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Square Sun – Neptune

The square, connecting the good luminary of the Sun with the evil heavenly luminary Neptune, brings inconvenience to a person's life caused by the inability to soberly assess the realities of the surrounding world and decisively act in accordance with the prevailing circumstances.

The sun symbolizes the consciousness of man and his will. The tense aspect of Neptune does not allow many desires and aspirations of the owner of the horoscope to manifest . This astrological configuration makes the native dreamy, sensitive, soft, unassembled and subjective, takes him away from the rough realities of life and plunges him into a fairy-tale world of dreams and fantasies.

Square Sun - Neptune

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and worldview of a person

The square between Neptune and the Sun endows the owner of the horoscope with mystery, charm and great creativity. Sometimes it seems that these kind, inspired and merciful people are not created for the difficulties of the earthly world. They are really confused by the dirt, lies, injustice, deceit and intrigue reigning around them, and confronting these phenomena is a great difficulty. Meanwhile, the owners of this configuration are always ready to help. The pain of those around them always touches them and makes them sacrifice their interests for the welfare of the unfortunate and in trouble.

People in whose horoscopes there is a tense interaction of Neptune and the Sun, you need to learn to separate the truth from lies, good people from people with bad intentions. They should overcome situations of ambiguity, ambiguity and avoid bad habits.

Such people perform best in activities related to art, medicine, psychology, tourism and religion. They make good musicians, actors, painters, poets, healers, psychologists and psychotherapists.

The square of the Sun and Neptune in a woman's birth chart

Aspects of the Sun in Natal, a woman will talk about the type of man she prefers, as well as how she tends to build a relationship with a partner.

One of the manifestations of this aspect is the idealization of a partner. A man can be attracted by the fact that he is engaged in creativity, charity, spiritual development and self-improvement. However, the exalted image of a partner can crumble upon closer acquaintance, and a man's real behavior and habits will bring disappointment.

The intense interaction of Neptune with the Sun indicates the possibility of unhappy circumstances in marriage. A woman will choose for her partners infantile men, divorced from reality and overly idealistic. You need to protect yourself from interacting with people mentally unhealthy and suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, despite all the pity towards them and the desire to help.

The square of the Sun and Neptune in some zodiac signs

This square symbolizes the circumstances of trouble, ambiguity and bad luck in the life of a native. An intense constellation involving the Sun and Neptune becomes less harmful if its constituent luminaries are endowed with strength.

An example is the square formed by the Sun in Aries and Neptune in Cancer. Strong Sun gives the subject good penetration and punching ability. Neptunian energies are easily manifested in the water sign of Cancer, endowing the native with strong intuition, psychology, rich imagination and fantasy. As a result, a person has an excellent opportunity to realize himself in creative activity, and he overcomes situations of chaos and duality due to the fact that his character combines courage, attentiveness to details and the ability to foresee further developments.

Lilia Garipova


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