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Trigon Sun – Neptune

Trigon in the horoscope is a gift of fate. It shows that a person has the resources and talents for a bright and original manifestation in the line of affairs of the participating planets of the aspect and the houses where they stand. Even if obstacles or difficulties arise, this is a sign that success is inevitable if the native wishes.

Trigon (trine) Sun-Neptune promises a stellar career on the creative path. The owner of a natal chart from childhood feels a special purpose, is gifted with artistic abilities and is inspired by the energy of theater, cinema, painting. The father plays an important role in the formation, however, the native idealizes the parent, endowing the qualities of a movie hero, and there is a possibility of painful disappointment when faced with his real personality.

Influence of the Sun-Neptune trigon on fate

The owners of the horoscope cannot be called soaring in the clouds, but everything irrational and mystical attracts them irresistibly. They combine a practical approach and a rich imagination, which allows you to penetrate into the subtle worlds without losing touch with reality. If Mercury and Saturn are strong, then this is an indicator of financial acumen and a brilliant future in the business environment. Venus and Mars in the element of water and fire suggest an equally successful ascent in show business and politics, and in the field of air – in literature and diplomacy.

Holders of the Sun-Neptune trine are sensitive and kind, family-oriented and love-oriented until the last days. The only thing that can greatly cloud their destiny is disappointment in the father, whom they idolize. Parents are better off not showing negative sides of character, trying to show their talents as much as possible. Most likely, the native's father is also creatively gifted or helps him develop his abilities financially.

Other benefits of trine:

  • beauty, spiritual harmony and warmth, the ability to see the inner world of the interlocutor;
  • fine artistic taste, intuitive understanding of art and religion, lack of dogma;
  • rich imagination, musicality and poetry;
  • compassion, willingness to help in word and deed;
  • healing abilities, qualities of a spiritual leader, manifested in extreme situations;
  • great intuition tells you where you need to go at a certain time to get what you want;
  • design ability and ability to attract money and luxury items with one intention;
  • balance of feelings, reason and foresight of the future.

Holders of the Sun-Neptune trine do not feel happy away from social life, festivals, opening days, theatrical premieres, but to replenish their energy, they also need periods of solitude in nature near the water.

Love relationships with the Sun-Neptune trine

The aspect of the planets symbolizes the union of the Sun and heavenly angelic love, which pulsates with living energy in the native's heart. These people transform everything around with love.

The power of their senses really sets the stars and the energies of the earth in motion. In a state of love, the owners of the Sun-Neptune trine float in a stream of luck, inspired creativity and are unusually productive.

This is especially pronounced when the Sun is in the 7th house , but unfortunately, dependence on a partner is formed, especially if Venus or Mars is in Cancer. Life is felt full and joyful only when there is a reciprocal feeling, and loneliness is perceived as a tragedy.

But even a simple loving companion will rarely satisfy the needs of a native. With the position of Venus in Libra and in Leo, a famous and creatively successful person evokes sincere deep love, and ordinary mortals are not interesting.

Under other positions of Venus, the desire for an alliance with a musically and artistically gifted connoisseur of art remains, but there is no clue for popularity. If there are additional negative aspects to Neptune, the native can be deceived in a partner, paint a perfect portrait of himself without seeing the real person.

Practical interaction with the Sun-Neptune trigon

The father, and later the spouse, acts as a karmic patron and teacher. The more harmonious and friendly the relationship with them is, the easier and more successful the realization is in career, creativity and study. Particular attention should be paid to partnerships when the Sun is in the 7th and 8th house . But if Neptune is there, then in marriage and business relations, delusions, deception and the machinations of secret enemies are likely.

In the position of a daylight in the 7th sector, an adversary and competitor can suddenly become a spouse for a native girl and a father for a man. If the Sun is in the 1st house, star fever and egocentrism are likely, when even a small success is demonstrated by a great feat, which only makes others laugh.

It is extremely important for the owners of the Sun-Neptune trine not to lose touch with reality, not to exalt themselves to heaven, intoxicated with glory, and to stop eloquence in time, writing down their achievements, so as not to be caught in a lie.

Talisman stones will help stabilize the energy of the trigone, as well as remove the tendency to depression and mood swings, from which his wards often suffer. Decorations with aventurine , serpentine , aquamarine and carnelian are suitable for the native . Optimism and willpower will be enhanced by zircon , amber and heliodor .


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