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Chiron in the horoscope. The key to secret possibilities

Chiron was discovered by the American astronomer Charles Koval in November 1977, although Indian astrologers knew of its existence millennia ago. In fact, this is not a planet, but a planetoid that has the gift of amplifying the energy impulses of celestial bodies. Although many scientists still argue, calling it a comet or an asteroid because of the strange orbit located between Saturn and Uranus.

Being the size of Mercury, Chiron manages to move along this trajectory, forming a triangle of agreement with two difficult planets, in fact, on the border of the separation of the participants of the septener and three transuraniums. Hence its gift to bring the unity of opposites into any sign and house where it is located. This is the key to our highest possibilities. Taking it, we can go to a higher level of life and awareness.

Legend of Chiron

In the myths of ancient Greece, Chiron appears as a wise mentor of great heroes: Achilles, Theseus, Hercules, Jason. He is not a simple teacher – a centaur, the son of Chronos (the lord of time, in fact, this is a projection of Saturn) and the oceanides of Filira, and his main lines of study were music, gymnastics, hunting, medicine and, of course, an understanding of the course of things, nature, the movement of stars and the ability to predict events.

Chiron was fair and kind, but taught to see alternative versions of any event, including tragedy. This is the highest Mercury, which will find a loophole even in a hopeless situation, get out of any trouble or come up with a new path to victory after a defeat.

That is why the symbol of the planetoid Chiron is the key, and the planet to which it points, standing nearby, or is in aspect, is the door that must be opened by developing its qualities.

Chiron in the horoscope: the power of influence

Some astrologers of the old school do not take into account the influence of Chiron when interpreting the natal chart, although it also forms aspects, enhances the positive and negative features of the sign, like other fictitious points, for example Lilith, especially since, due to the peculiarity of its position in the sky, its influence is multifaceted and unites both mental and sensual spheres.

By changing the characteristics of the planets, it, like Uranus, contributes to unexpected changes both in the life of the native, and in the state and the world. We must not forget that Chiron symbolizes duality in different areas:

  • in relationships – it helps to look at the situation through the eyes of another person, figure out how to be together, if others are against it, understand someone else’s point of view;
  • in society – it tells us how to find a way out of the crisis, circle enemies around the finger, move from aggression to mutual cooperation;
  • in medicine, it leads beyond the boundaries of standard thinking to the search for a new, non-traditional approach to treatment;
  • in personal growth – indicates the potential of hidden opportunities and talents.

However, Chiron’s kindness is a relative concept. It helps to successfully cooperate on both sides, with enemies and friends, to have two families and more, suggesting easy ways and not shunning deceit.

The sophisticated sense of humor with which it endows the ward is also characteristic of it: the truth suddenly emerges and changes life in an instant, because, on top of everything else, by manipulating and tempting the owner of the horoscope, like Lilith, it complicates the karmic study of insidious and duplicitous people, and rewards the pure in heart unexpected gifts of fate.

Signs of a Chironian

The key to the higher energies of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn is not given to everyone. People can use it in two ways. At a low level, this is cunning, fraud, manipulation of consciousness through guilt and hypnosis. Dark Chironians know how to get their way, pressing on pain points and entangling in a labyrinth of traps.

But the owners of the horosocope should not forget that Chiron is the teacher of heroes. The mysterious asteroid does not have an abode in signs, but it creates amazing circumstances where they need to show heroism and ingenuity in order to become not a performer, but a ruler, as Hercules and Theseus did.

It is worth showing their weak spot, and they will fall the death of the brave, like Achilles. A typical Chironian is a cunning Odysseus: in some ways a noble family man, but an unfaithful husband, a smart strategist, but he does not choose the means to achieve the goal, the victims are not important.

