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Quickons Moon – Jupiter: shy expert

The minor aspect is not taken into account by many astrologers, although its karmic influence is undeniable. It creates a repetition of certain events from the native’s past or from his previous life, which needs to be worked out and realized in order to get out of the vicious circle of a negative scenario. Most often, quicons take on the meaning of the configurations prevailing in the map. If there are many quadratures and oppositions , then the repetition of events will be a painful experience, and if there are many trines , it will be easier to work through.

The power of two different planets needs to be united. Quickons Moon – Jupiter makes this task difficult. It is difficult for a person to interpret the secret meanings of ongoing events. He understands that something strange is happening and he needs additional knowledge or the help of a specialist, but the upcoming process seems so painful that he hides from the lessons of life again and again.

Character and health with Quicons Moon-Jupiter

The native often dreams of the impossible and sets himself unrealistic goals. As a child, his expectations were often deceived, sometimes even without malicious intent, it was just that his parents were careless and frivolous. Such a child experiences several acute disappointments, not getting what he wants, or when he cannot fulfill his cherished dream due to circumstances, and this results in a strong conviction: “I am not worthy of happiness.”

It is this that will then create a series of repetitive situations when the native considers other people more competent and smart than him, and will go into the shadows, embarrassed to demonstrate his expertise. Because of this, colleagues and friends will begin to exploit his fear of appearing bad in the eyes of people and generosity for personal purposes, because he is unable to refuse. The feeling of guilt before other people in this case is so strong that it is easier to give up your interests.

At the same time, the person understands that something wrong is happening, but does not know how to fix it. He seems to be good, kind and talented, but he does not receive respect and recognition for this.

The vulnerability of the Moon is trying to hide behind the defense mechanisms of Jupiter. As a result, there is a habit of seizing stress and disappointment with tasty, but harmful delicacies. Given the ability of the Quince to replay the same situations, it is very difficult for a person to lose weight. Strong emotional stress provokes a gastronomic breakdown, which is difficult to stop.

Health and appearance suffer from this: dependence on sweets and puffiness appear.

Quickons Moon-Jupiter, personal life and synastry

The native is attracted to popular personalities, wealthy and powerful. Circumstances again and again give him the opportunity to be in the desired social circle, among celebrities or, at least, officials of his hometown. He has every chance to get to know and win them over, but internal self-doubt can stop him from taking action. It turns out that the desired acquaintances are at arm’s length, but nothing happens. Although if the native shows a bit of Jupiterian activity, friendliness and fun, he can easily secure a profitable marriage for love, given the specifics of both planets.

The main thing is to set personal boundaries and priorities, and think not only about the needs of the second half, but also about your own.

In marriage, situations related to the role of the mother in the family will be repeated. Women will try to subjugate their spouse, become a commander in a skirt, despite the desire to simultaneously satisfy all the needs of their families, while men, on the contrary, will give the right to make decisions and lead the house to their wife. However, much depends on the past of the native, since his family relationships will be an accurate emotional projection of the atmosphere in the parental home.

In the synastry, the Quinceon Moon-Jupiter will raise the question of choice: a home or a career for one of the spouses. The owner of the Moon will become family and friends almost instantly, and the ward of Jupiter will be a teacher and mentor in relationships.

How to work out the quicons Moon-Jupiter

The native must once and for all believe in his competence and talent. Self-esteem will increase professional success, as well as a wide circle of communication, where they accept as their own. It is necessary to take care of childhood friends, but also to actively get to know each other, maintain business ties. The desire to serve society will help to work out the problematic moments of the Moon-Jupiter Quincean through the profession. Medicine, politics, law, and working with people in government and commercial organizations, such as a bank or as a teacher at a school, are perfect.

Charity activities with a special niche, for example, in rehabilitation centers as a volunteer helping people recover from an accident or sports injuries, will help to feel confident and realize their own importance.

The native is prone to uncontrolled spending of money, but this will lead to the fact that in addition to public recognition, in the end there will be no savings, so it is important to develop financial literacy and pay special attention to the legal side of any business.

With the Moon-Jupiter quincunx, it is very important to be creative, resting the soul from work duties and charitable work.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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