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Aspects of Mars and Neptune


Mars conjunct Neptune

You have a very active and rich imagination, which can sometimes leave you. In order to maintain your sanity, sometimes you need to discipline your thoughts and stop following your unrealizable ideas. Your ambitions and activities may not always be completely practical and specific, as you like to think in your utopia, and not in reality. A strong desire to fulfill your fantasies, dreams, visions and ideals is characteristic of you.

Artistic, musical or dramatic abilities are developed in you, and if you can really organize and discipline yourself for quality work, it will pay off. You have a mystical nature and an interest in great spiritual truths. Ordinary life seems gray and uninteresting to you, so you should have a big dream or something more than your own narrowly focused personal interests. You are very much attracted by the sea, due to its vibrations you can renew and restore your energy.

You are sometimes overwhelmed by confusion about how and where to direct your energy and ambition. There are times when you just go with the flow, hoping that something or someone will pick you up and put you on the right course. You must learn to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. You can be passive, and sometimes you lack the willpower, physical energy, strength and fighting spirit to achieve your goals or to defend your beliefs and confront the people with whom you need to be assertive.

There is a lot of powerful magnetic energy in this aspect and you may find yourself drawn to people or circumstances in strange and unusual ways. Manipulation and cheating can be part of this experience, and your involvement is possible on one side or the other. You may have difficulty admitting or being willing to tell the truth, and you are likely to encounter people with the same behavior. In any case, you must be careful with the people you meet and with whom you build relationships.

Take responsibility and discipline your life – the main message of this aspect. Don't try to get away from trouble, and especially don't try to avoid it with drugs and alcohol. Stay away from negative psychic influences like fortune telling, ouija, hypnosis, and mediums. There is an urgent need to be completely honest with yourself and others.
Aspects of Mars and Neptune


Mars is in harmony with Neptune

You enjoy and have a talent for coming up with creative solutions to problems using your powers of visualization and imagination. You are a rather passive person who would rather avoid conflicts and confrontation in favor of a more peaceful and subtle way of solving problems. You enjoy working with others for some purpose that will benefit those around you and those less fortunate than you. You believe that serving and helping others is one of the best ways to reach God. And you are absolutely right in this concept.

You have a penchant for drama, music, art and poetry. Channeling your energy into these activities will help keep you in a good mood and emotions and control your imagination so that your thoughts and ideas cannot leave you. You have the ability to make your dreams come true, you tend to become a practical idealist. You have mystical tendencies and you may be attracted to the occult. Your personal magnetism attracts other people, especially those who need you. You have the ability to be patient and assertive in a good way.

Because of your kindness to others in past lives, you have some degree of spiritual protection from hidden enemies who might try to harm you. You know that patience will bring you anything you don't want, and you will work hard to achieve that. You are responsive to people and animals, and you tend to be overly trusting of all sorts of sentimental stories. The sea has a revitalizing effect on you and you can probably benefit from its vibrations.


Inharmonious aspects of Mars with Neptune

The danger of this aspect is that you tend to want to escape reality and avoid your daily duties and responsibilities. If this tendency of denial goes too far, you may be looking for a way out through drugs or alcohol that will ultimately ruin your life. Ordinary life seems boring and dull to you, so you feel the need for something that will fire your imagination – it could be some kind of vision, an ideal, or a reason that motivates you. Without this impulse, you tend to postpone all the things that need to be done. People count on you, and you let them down in any way possible, after which people lose respect for you and, ultimately, avoid having any relationship with you.

You may have difficulty separating truth from fiction or fantasy from reality. You need to stand firmly on the ground and discipline yourself, only in this way can you remain efficient. Yes, it is true that your real home is in the spirit worlds, but you must live your earthly life here and learn as much as possible from your experience of concrete existence – that is why we are all here. So stop thinking about skipping life school and get back to business.

It is possible that you can truly follow your dreams and make them a reality. You have every opportunity to do this, if you approach it correctly. The correct path is focus, concentration and discipline. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without discipline, and you must understand this if you have not yet understood it. You are an artist at heart when your way is song, dance, drama, poetry, music, art or painting. Any of these genres will allow you to express the feelings that are within you and give your emotions a release from the daily adversity of life. Your imagination is capable of quite a lot – if you constantly keep it in check and do not let it leave you.

A job that only serves your narrowly focused personal interests does not satisfy you. You need more in life than just living for yourself. You may lack the competitive edge, fighting spirit, and self-first attitude that is often required to achieve material well-being and success. Of course, you just might not have many earthly ambitions. You also tend to either overestimate or underestimate your own strengths and abilities. There is also deception and self-deception, both on your part and on the part of other people with whom you come into contact. You are an easy target for swindlers and scammers, because you love sentimental stories of all kinds. You must understand that most people must learn to help themselves. You can't save the world, no matter how much you want it, the only one you can save is yourself. And this is not an easy task for any of us.

There is a tendency to get involved in a co-dependent relationship. Either you, your partner, or both, knowingly or not, can play the role of a martyr, victim, or savior. You must understand that any relationship that is not based on equality is ultimately doomed to failure.

This aspect can make your character rude and sensual, impulsive and hot-tempered, belligerent and extravagant in word and action, indulgence in your passion in any of its manifestations can lead you to an inability to exercise restraint in any direction. He seeks to give a fanatical spirit, which can manifest itself in both religion and atheism, there can also be tendencies towards lawlessness. Self-control is a saving grace that you need to cultivate.

You have a talent, even if it's easier for you, to question your abilities and ask questions of your own judgment. Your inadequate self-esteem distorts the truth and you must clear your path of illusion. The challenge is to overcome discouragement and discouragement.

You see failure as a sign of your worthlessness in reward or success. To shake off feelings of unworthiness, you can shift the blame for your failures to others until your talk and gossip convinces you that it really is true. After all, when the real truth is revealed, you suffer a lot because you no longer inspire confidence in others. You could save yourself, as well as dissipate inner stress, if you admitted that failure is simply spiritual stumbling block that tests everyone's courage and courage by rediscovering themselves without emotional turmoil. Any suffering that you experience will be in the long term, in order to teach you obedience and this is one of the paths that leads to God, when, as selfless service to others, is another path, safe and confident.

Beware of the people and situations you get involved in, as not everyone is truly who they say they are. Some of them may be secret enemies from past lives who are conscious or unconscious messengers of God, behaving in such a way that you can reap what you have sown earlier. Stay away from negative psychic influences such as fortune telling, ouija, hypnosis, and mediums. There is an urgent need to be completely honest with yourself and others.

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