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Venus square – Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter are good luminaries, and even in the case of their disharmonious interaction (to which the square belongs), the planets are able to benefit the owner of the horoscope.

Venus and Jupiter give the native enthusiasm, inspiration and a positive outlook on life, as well as confidence in the future, in success and well-being. The tense aspect manifests itself in the fact that a person is inclined to scatter his abilities, does not like to concentrate his attention on difficulties, preferring an easy life and quick success.

Since the square in question is formed by financial planets, the owner of the aspect is very generous, both spiritually and materially. He is inclined to live on a grand scale and does not skimp on expensive gifts. Yet man needs to learn to live within his means. If spending on charity is still justified, then spending on holidays, entertainment and the creation of luxury is what can and should be minimized. Only in this way will the native be able to gain financial stability.

Aspect and its influence on personality, behavior and attitudes of a person

The owner of the aspect is generous, independent and optimistic about the world. He loves to develop creatively, constantly broadens his horizons and creates a wonderful, positive atmosphere around him. He gladly takes part in the fun and organizes various celebrations. People around you never get bored next to the owner of this aspect. He knows how to make the world around him interesting, and life – rich and varied.

Such a person does not like to sit still. Adventures beckon him, and he finds them on different journeys. Foreign cultures have a great influence on the subject, and he tries to improve his existence, focusing on the experience and values ​​of other countries, peoples and cultures.

The disadvantage of a native may be that he avoids problems and difficulties. If he sees that what he wants cannot be obtained quickly, then he no longer makes efforts in this direction. A person needs to learn how to solve acute issues, and not close his eyes to everything bad and evil. All your strength and energy should be used to fight injustice and achieve specific goals, because an idle life and lengthy philosophical reflections will not change life for the better.

Venus and Jupiter square in a man's birth chart

The owner of the aspect in question knows how to look after the fair sex and achieve their location. Meanwhile, the native is very independent in relationships and does not like when a woman seeks to tie him too much to herself.

Relationships will develop with a kind, merciful, cheerful, educated, talented woman with a philosophical outlook on life.

Venus and Jupiter square in woman's birth chart

If a woman's horoscope contains this aspect, then she is distinguished by enterprise, liveliness of character and the ability to see good prospects in life. In relation to close people, she shows mercy, care and protection. The owner of the horoscope knows how to inspire and charge with positive energy.

Next to her, she wants to see a man who is generous, successful and successful. The partners will be united by a love of travel and going out.

Venus and Jupiter square in child birth chart    

The little owner of this aspect has excellent creativity and great imagination. Since he loves attention and has artistry, it is worth recording him in a theater or dance studio. Such children will be interested in drawing lessons, singing, participation in school concerts and holidays.

Adolescents may develop a serious interest in photography, the world of theater and cinema. Adults should be encouraged to learn foreign languages ​​and praised for making interesting and colorful presentations, engaging videos and clips.

Celebrities with the Venus Square Jupiter:


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