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Ascendant in the sign of Gemini. Gemini rising

The Ascendant in Gemini (top of the 1st house), regardless of the sun sign, endows people with brilliant intellect, quick speech and sometimes excessive interest in events taking place in the immediate environment. If such people neglect spiritual development, then they become unnecessarily intrusive in communication: they ask personal questions, gossip and distort information.

With high erudition, these are excellent interlocutors-intellectuals who have interesting information on any topic, but are deprived of the warmth of emotional contact, which is why it is difficult for water signs, Pisces and Cancer to communicate with representatives of the Ascendant in Gemini, but the wards of the air element do not have souls in them. Constant employment with various occupations does not exclude the dispersion of energy and superficiality of knowledge, when the omniscient natives actually turn out to be amateurs.

Appearance and behavior

Astrologers divide people with an ascendant in Gemini into two types: playful and funny “artists”, light and pleasant in conversation, and arrogant intellectuals with sarcastic humor. Wit and juggling words are inherent in any ascending Mercurian, and irrepressible curiosity, with aggravated aspects, often contributes to the fact that these individuals suddenly find themselves at the center of a dangerous adventure or publicly find themselves in a ridiculous position.

These owners of the Ascendant in Gemini are easy to recognize by the characteristic Mercurian features of appearance and behavior:

  • tall, thin, elongated limbs and a triangular face;
  • thin lips and eyebrows, eyes with a narrow section with a squint, often gray-blue;
  • a long nose, symbolizing curiosity, sometimes hooked (they seem to be trying to catch hold of informational reasons), or a small bump on the tip with harmonious aspects of the planet;
  • flying gait: like the wind carries them above the ground, do not enter the door, but fly in;
  • curly hair is always slightly tousled, the body is always in motion, likes to change positions, even when sitting;
  • myopia with the defeat of Mercury, which the owners of the ascendant in Gemini do not tolerate (it interferes with being on the alert, in the know) and instantly put on glasses, which also create the image of an intellectual;
  • tenacious, evaluating glance, at a low energy level – running, or they avoid looking at the interlocutor.

With Gemini ascending, people conduct several cases at the same time, know how to communicate with the entire audience, and not just asking questions vis-a-vis. If five are involved in the conversation, such individuals answer all at the same time, masterfully jumping from topic to topic, while hear not only themselves, but also opponents.

Ascendant in Gemini woman

A girl with an Ascendant in Gemini is a versatile nature, from childhood attending various circles, but not for the purpose of self-development, like the rising Taurus, but out of curiosity and for the sake of expanding the circle of communication. Coming up with an idea, it also quickly cools down, which negatively affects the professional sphere, however, as long as inspiration lives in the soul, it is able to reach any height.

The karmic task of the Ascendant in Gemini – the creation of new connections between people and the management of information flows helps her to easily adapt even in a complex team with a rigid hierarchical system and bring a note of friendliness there. She will masterfully negotiate and organize a presentation, but she will be offended by criticism of shortcomings, but the praise of her superiors will make her soar above the sun when completing a new task.

The owner of the Ascendant in Gemini often meets with several men at the same time, because she cannot choose the most worthy one and is completely sincere in love with everyone. She skillfully flirts and dips her head with apt, charming phrases, and the ease of communication, enthusiasm and sparkle in her eyes attract new fans. The need for personal freedom is not conducive to early family formation, unless there is a Sagittarius man who supports a love of adventure.

Ascendant in Gemini for a man

A boy with an Ascendant in Gemini is curious and energetic, but he tends to fall into bad companies out of curiosity or to shape them in order to crank up cunning scams. An adult he strives to be the first in the profession, which sometimes prompts him to do mean things and weave intrigues, and given the astrological predisposition to attract information flows, it is easy to harm rivals.

A man with an Ascendant in Gemini is amorous and windy. It is difficult for him to find the only girl who can transform into different images and whet his curiosity, so it is easier to change fans until they get bored. Moreover, the love of freedom is more important than attachment to one person. But he is a good friend for representatives of his gender, unless he sees them as rivals. A girl who loves travel and sexual experiments with an ascending Sagittarius or Aquarius will make a wonderful couple for the native.

Professional success

Restless, eloquent, looking for new horizons, easily grasping foreign languages, the owners of the ascendant in Gemini are perfectly realized in international business, art (directing, stage, administration), journalism, literature, and their mobility and flexibility will bring them success in ballet and modern dance.

Fame and recognition are also expected in politics, but the natural inclination to double play will certainly knock people with Ascendant in Gemini off the straight road and involve them in dirty, undercover games, invisible to others due  to their childish charms. Famous personalities with the Ascendant in Gemini – John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, A.S. Pushkin, E. Grieg, Plato.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant in Gemini:


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