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Aspects of Venus and Pluto


Venus conjunct Pluto

Deep, overwhelming and sometimes irrational feelings of love and passion prevent you from entering into a relationship that has no heat and passion. You can be insanely passionate about those you love and also be possessive and jealous. Whatever you feel, you want it to be at the deepest level. Of course, this causes problems in everyday life, as relationships cannot be constantly passionate and interesting. At times, you don't care whether you feel positive or negative emotions – it matters to you how strong they are. Suffering and delight are both good for you, although you are not foolish to prefer the former, although everything can be. These intense relationships, even if they are not the last, can affect you, so you instinctively seek them out, or they overtake you.

You tend to have a certain emotional fanaticism towards things that you care about. All or nothing – there are no half measures for you. Problems associated with excessive emotionality, inappropriate passion, and loss of control over their base instincts can arise. You need to develop self-control and self-discipline, otherwise there is a possibility of self-destruction. Channel your hormonal energies into creative ways, such as music, poetry, sculpture, drama, or something else. You must not allow yourself to be overly complacent and go along with your base desires. Feelings of jealousy, envy and possessiveness must be controlled or any relationship will eventually be destroyed. You also need to develop self-confidence. All these experiences are for you
Aspects of Venus and Pluto


Venus in harmony with Pluto

You are extremely emotional and your feelings and love are so deep, passionate, and sincere that others find it either extremely attractive or threatening and overly dangerous. You are charismatic, sexually attractive, and possess a kind of animal magnetism that cannot but be noticed by the opposite sex. You have the ability to use your attractiveness and charm to manipulate, often without even realizing it. This aspect gives you the opportunity to reconsider your values ​​or help others to do so. You have artistic ability along with the desire to create beauty, harmony and comfort. There is also understanding and compassion for other people's problems, and you are always ready to come to their aid.


Dissonance of Venus with Pluto

You are drawn to intense and compelling emotional and sexual adventures and experiences, and sometimes you are unable to refuse or resist them. You crave the heat, and these incidents give you the opportunity to satisfy your senseless desires. You feel an overwhelming need for love and may be emotionally or sexually greedy, insatiable, and obsessive. You tend to be very jealous and possessive towards loved ones. And while you are trying to control them, you cannot tolerate being asked questions or trying to control you. This makes your relationship one-sided. You must realize that your jealousy and possessiveness scare away those you supposedly love. Your love life is often passionate, explosive and painful, but you don't seem to mind.

Your main task is to reconsider your values. Important psychological problems are worked through through and through relationships with others. Therefore, you attract people and friends who act destructively towards you. The reason for this is because these people are reflections of your attitudes and actions in past lives. You are now reaping what you sowed earlier. You are given a chance to start everything from scratch if you do not answer evil for evil. Let go of any thoughts of revenge and learn to turn the other cheek. When your debts are paid, and all the lessons learned, then the people who destroy your life will no longer be a part of it. This aspect shows that you are ready to atone for your cruelty and past mistakes.

In matters of health, this aspect tends to interfere with the veins and interfere with the normal elimination of toxins and waste materials from the tissues. It can also hinder the filtration process in the kidneys. This leads to improper blood purification, with the result that toxins and harmful substances tend to escape through the lungs and skin in the form of blockages of the lungs and skin rashes. The spiritual lesson is to learn how to let go of feelings that could lead to illness (emotional toxins) and forgive, rather than trying to get even or get revenge.

On the other hand, you have emotional strength and extraordinary ability to make beneficial and healing changes in the lives of others, if, of course, you can focus on the needs of others, and not on your own.

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