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Aspects of Venus and Neptune


Venus conjunct Neptune

You tend to be, as they say, a hopeless romantic. You are very idealistic about love and romance, and in most cases, when you think you are in love, you are simply in love with love itself, not living with a specific person. You tend to put your loved one on a pedestal and this can cause problems: the loved one will end up doing something that you did not expect from him, causing you great disappointment and breaking your heart. You need to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and see things as they really are.

Another facet of this aspect is that you have already created in your imagination the image of an ideal partner, far from a real person. You can spend your whole life looking for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, while missing out on your real soul mate. Come down to earth and realize that no one is perfect and there are no white knights or princesses ready to come and rescue you. Stop dreaming, but don't give up on your dream.

There is a danger of falling into the wrong type of relationship, namely, interdependence. Either you or your partner may like or feel obligated to play the role of a martyr, victim, or savior. Remember that unequal relationships are wrong, only two equal partners can create a better pair.

You are a sensitive person and you like the graceful, sublime and aesthetic things in life. You want harmony and beauty and are probably attracted to art, painting, music, dance, theater or drama. You are also attracted by artistic and mysterious personalities. You are endowed with a certain charm, because of which many consider you far from reality and earthly concerns. Unusualness and good intuition, sensitivity and curiosity are inherent in you. You are unreliable in matters of love. Just remember that you, too, have your human weaknesses and vices, but at the same time try to behave in the best way, this aspect asks for this.
Aspects of Venus and Neptune


Venus in harmony with Neptune

You are an empathetic person with great artistic imagination and a talent for creating beautiful things. You find peace of mind when listening to good music, and quite often it immerses you in your fantasies. You are a romantic and would like to live in bliss with your only soul mate. These are truly lofty ideals, but it's okay for you to dream, because at the same time you have common sense and stand firmly on your feet. You are responsive and eager to help those in need. You tend to give and enjoy if you could help someone.

It is difficult for you to be assertive as you love peace and harmony without creating trouble. You are capable of great sacrifices for those you love without asking for anything in return. You have psychic abilities and enjoy being around artistic and mysterious personalities. You also love religious music – for you it is like a breath of fresh air from your true heavenly home. A talent for music or singing can be very pronounced in you. You are full of determination and dedication. As a rule, you support the weak and at times love heartwarming stories. In this life, you will attract people who will help you continue to grow spiritually, which you began to do in past lives.


Inharmonious aspects of Venus with Neptune

Recognize that human weakness is inherent even in those you love. At times, people cannot justify your expectations that are far from reality, since in matters of love you are not always realistic, sincerely believing that a person who loves you should read your thoughts and guess all your desires. This is the cause of a lot of frustration because it is simply not true. You need to speak up about your feelings and be open about your desires. Your partner cannot read your mind no matter how much he loves and cares for you.

You need to transform your material values ​​into spiritual ones, and your personal desires into socially important ones. Personal belongings and possessions can be left in strange and mysterious ways in order to teach you that material goods can be easily replaced in contrast to the true values ​​that matter. The only thing that you can take away when you die is your spiritual and personal growth, as well as your experience and impressions. You need to learn to love without expecting love in return, as you should learn to forgive, thereby letting go of inner resentments. You also need to learn how to turn the other cheek, but without becoming weak in character. Never turn to drugs or alcohol to numb your grief or hide from this world, it is necessary to perceive life as it is – with its obstacles and all sorts of events and situations. By resorting to alcohol and drugs, you will only make yourself worse.

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