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Quickons Mars-Saturn: Invisible Shackles

This minor aspect is considered conditionally tense, because it symbolizes a certain vulnerability of the native on the topic of the affected planets. These are internal discomfort and doubts, against the background of which one still wants to show off one’s abilities unbearably. Whether the native will allow himself the courage to come forward, or will sit in the shadows, depends on the study of personal planets, and the Sun, first of all, and only then – actions on the quincunx. Most often, this is a small karmic program, as a rule, inserted into the general outline of the South and North nodes, so you need to analyze the entire map.

Mars and Saturn are considered evil planets, and the quincunx between them limits the ways of self-expression in society. A person has great ambitions and plans, but something always prevents them from turning them into reality, or he goes into self-destruction due to fear of condemnation from the outside, while his huge potential boils and burns the soul from the inside.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Mars-Saturn

It is difficult for a native to reach any goal that is important to him without self-destruction. Thus he goes through karmic lessons. His fiery passion for life and Napoleonic plans from an early age found themselves in the icy fetters of strict upbringing, parents’ fears about the future, or the aspect even speaks of their doubts about the abilities of the native. If Mars is in fiery signs, then the person will be determined to destroy the world around him and break through the walls with his forehead, but at the same time he himself will get bumps, stepping on the same rake. Being in the elements of earth and air, he already encourages his owner to think over behavioral tactics, make strategic plans and adapt to changing circumstances. The water element, on the one hand, gives flexibility and patience, but at the same time, it draws you into a state of apathy, freezing Martian aspirations with the power of Saturn,

Most often, periods of frantic activity in the native are replaced by inactivity and longing for the past time. A person understands that it is necessary to act and cannot.

In his youth, he is disgusted by unnecessary restrictions on freedom, and if someone asks him for help, he tries to evade: he leaves work first, does not answer his grandmother’s calls, knowing that she will ask him to go to the store, avoids emotional attachments. With age, the native begins to feel guilty for such actions and, on the contrary, strives to load himself to the fullest, helping everyone who asks.

In general, the older he gets, the more sensitive his ego is to opinion from the outside, so if the owner of the Mars-Saturn Quinceau has not yet become a boss, he will literally begin to serve and please his colleagues in order to earn their approval. This is a big mistake, because the strength of the native is in the feeling of self-worth.

The internal aggression of a person, finding no way out, can provoke injuries and sprains, autoimmune diseases and diseases of the joints, so it is very important not to suppress strong emotions, but to release them in an environmentally friendly way, for example, through sports.

Quickons Mars-Saturn, personal life and synastry

The aspect most often creates an early interest in the topic of sex and introduces a sense of shame associated with it, because for such, even quite innocent curiosity, parents or teachers severely punish the native. Girls react especially sharply to this forbidden topic, which subsequently creates problems in relationships and intimate life. If the Moon, Venus and the Sun are harmonious in the horoscope, then the Mars-Saturn quincunx creates only temporary inconveniences, for example, doubts about one’s own attractiveness and the legitimacy of certain desires, but thanks to the general beneficial astrological canvas, they are easily resolved with the help of a positive partner.

Quickons Mars-Saturn in the synastry is not such a bright prospect. This is a rather tough karmic lesson for both participants in the union, in which they must overcome their internal limitations and complexes, while simultaneously restraining anger and irritability. This is the connection of two absolute opposites, which are obliged to learn from each other new reactions to the world along the higher floors of the planets.

How to work out the Mars-Saturn quincunx

A person will have to know himself, without rose-colored glasses and discounts for future development. It is necessary to clearly understand what you are exactly at the present moment of time, otherwise the Mars-Saturn Quince will create a bias in the mind, when the native considers himself more competent than all the employees, setting them against himself with extreme arrogance, or, on the contrary, devalues his abilities to the extreme, becoming a servant.

For study, calm sports with uniform loads are shown, for example, yoga, Pilates, stretching, as well as any hobby that requires painstaking manual work: embroidery, puzzles, knitting, design, interior design, drawing by numbers.

Quickons are well developed during military service, if the Moon is not affected, and Mars does not have additional negative aspects, as well as in any environmental protection and peacekeeping missions.

The native needs to avoid sharp conflicts with seniors in rank and age at work, because this can have a long-term negative impact on his fate in the future.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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