Characteristic features of people who have a pronounced Chiron in the map:

  • smiling, benevolent, inventive, quick and correct speech, equally gifted in the exact and humanities;
  • diplomatic abilities: get out of any situation, express the opinions clearly, but not offend the interlocutor;
  • financial instinct: instantly understand how and where to make money;
  • propensity for intrigue: skillfully weave, most often without causing much harm to others, observing a certain environmental friendliness, so as not to spoil someone else’s fate, but to get what they want;
  • acting talent, variability, frivolity in love, and love one partner, but meet many for pleasure, not counting this as a betrayal;
  • aversion to physical labor, shifting domestic duties to others under various pretexts;
  • a wonderful sense of humor, from warm jokes to venomous sarcasm;
  • adventurism, resourcefulness, enterprise, sociability at different levels with representatives of the dark and light sides, elusiveness in case of violation of the law.

Chiron’s invaluable gift is the ability to remain calm in dangerous situations, so its owners often choose the risky professions of a pilot, racer, rescuer, policeman, and the desire for justice, a sharp mind, diplomacy lead them to politics, advocacy, and financial business.

Positive and negative qualities

The dual nature of the educator of heroes is manifested in the gift of the actor, when a person perceives any social role as an opportunity to brilliantly play even the complete opposite. A modest employee sings at night in a nightclub, and a strict boss at home turns into a flexible and soft mother and wife. However, in the negative version, this is a double life or duplicity. It seems to others that such individuals are just angels, and they are  criminals or  scoundrels.

1. Positive qualities and gifts of Chiron: the ability to select keys to any information flows, translate them into a language understandable to people, changing consciousness and revealing secrets. The desire to restore justice, do good, educate, heal. Sharp intuition, the gift of foresight, the ability of a healer and herbalist. Quick adaptation to any conditions, when fate throws lemons, and the native makes lemonade and earns on it.

2. Negative gifts: substitution of the concepts of good and evil, double-dealing, gossip, intrigue. These owners of Chiron have two jobs, a wife, a husband, and most importantly, they enjoy stealing, deceiving, playing tricks and setting up good people. There may be asymmetry in appearance, hip dysplasia, many moles.

Evil Chiron often redirects the qualities of its owners against them. An attempt to reconcile others goes sideways to them, gossip and meanness return, all the great combinations collapse, and the fame of a swindler haunts. Good Chiron elevates the original thinkers to the heights of Olympus and gives them the right to command the minds for good.

The especially important influence of Chiron on the houses of the horoscope

The asteroid is strengthened in conjunction with the planet, the lunar nodes, Lilith, and when positioned in certain houses of the horoscope. If it is near the Ascendant and the Midheaven Meridian, the native will make an excellent astrologer.

The position in the 1st and 7th houses suggests windiness, adultery, duplicity in relationships, in the 2nd sector it promises a successful financial career, and in the 10th the Chironian influence is turned on only when its owners achieve popularity, when thier opinions and personal brand matter. In the 12th house, the planetoid gives the gift of a healer, palmist, psychologist, tarot reader, or a spy in a secret department. When positioned in the 3rd house, fast driving should be avoided.

Practical study of Chiron and talisman stones

If the asteroid is not harmonious, people are thrown from one extreme to another in the area of the sign where they are standing. They yearn for spirituality, but are unable to resist carnal temptations. The goal is to find a balance between the material and the sublime, accumulate wisdom and transmit the light of insights further.

The chiron of any person blossoms from the consultations, training, healing, advice, although at the same time, one must gratefully accept gifts from students.

Ideally, to teach and treat for an acceptable amount for people. Chiron does not punish misconduct, depriving money, on the contrary, it seeks to reward for any success, but if people believe in unconditional luck and start violating the laws of balance and justice, losses are inevitable.

It is necessary for the owners of the chiron to avoid dark duplicity in every possible way – to be faithful, reliable, not to gossip and not to steal, even if they can do it completely imperceptibly, for example, having received change in a store more than it should.

Given the dual nature of Chiron, its talisman stones are minerals that change color depending on the lighting and temperature: paired alexandrites, sultanite, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline. In classical astrology, turquoise and green jasper are considered Chironian stones.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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