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Square Neptune – Lilith: fanaticism at the helm

The Black Moon is a reflection of deep generic programs. In the theme of the house , where she stands, a person reacts and acts on these hidden impulses, not always understanding why he feels this way. If in harmonious relations with other planets this is only a plus, then the square with Neptune makes you act illogically and incorrectly, because the native does not hear the voice of true intuition, but goes to the call of generic fears, illusions, anxieties and restrictions.

Neptune even without Lilith fogs the mind, it blurs the boundaries of reality, and the black temptress also distorts the vision of the world. It is easy to make a man a fanatic. As soon as he takes on faith any idea that interests him, and most importantly, to see that his relatives do not share his views, he is ready to fight for it to the end. The native himself can also act as a manipulator: outwardly angelically innocent, he confuses and misleads others.

The dangers of the square Neptune – Lilith

The justification for the manipulations of the owners of the aspect can only be that behind them there is always a certain high idea, pervertedly understood by them due to the peculiarities of Lilith’s influence. Among such people there are a lot of employees of financial pyramids and totalitarian sects. They sincerely believe that they help people get rich and find God. They themselves were first deceived and inspired to fraudulent activity, calling it service, and then 2 options are possible when the owners of the square Neptune – Lilith:

  • wholeheartedly believe in their just cause and turn a blind eye to the obvious discrepancy between illegal activities and declared ideals;
  • in the process, they are well aware of the goals of their organization, but find excuses or openly sympathize with criminal processes.

Of course, this is not always the case, but Lilith seeks to distort the initially bright spiritual quest of Neptune. It encourages the native to seek God outside of religion, or to deny his existence altogether. There are a lot of atheists among the owners of the Neptune-Lilith square, and it is important for them to engage in polemics with dissidents, proving their case. They are interested in dissuading an opponent or sowing a seed of doubt in his head.

At the same time, sometimes there is a sharp change in the beliefs of the native himself, when in the course of his crusades he is imbued with someone else’s ideology and religion, which he subsequently defends just as fervently. This happens if Neptune or the Black Moon affects the 9th house.

The crooked mirror of Lilith distorts the theme of the sector in which Neptune stands. If this is the 2nd or 8th house, then the native may believe that money is soulless and you can’t earn money on your creativity or your favorite business. This leads to a blockage of the money channel, as well as to the habit of choosing a hateful job in order to earn a living, being afraid to go where you really like it.

The most difficult position is when one of the participants is in the 12th house. This is already an indicator of generic programs and deep fears of the Neptunian theme. The ancestors of the native could be executed for witchcraft. In the understanding of the Inquisition of ancient times, medicine, chemistry, astrology, and even scientific activity also belonged to it. Accordingly, a person has a memory in his memory that the church is dangerous, and he may experience strong unconscious fear at the sight of the attributes of the cult.

Square Neptune – Lilith and relationships

The native is gifted with deep intuition and the ability to see the true essence of people. However, it is available to those who are at a high level of development. They immediately feel if the partner is dishonest or just thinking about cheating.

It is very difficult to deceive such people, but at the average level of awareness they often do it themselves. There is a constant struggle going on in their minds. On the one hand, they want to dive headlong into the world of sensual pleasures, material pleasures, on the other hand, they feel it as a sinful desire, especially if they are fanatically religious.

Everything is simpler for atheists: they allow themselves a lot, but retribution for excessive voluptuousness is also inevitable. Without faith in the best, Lilith square – Neptune draws into alcohol and drug addiction, especially if unhappy love happens. Co-dependent relationships are also possible, when without the suffering caused by a partner, life seems insipid and uninteresting. The native derives the highest pleasure from dissolving in another person, which is fraught with a complete loss of reference points and one’s own uniqueness.

How to work out the square Lilith – Neptune

A person does not feel the tension of the aspect all the time, but it accumulates in the soul with disappointments, broken illusions, unfulfilled dreams. The more of them, the faster the native falls under the influence of Lilith, believing that since I suffer, then let others suffer too – the motto of adherents of financial pyramids and totalitarian sects.

Others with the square find other alluring theories of superiority, or merge with secret organizations, feeling at one with something greater. This calms the nerves, but it will be much better to find a foothold in yourself, and not outside, by defining your priorities. It is preferable to write down all your goals, dreams and aspirations in a notebook in order to know what is primary and secondary, what to go for in the near future.

The big problem of the native is also absent-mindedness, wandering in the clouds of his dreams. Staying in nature, solitude by the sea helps a lot. Here come important discoveries and insights. You can’t blindly believe other people’s promises and get involved in projects whose details are hidden in the fog.

To keep a clear head with Neptune square – Lilith will help the serpentine in the form of an ornament.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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