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Pluto Square Lilith: Heroes of the Twilight

This is an aspect of innate vampirism, but it does not work all the time. The square is like a hammer blow at different periods of life, when the native does not understand what is happening. The more tense he acts, trying to create a comfortable environment for himself, the stronger the external resistance of circumstances. Lilith (Black Moon) distorts the energies of the partner planet, showing in which topics negative tribal experience has been accumulated, which prevents the Platonic potential from being correctly manifested.

Most often, the native begins to vampirize unconsciously, in the area where the planet of karma stands, but there is a general tendency – actively engaging in affairs of any kind, involving people in them, a person downloads their energy. They feel it and intuitively avoid partnerships and communication, which interferes with building relationships and business.

The dangers of the square Pluto – Lilith

The owners of squares with higher planets always strive for freedom and the disclosure of personal individuality. However, the Plutonian energy adds to these desires Faust’s obsession, which Mephistopheles caught him on.

The native is extremely sensitive to the encroachment on his personal time, freedom and money. For a Plutonian, his finances equal his much-needed independence, and of course, power.

However, this is where the main problem lies. In order to become powerful and rich, you need someone to rule and lead. It is impossible to create a business without people, but it is also difficult to work under the supervision of a native. He is very demanding, pumping all the forces out of the employees, time without a trace. Trembling about the issue of personal freedom for himself, the native restricts his employees and close people in the right to it.

He needs to control everything, poke his nose into everything, know all the secrets. If something is being hidden from him, he begins to suspect a conspiracy, or at least a bad attitude. Although this is just the intrigues of Lilith, turning the Plutonian desire to own and rule into total tyranny.

If the square of the Black Moon with Pluto affects the 10th house, or the planet of karma in conjunction with the North (Ascending) node, then the person sees his mission in managing the masses of people and strives for power structures. Another thing is that the more shadow energy he manifests, the more difficult it is to achieve what he wants.

Being on the lowest floor of Lilith and Pluto, one can only reach the level of a domestic tyrant and boss, whom everyone is afraid of because of nit-picking and excesses in requirements.

Accordingly, such qualities as jealousy, envy, vindictiveness, destruction of oneself and others morally and physically do not allow the native to become popular and strong socially, although in fact this is possible if you set yourself the goal of being a locomotive, which drags the main shaft of work on yourself and helps others to solve their problems without offense and calculation.

Pluto square Lilith and relationships

Pluto indirectly affects the native’s relationship with people through his desire to transform himself and his life in all areas. A person is very afraid of control over himself and therefore seeks to dominate his partner, to delve into all the details of his intentions, to follow where he goes, with whom he communicates. This is especially pronounced when Pluto or Lilith are in the 7th and 5th houses.

If the 5th house is affected, then men and women with such a quadrature become rigid controlling parents. They are tormented by fears that something will happen to the child, and therefore they can unceremoniously violate boundaries, interfere in the personal affairs of their children, which is not conducive to warm, healthy relationships.

Their affairs are no less difficult in terms of love, for which the 5th house is also responsible. Due to suspiciousness and suspicion, they often do not leave the period of romantic dates, since the potential partner, seeing their obsession with him, and deep fears, simply disappears. But toxic people stay in their lives for a long time.

Women with a Pluto-Lilith square often have problems with men who use them for their own purposes: they live on their territory without investing in relationships, they meet with them only for sex, without obligations. At the same time, outwardly, they are not gigolos, but for some reason they take away and appropriate what is easily given to a woman at Lilith’s house.

To get rid of unhealthy dependence on powerful, tough companions, you need to work on yourself together with a psychologist.

How to work out the square Lilith – Pluto

It is quite difficult to harmonize the tense aspects of the higher planets. Here you need to determine: in which area the greatest discomfort occurs, whether personal or business partnerships suffer from the square, and then adjust your behavior:

  • to moderate authority, not to command people like soldiers on the parade ground from the position that I am above you, but to develop team cooperation;
  • respect the personal boundaries of any person, even your own child;
  • recognize the fact that nothing in the world belongs to us forever, it is easy to relate to material values, not to cling to them as a sign of their high status;
  • to be simpler, calmer, friendlier with others, not to demand superpowers from them;
  • study psychology, astrology, metaphorical cards in order to correctly read information from the subconscious without distortions of the Black Moon.

It is categorically forbidden for a native to engage in black magic and, in principle, violate the free will of another person, because this is what his ancestors sinned. A talisman against troubles in the square of Lilith – Pluto will be tourmaline of dark shades.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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