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Chiron Square – Sun. Believe in yourself

Inexperienced astrologers are afraid of the quadrature between the planets. This is an area of the strongest tension, a fierce war between the planets, which can result in problems and obstacles on the way to the desired goal, as well as in success, fame, wealth, depending on the level of awareness and conscious harmonization of the participants in the union. A square means the need to develop talents that are obviously not enough to fulfill a desire or relieve tension in those houses and signs where the planets stand.

The square of Chiron with the Sun appears in the natal chart of people who came to change the world. The native feels this, but Chiron constantly forces him to adapt to a series of changes, ridicule, a frivolous attitude towards his personality. You need to go through a series of changes in your character and relationship with the world in order to get rid of selfishness and start creating, not receiving.

The danger of squaring Chiron-Sun

Traps and trials are hidden in areas that are vital to the native. It all depends on the position of the Sun. If it is Libra and the 7th house, then the topic of partnership will come first. A person will feel fulfilled and happy only in a mutually beneficial marriage and in a friendly team. Without happiness in love and recognition of oneself as a person, there will be no luck for the Sun in the 1st and 8th houses, but the position in the 6th sector will require implementation through service to society.

In any case, Chiron will knock the native out of balance through situations in which his personal merits, necessary for success and realization in the affairs of the house and the sign where the Sun is located, will be questioned. Most often it is authority, intelligence, talents, appearance, individual character traits. It is in the areas that are necessary and important for oneself that it is difficult for a native to manifest himself on the winning side and he has to overcome other people’s doubts, ridicule or opposition from competitors.

The main problems of the Chiron-Sun square:

  • self-doubt, alternating with faith in personal infallibility, when a person yesterday doubted and was tormented by fears, and today he boldly rushes into battle;
  • lack of empathy: the native does not feel the situation from the inside, does not understand how to behave adequately and, most importantly, does not realize when and under what circumstances his uncertainty and constraint will turn on;
  • unpredictable manifestation of aggression towards others: partners or competitors;
  • difficulties with the realization of talents, for example, a tough and envious teacher humiliates and deprives of inner harmony, the lack of music and art schools near the place of residence, or simply there is no money to fulfill a dream.

In any case, you need to take active actions: develop the necessary character traits, train the body and mind, earn money, or even move to another place where it is easier to achieve what you want by making a relocation horoscope.

Square Chiron-Sun in a relationship

Chiron symbolizes certain wounds in the place of his standing in the map. When positively aspected, the second planet is an instrument of healing, but when the connection is tense, it shows the cause of the war in the soul and on the outer plane. The sun denotes the father, the boss, and in the woman’s chart also the spouse. The square between such participants results in problems:

  • in relations with the pope, who seems to the native an unattainable value or ruthlessly criticizes his personality and dreams, depriving him of support and confidence;
  • with a male boss who deprives you of the opportunity to advance, suppresses the initiative, mocks or is envious;
  • with her husband – he behaves like a rival, not an ally, devaluing the achievements of a woman, makes sarcastic jokes and remarks, inspires that she is not capable of great things.

The square of Chiron-Sun throws the native into an emotional intensity of feelings, similar to the state of Jesus during his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. He knew that he must die on the cross in order to atone for the sins of people, he understood that he must forgive those who mocked, and he was incredibly alone in this knowledge. The native should also strive for the complete forgiveness of his opponents, only then will he be able to overcome a series of obstacles and failures, which will immediately be followed by liberation from loneliness.

Study of the square Chiron-Sun

A person came to this world in order to, contrary to other people’s ideas about what is right and what is not, to create something new and unique, whether it be a financial system or a modern trend in esotericism, if the Sun, for example, is in the 8th house, to be realized in creativity and education children, if it is in the 5th. The position of the daylight will show where you need to find your path and follow it, despite any problems.

All high-ranking persons in the life of the native can create obstacles or doubt his merits, which is sometimes very painful. It is necessary to accumulate resources, not only in terms of emotional armor, but also finances, because sometimes it is their absence that prevents the dream of life from being realized. The stronger the Sun burns, the weaker will be the tests of Chiron.

You will need to forgive and understand your father or husband, accept them as they are, separate psychologically and follow your destiny. Then Chiron will open the door to a new reality of amazing possibilities. Minerals with soft energy – amber , sunstone and kunzite will be a talisman on this path.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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