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Aspects of Venus and Saturn


Venus conjunct Saturn

Close relationships with others are not easy for you. You have been offended in the past and are therefore reluctant to open up to others because you are afraid to experience pain again. Painfully going through a bad experience, you seem to have decided inside yourself that if you do not get carried away, then you will not suffer. Because of this attitude, people perceive you as a cold, detached, insensitive and indifferent person. Your task is to learn to open up and treat people with warmth, regardless of the possible consequences. You must remember that you cannot find true love unless you are able to give it first. Love is not a barter deal, and you should not expect those you love to treat you the same way. It doesn't work that way. This aspect is trying to teach you that love is the highest feeling, all-encompassing and must be gifted unconditionally.

You find it difficult to trust people because of your past painful experiences, so it may take time to remove all barriers and open up to people. Perhaps you feel that you are not worthy of love and can think of many reasons to confirm that you have nothing to love. This type of thinking is self-deception. You have the same right to love as any other person, but know that love also has obligations. You are worthy of love and there are many things for which you can be loved, but to understand this, you must change your attitude towards it. People care about you, but they tend to leave you if they feel like you are trying to distance yourself from them. Open up your emotions and take the chance to be happy. It won't kill you if you don't allow it.

You need to learn to value and love yourself while expressing your appreciation to others more openly. Not only with material gifts, but also with an honest and sincere attitude. You are very tolerant and loyal to those you love. You tend to be very serious and responsible in a relationship, although you may be involved in a relationship with a partner much older or younger than you. Try to become less sensitive and more forgiving when you think your loved one is neglecting you. You have a need to feel safe, and if you don't, it confuses you, causing all sorts of negative emotions.

It is difficult for you to show love. Stop being so stingy about your affection and your possessions. You are greedy, and this is clearly not your advantage. After all, you cannot take everything when you leave. So why not use some of this now and give yourself and your loved ones some happiness. Often times, you tend to equate having possessions as a way to feel more confident and secure. This is another illusion. In fact, you will not become less confident or lose your position by losing your property. In fact, the only real wealth you have and remain is what you can give to others. This is another lesson for you to learn. Although you are a reliable friend you can trust.
Aspects of Venus and Saturn


Venus in harmony with Saturn

You are tolerant and reliable in matters of love and affection. The feelings of other people are of great importance to you and it is not in your rules to play with them. Loyalty is highly valued by you, and you will never be content with little. Reliability plays an important role in your life, and you have a good opinion of yourself and your own self-esteem, so problems with confidence and reliability do not cause you much irritation or frustration. You are somewhat reticent in expressing your feelings, as you want to be sure that you can trust whoever you are with. Your tastes and needs are simple, and while you value beauty and luxury, you don't need luxury or convenience to feel happy.

The character of a person and his inner world mean much more to you than his appearance. Casual and superficial relationships are not what you want and what you strive for. You understand that love takes time to develop, and that true love only gets better and deeper over the years. Your friendships are usually strong and lasting. Emotional stability is one of your hallmarks. You have an innate sense of duty and responsibility towards loved ones. It is relatively easy for you to control yourself, although you would not be considered frivolous, if you were a little less serious and reserved. You have the innate strength and courage to overcome life's challenges.


Inharmonious aspects of Venus and Saturn

Your emotional development may be slow or simply inadequate. It is difficult for you to be warm and loving towards people, because you have already suffered in past lives and are afraid that this may happen again. You are stingy with feelings and material resources. You believe that everything should be earned and paid for – there are no free benefits for you. You find it difficult to express your feelings and to show your true feelings, you buy gifts for people as a manifestation of your feelings. If they refuse your gifts, then you take it as a refusal from you. And while you crave love and affection, intimate relationships are difficult for you. You have a superficial opinion of yourself, your merits and talents. You don't understand why someone might love you. You feel that you are not worthy of love. It `s that, what you must work decisively or your life will be miserable if you do not change your attitude in this matter. You are worthy of love just like anyone else, but you must understand this for yourself. Don't let past experiences rule your actions and feelings for the rest of your life.

You are a serious and reserved person who is perceived by others as cold, aloof, insensitive and indifferent. In fact, this may not be the case, you are just very careful, hiding your real self and not allowing people to get close to you. You want love and be loved, but it is very difficult for you. You must remember that you must first give your love in order to receive it later. Money cannot buy true love, and you must remember that as well. Enjoying life in a carefree, open and playful way is not for you, you perceive work, duties and responsibilities much better than feelings, affection and love. Very rarely do you do something for pleasure. For you, pleasure is work or the need to finish something. Other people do not understand this in you. There are times when you postpone or neglect your work or projects, which can result in your accumulating debt. You must learn to balance seriousness and pleasure in your life.

You may be involved in romantic relationships with people who do not appreciate or treat you properly. You must learn to love and value yourself before you find happiness in love. Confidence is very important to you, although you don't know what it is like to feel confident. Your fear of losing money, property, love makes you very vulnerable. These negative thoughts don't affect your relationship in the best way. You must learn to trust and face your fears, no matter how painful it may be. This is the only way to overcome them.

You have a tendency to lose faith and optimism when life presents you with problems that you must deal with. It is great that you have a well-developed sense of responsibility, but in doing so, you must also learn to believe in a higher wisdom that attracts these difficulties for you to help develop personal and soul growth. You understand better than others that the purpose of life is not happiness, but experience. However, this does not mean that you need to feel unhappy all your life. You may feel lonely, but that is because you do not want or are not able to see that people really love you. The problem lies in your own opinion of yourself. You must first love yourself, and only then love will enter your life.

You are reticent in expressing your real likes or dislikes out of fear of criticism. You are prone to jealousy and possessiveness. So when you're in a relationship, you can do anything to try and hold on to what you have. Of course, this makes your partner feel like they are in prison, and therefore they will try to escape at the first opportunity – this is what you fear in the first place. You must understand that you can never keep someone who does not want to be with you. Love is free and there are no circumstances that can change it. You must understand that the difficulties that you experience in life are nothing more than spiritual lessons. These lessons give you the opportunity to grow.

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