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Venus square – Saturn

The Venus and Saturn square is a stressful aspect that causes the need to overcome various obstacles in personal life and in work.

Venus symbolizes feelings, talents, inner harmony of a person and his financial well-being. The evil luminary in this case strikes Venus, and therefore the owner of the aspect hardly shows love and care, is distinguished by pessimism, isolation and stinginess.

Saturn means the native's ability to work hard and achieve socially significant results. The negative aspect from Venus to Saturn suggests that laziness, apathy and lack of faith in oneself prevent a person from achieving success. However, a sense of duty and self-denial make the native move towards his goal no matter what.

Aspect and its influence on personality and human behavior

If there is an aspect under consideration in a person's birth chart, then this indicates his seriousness, responsibility and closed character. It is not easy for him to confess his love and open his soul even to a loved one. Many consider such people to be cold, selfish and arrogant. Indeed, coldness, pickiness and suspicion prevent them from establishing trusting relationships and creating a harmonious union.

The owner of the aspect is often faced with an unfriendly attitude from people exceeding him in age and status. In such interaction, there are moralizing, criticism and suppression. But thanks to their harsh teachers, the native gains experience and professionalism over time. In business and relationships with partners, he demonstrates enviable endurance, tact and life wisdom.

Failures, although they are encountered on the path of the owner of the aspect, do not stop him from slowly climbing to the top. The native does not hope for sudden luck and a happy coincidence. The secret of his success is the ability to work tirelessly and patiently wait for the result. To do this, you have to redo your work many times, but it's worth it. A person endlessly hones his skills and demonstrates only the result that he is truly satisfied with.

The owner of the aspect can realize himself in any creative activity, as well as in the field of real estate, finance, agriculture and office work.

The square of Venus and Saturn in a man's birth chart

The considered square of planets in a man's horoscope will tell about his difficulties in relationships with women. Often he prefers ladies that are much older or younger than himself, and when concluding a marriage there is some calculation and material considerations.

In a relationship, you need to avoid jealousy, suspicion, greed and excessive criticism towards your partner.

Venus and Saturn square in woman's birth chart

A woman with the mentioned aspect has good taste, adheres to a classic style and may look significantly younger than her age. It is practical, economical and economic.

In personal life, there are negative moments: love without reciprocity, separation, alienation. Nevertheless, having married, the owner of the horoscope becomes a good wife, mother and mistress of the house.

Astrological aspect in the child's birth chart    

The talents of such a child may appear late. Children with this aspect may initially experience negative emotions while drawing, dancing or music. The fact is that the development of creative abilities is difficult for them, and great efforts need to be made to achieve something.

Nevertheless, the child has artistic talents. The main thing is to give him time to develop them. You can not impose on the child attending circles and rush him during classes. If you do not limit the child in his work, then one day he will certainly please with his graceful creations.

Celebrities with the Venus Square Saturn:


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