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Uranus-Neptune square. Give a fulcrum to turn the Earth over.

The square of the planets does not allow a person to sit still, but encourages him to move forward. True, this happens under the influence of an excess of energy of irritation and dissatisfaction with the order of things or the structure of the universe. Owners of the Uranus-Neptune square are prone to anxiety and mental confusion. They are in eternal search for a blue bird and in constant movement, which creates a feeling of active activity, but in reality they are running in place.

They are gifted with talents in the field of art, electronics and invention, but superficial thinking and pettiness obscure the prospects for the future without elaborating quadrature. If the planets do not stand in corner houses, then a strong destructive influence is excluded, but problems and conflicts are expected in the sectors of their residence.

The danger of the Uranus-Neptune square

The impetuosity of Uranus, combined with the dreaminess of Neptune with a strong, harmonious Mars, creates an innovator-discoverer who is able to see more perfect ways of interacting with the world. These are inventions in science, medicine, spiritual insights. However, at the lower levels of development, nervousness, belief in the omens and predictions of charlatans, mood swings and egocentrism can destroy even a future genius.

It is important not to hang in the clouds and not depend on your emotional state. Interest in the secret and unknown pushes the native to study and practice magic, as well as communication with occult communities, which negatively affects fate, especially with negative aspects of Neptune and Lilith.

During the transit of Uranus, the native from sensitive and romantic suddenly becomes sarcastic and harsh, without regret breaks with dear people and promising work. Other dangers of quadrature complicate life:

  • irascibility, alternating with periods of apathy and indifference to their fate;
  • craving for alcohol and drugs as a pain reliever for failure;
  • addiction to toxic love relationships (especially in men);
  • constant stay in mental confusion and inability to feel happiness when a number of good events happen;
  • idealism and religiosity coexist with a passion for intrigue and double games;
  • strange visions and unexpected trance with contemplation of the near future;
  • mental disorders, lightning strikes in a thunderstorm or storm, electric shock.

Everyman’s life is not for carriers of the Uranus-Neptune square. They are attracted by the wind of wanderings (especially if one of the planets occupies the 9th house ), and excited by the desire to leave their mark on science and history. A huge supply of emotional energy requires a positive outburst. Reckless actions and statements slow down progress towards success and contribute to financial losses.

Uranus-Neptune square in a man’s horoscope

The three key states of the native are wanderer, philosopher, romantic. In any of them there is no stability and confidence in the future, which is greatly aggravated by the position of Mars in the signs of water, however, the element of fire adds to this an explosive temperament. The owner of the Uranus-Neptune square is inclined to fall in love with women with the earthly Venus, feeling in them the desired and inaccessible stability, from which one can push off and take off.

This usually happens when he succeeds and spreads his wings. Painful addiction and passion happen to women who have Venus in the element of water. Possessing a violent fantasy and liberal views, he is ready to forgive betrayal and betrayal, fueled by violent emotions. Sometimes love relationships become fatal for a native.

Uranus-Neptune square in a woman

With such a square, it is not easy for a woman to keep her temperament under control. She has a keen intuition and often has prophetic dreams. It contributes to success if it is not clouded by illusory ideas about oneself and life. The girl with the Uranus-Neptune square feels a swindler a mile away, but religious postulates tell us to see good in people and not to condemn.

Accordingly, she suppresses premonitions and trusts deceivers. Disappointments and resentments subsequently breed cynicism and suspicion. She is attracted by creative and extraordinary men, but the main thing is that they do not have alcohol and drug addictions, from which the girl with the Uranus-Neptune square will suffer, succumbing to the desire to save her beloved.

Elaboration of the Uranus-Neptune square 

To harmonize the tense aspect, you need to find a point of support and calmness in yourself as a result of meditation or prayer. Consciously evoking this state in himself in stressful situations, the native will refrain from hasty actions and rash words.

It is important for the owner of the Uranus-Neptune square to separate from the crowd and create a bright image, only because of the squareness he does this through the negative. It’s important to find good traits and talents that will help you stand out with positive action. It is advisable to stay away from revolutionary-minded groups and totalitarian sects. The tireless development of erudition is recommended: reading, self-education, participation in quests, public speaking, as well as charity work in volunteer organizations.

To soften the Uranus-Neptune square with natural stones, jewelry with chrysocolla and sodalite is recommended to help establish contact with others and resist the craving for alcohol.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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