all the new knowledge, traveling a lot and learning about different cultures.

You are direct in your speech and say what you think bluntly. You may need to develop a little more tact. You have a gambling streak because you love excitement and excitement. Be careful with your risk tendencies as they can take over if you are not disciplined enough. Your tendency to judge very quickly, regardless of whether you have all the facts, can get you into trouble.

Try to rein in your tendency to always be right. Your ego can sometimes be so bloated that it doesn't hurt to show some humility and humility and apologize for the wrong words and actions. Remember, “pride does not lead to good” and “do not judge, but you will not be judged.” To summarize the above, this aspect is one of the best, as it also provides some measure of spiritual protection.
Aspects of Mars and Jupiter


Mars is in harmony with Jupiter

You are overly confident, enthusiastic and energetic. You believe that you can achieve whatever you intend to achieve. You have a good sense of timing and have the ability to anticipate what will work and what won't. You like competition and you, for the most part, are playful, good-natured in relation to it. You are basically competing with yourself, testing yourself how far you can go or what you can achieve.

You are not subject to resentment and do not resort to vile deeds to get even with people for real or imagined grievances. You love what can expand your horizons – travel, education, philosophy, religion. You enjoy adventure, risk-taking, sports and outdoor activities. You may be good enough at sports, but you may not be able to develop the appropriate discipline to stand out.

You are usually very optimistic, very enthusiastic, and maintain a fairly positive outlook on life. This aspect can help bring you wealth, but at the same time, a free attitude towards spending it. You tend to be lucky in risky ventures, and yet you are generous with everything you have. You have faith in the future and, as a rule, you are not worried about what will happen tomorrow. You are recognized for your honesty, sincerity, and truthfulness. Even when you are angry, your anger quickly fades away as you have the innate knowledge that anger is a waste of your energy. Even during the most difficult times, you remain positive and never stoop to offend someone in order to satisfy your own desires.


Inharmonious aspects of Mars with Jupiter

You tend to put your desires ahead of the needs of others. This leads to selfishness and selfish attitudes that others do not particularly like, and a refusal to help others due to inconvenience, costs and other reasons, although you are able to fully help everyone who asks for it, using your strong energy and determination. You are also able to become so devoted to something or someone that you can give up all personal desires and passions. You must decide which path you are going to follow.

You are ambitious, adventurous, confident, and have a strong desire to achieve massive success. But, you can only achieve it by being too persistent and aggressive in your desire to succeed in life. You are constantly looking for new opportunities, new experiences and new knowledge. Travel, both physical and mental, can provide you with opportunities in this endeavor.

You like to take risks if you think it will help you get ahead, either financially or otherwise, but you have to be careful, as you are prone to wrong decisions, bad luck and overdoing your theoretical activities. Stay away from gambling because if you get hooked on it, it can ruin you.

You tend to overextend yourself, promise more than you can do, and sometimes you exaggerate the truth for effect or for personal gain. You do this because you are overly optimistic or overly confident in assessing your own capabilities and abilities. No matter what you achieve, you will never be completely satisfied. You always feel that you can or should do more, so you set yourself another goal. Perhaps you need an inner search for yourself.

Get in the habit of planning ahead so that you don't have to rush yourself and thus put yourself at greater risk of accident through carelessness or haste. Foresight will help you be more considerate of others, as sometimes you tend to be careless, not wanting to hurt. You love competition and challenges. You love pursuit more than conquest, and sometimes life seems like a big game to you. You will find that getting along with others is much easier if you learn to work in cooperation and harmony, rather than in competition.

While you have potential and athletic ability that need to be used constructively along with your energy and competitive nature, it is important to understand if you really have the necessary self-discipline to be truly great and successful. You have an abundance of physical energy and are generally very optimistic.

There is a danger of wasting yourself through extravagance or indulgence, so self-control is essential. Legal troubles can happen to you. Practice balancing your enthusiasm and aggressiveness when interacting with the people around you. Beware of working too fast, as this sometimes makes your work sloppy or incomplete, although often the reason for working too fast is your restlessness, which creates the need to be in constant motion.

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