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Aspects of the Sun and Neptune

Sun conjunct Neptune

You are sensitive, imaginative and passionate about artistic and creative activities, mysticism, photography or dramatic art in the theater. You are impressionable and receptive, so you need to look closely at the people, environment and situations with which you interact, since you absorb all these surrounding energies – for good or bad. You are more suggestible than others because of this aspect of the Sun with Neptune. Strange and mysterious things that can happen to you at times may not lend themselves to rational explanation. You have many desires, visions, dreams and aspirations, but you do not have the concentrated will and resilience to make them a reality. You are gentle, considerate, sympathetic and compassionate towards others, but you can also be taken advantage of by being drawn into some sentimental story.

The need to express yourself creatively, most likely through art or music, is strong in you. You don't like the harsh side of life and try to avoid difficulties as much as possible every time. This tendency to hide can lead to drugs or alcohol if not exercised appropriate self-control. Constantly running away from problems will not help solve them. You tend to put off all your affairs and projects. There are times when you may be completely confused about what is going on around you. Megalomania is likely, as there are times when you cannot separate truth from fiction or reality from fantasy. You are emotional, sentimental, romantic and mentally resilient. Try to avoid practices such as fortune telling, hypnosis sessions, psychics and mediums. You must not let your inclination for daydreaming affect your direct responsibilities in life. It is quite difficult for people to understand you, but it makes sense, knowing that you do not fully understand yourself.
Aspects of the Sun and Neptune

Harmonious aspects of the Sun with Neptune

You are original and very sensitive to the conditions in which you surround yourself. You love colorfulness, beauty, music and magic. You are attracted to the supernatural in your attempts to understand the deeper truths of life, while constantly feeling a connection with the universe and understanding for all living things. You are compassionate, compassionate and caring, and always ready to come to help those in need. To be successful, you can express yourself through creativity, art, music, photography, dance, or dramatic art. You tend to be idealistic, a little romantic, and sometimes a little impractical. You are overwhelmed with many ideas and inspiration, and a little effort is enough for you to translate your dreams and fantasies into reality.

Tense aspects of the Sun with  Neptune

The tendency to dream as a substitute for real work is typical of you. You like to procrastinate and put off difficult tasks for as long as possible, hoping they just go away. Your vivid imagination can get you into trouble, because half of what you worry and worry about just may not happen. The need to express yourself creatively through any form of art or music, drama or photography is very strong in you, but you may lack the necessary drive, energy, ambition or desire to follow your plans. You are attracted to the supernatural and the occult, but danger can also be expected if you get involved with the negative manifestations of occult practices.

You lack willpower and you often succumb to temptation. Drugs or alcohol can tempt you and seem to offer a way out of your troubles, but if you give up, they will only cause you grief. You are delusions of grandeur and not very practical. You have to stop hanging in the clouds and return to reality. You are very responsive and compassionate and always ready to help someone. But the inability to discern the truth from lies and attention to sentimental stories can cause you to be misused. This leaves you depressed and frustrated. You must remember that no one can offend or use you if you do not allow it. You need to get stronger and learn to say no.

You may experience a loss of personal focus on life and not knowing what you should be doing in your life. You are overly emotional, romantic and sentimental. Materialism can blind your spiritual realities. You are extremely sensitive and need to take a closer look at the situations and people around you. You have an increased susceptibility to medications and therefore need to monitor the dosage of any prescribed medications.

Since you are a peaceful person, you may lack the willpower and competitive spirit required to make your way in this world. Your fantasy life brings self-deception or deception on the part of others. You must realize that you may have to stand up for your spiritual beliefs and principles, although this can cause conflict. It's easy to get offended by what others say about you, and more often than not, you take the easy path – just don't argue. You need to learn not to idealize others, but to evaluate and perceive them as they are, and not as you would like them to be. There is a possibility of danger from hidden or secret enemies who have come to you to even the score for your wrong actions in past lives. Be careful with those you choose as your “friends”.


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