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Square Sun – Lilith: the heart of an egoist

The native is torn between the desire to be himself, freely express his thoughts, feelings, needs, and the need to be good to others, but not in terms of helping them, but for the sake of receiving full and unconditional admiration. This gives rise to social fears: if I am myself, following my deepest instincts, I will be rejected, not accepted, I will lose my status and recognition of society.

Square Sun – Lilith gives the strongest temptations and throwing from one extreme to another. The native decides to cast aside fears and violates decency, then he is ashamed, he again puts on the mask of an exemplary successful person and again breaks into true desires, which shock many. Strong egoism does not allow finding the golden mean.

The dangers of the square Sun – Lilith

The light of the Sun opposes the darkness of the Black Moon . At the event level, this manifests itself in such a way that as soon as the native begins to show sunny qualities: willpower, self-confidence, brightness of individualism, the insidious Lilith comes into play. A person’s actions are perceived wrongly, secret enemies and his own inner fears interfere with him. The native himself can get so confused or wind himself up that he makes the wrong choice or refuses an active position at the very last moment, especially if the Sun is weak, and Lilith, on the contrary, is strong.

The owners of the quadrature are real egoists, but this heightened self-esteem and red-hot tension make them act, move forward, literally run barefoot over burning coals, just to reach the goal and declare themselves to all enemies in spite.

Interestingly, sometimes obstacles and competitors exist only in the imagination of the native. It seems to him that they interfere with him, envy him, put sticks in the wheels, because Lilith needs to anger the Sun, pump out as much energy as possible from it and weave its shadows, but in fact the attitude towards him is no worse than to everyone else. The distortion of reality occurs due to a wounded ego, and the native himself sometimes hurts him more than envious people, especially if the Sun or Lilith is in Virgo, or when the axis of 6-12, 1-7 houses is affected.

The strong-willed aggressiveness of a person will be very noticeable if the main luminary of the horoscope is in Aries or Leo. He will angrily denounce the vices of society, fight for justice in the form he perceives it, while passionately hating his own tempting thoughts and crimes. However, such a person cannot avoid making mistakes, he is too impulsive: first he does, then he thinks.

There is a certain demonism in women of this type. They are desperate, ambitious, not recognizing obstacles and restrictions. It is important for them to prove that they can do things that men cannot do. The main temptation of a native of either sex is power. For her sake, they are ready to break the law.

Square Sun – Lilith in a relationship

The solar nature is initially positive, while Lilith is the darkness of the unknown, which one really wants to pull into the light and understand why it sits in the head and presses the buttons of pleasure and pain. The combination of all this creates, on the one hand, a sense of purpose in following one’s desires and instincts, on the other hand, there is a danger of getting stuck at a low energy level, where the main interests are sex and power.

Men with the Sun-Lilith square hide a lot of forbidden fantasies. In a relationship, a woman is important to them, who will share them and partly provoke, tempt and repel, so that they can win her again and again. When everything is good, smooth and calm, they are bored, they will look for a reason to cling to something and quarrel.

Sometimes it happens that this man condemns sexy and extravagant women of the Lilith type, but falls in love with just such, or if the Sun is weak, he is afraid of them, and therefore curses. It is important for him to feel his power over the freedom-loving representative of the fair sex, to feel that he controls the situation.

Women with the Sun-Lilith square also need fire, drive and emotional swings in relationships. They are prone to codependency, in which they choose the role of the aggressor, although in fact they are so fleeing from the state of the victim in which they were in childhood. Here very often there are difficult relations with the father, rejection of his way of life, of himself, externally and internally. Later, the owner of the Sun square – Lilith sees her dad in every man she meets, and begins to compete with him, tries to prove that she is better than him, but in fact only seeks admiration that her father did not receive.

How to work out the square Sun – Lilith

The dark passions of the subconscious, associated with the energy of the main luminary of the card, work through all your life. You need to pacify your rebellious egoism and aggression against people who do not want to obey the desires of Lilith native.

Recognition of free will for all allows the tension of the aspect to go into a creative direction: the struggle for justice and equality.

In quadrature there is always a huge power of creating something new. Ideally, a native of a high level of development has high standards and ideals, he is an innovator and a revolutionary who understands the structure of the underworld and is not afraid to stir up a hornet’s nest to save others. It is very important at the same time to observe the laws yourself and not consider yourself superior to others.

The owner of the square Sun – Lilith often believes that the rules are written for wimps, but not for him, and this is the main mistake. Following the call of the heart, respecting the laws and free will of other people, he becomes invincible.

The goal is to gain recognition, fame, success in society, without violating decorum. This can only be prevented by excessive rigidity, aggressiveness and strictness both towards oneself and others. A talisman or decoration with a solar stone will help soften the tactics of behavior.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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