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Quickons Mercury-Saturn: The Need for Approval

Quickons in the natal chart highlights unresolved problems of the past that have karmic influence and significance. To understand exactly where to wait for the recurrence of problem situations, you need to look at the houses affected by the planets of the aspect. The choice will constantly arise here: suffer in opposition or move to the highest floor of the trine, because the quincunx combines both of these energies. He gives the ward talents and abilities, but he seems not ready to come out of the shadows, he is afraid that he will not cope, although he feels a burning desire to act. It is this resistance that must be overcome in the circumstances offered by life.

The owner of the quincunx Mercury – Saturn relies on his serious attitude towards people and work, he is responsible and reliable, but that is why everyone tends to load him with affairs like a pack camel. Instead of admiration, which he needs so much, he receives only lists of things to be done, and sometimes he pays for other people’s sins, because he does not know how to respect and love himself.

Character and health with quinceon Mercury-Saturn

A person has a very logical mind and analytical thinking in terms of mathematics and the exact sciences, but it is difficult for him to catch a causal relationship in psychology. He, like the ancient Greek hero Sisyphus, rolls a heavy stone of service to other people uphill, and then does not understand how it happened that he rolls into hell, that is, the merits of suffering are not appreciated, but they do not respect him. Even the elderly relatives he cares for take it for granted.

Underlying this problem is a deep sense of insecurity and unworthiness. Most often, the native was brought up in strictness, especially if Saturn is in the 4th, 5th or 10th house, and he desperately lacked admiration and approval. He tries to get them in relations with other people, curry favor and showing how reliable he is.

Such people do not sleep at night, trying to do their job perfectly, and then suffer seeing that the boss barely honored her with a cursory glance. A feeling of over-importance haunts them in any business connected with the house and the sign where Saturn and Mercury stand.

In this case, success is at arm’s length. As soon as you remove unnecessary expectations and just do your job without overloading yourself with other people’s duties, a career in management, politics, architecture, medicine, mathematics and education looms. These are honest and not indifferent to the problems of the people officials who can be trusted.

However, constant internal experiences, a painful attitude to someone else’s criticism, a false feeling that more could be done, although they are already working for wear and tear, lead to mental and physical exhaustion.

Having naturally good body endurance, the native often becomes motionless due to emotional burnout: he simply lies on the couch and looks at one point, not feeling the desire to do the endless Sisyphean labor again.

Quickons Mercury-Saturn, personal life and synastry

This aspect has a very strong effect on relationships destructively when tense configurations predominate in the horoscope. If the Moon, Venus, Sun are afflicted, there are tau-squares, Fingers of Fate, Wagons affecting the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th houses, then the quince Mercury-Saturn will join them.

Depending on the strength of the personality, it manifests itself in two ways. A person strives to please, to earn approval and admiration for his actions. He often refuses personal pleasures, hobbies, communication with relatives, if they are objectionable to the partner. Considering that the Quicons influence the character from childhood, and the native may have psychological trauma of rejection and abandonment, he attracts such people with whom these emotions are recreated again and again until he rebels against this dependent position and claims the right to his own happiness.

The second option is possible with strong personal planets, the dominance of fire and earth in the horoscope, when a person himself behaves harshly with partners and immediately marks the boundaries that cannot be crossed. He may avoid attachment and choose a marriage of convenience so as not to experience the pain of losing a loved one in case of infidelity or illness. In the synastry, this is more of a relationship between a boss and a subordinate, a tough teacher and a green rookie, than a love affair.

How to work out the quincunx Mercury-Saturn

The native needs first of all to deal with his childhood traumas, because the energy of the trine, which is in the aspect, together with the influence of the opposition, is very favorable. It helps to manifest itself in the world through diligence, the ability to bring everything to its logical conclusion, reliability and loyalty to one’s work. All spoil the deep complexes and self-doubt. Instead of sitting in the shadows, you need to muster up the courage (maybe also work on Mars) and act.

Mercury-Saturn Quinceon holders will find life much easier if they give up the Spanish shame for incompetent colleagues and do not redo their work, bringing the overall result to perfection, and also learn to enjoy the reward for their achievements, no matter whether it is in words or in the form of money. This will remove irritability and aggression towards the world around them from their lives.

You can’t live in the past, revel in the energy of condemning and criticizing more successful people, as well as self-pity. Instead, you need to develop personal talents, but only show them to others when there are already real results.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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