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Quickons Neptune – Chiron: in the sky for a dream

How can a minor aspect affect the life of a native, bring tangible problems and contribute to the fulfillment of desires? Quickons gives a feeling of inner vulnerability in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, and the need to get rid of this discomfort. Another thing is that everyone does it differently, depending on the level of development: indulges in all seriousness on the lower floor of the participants of the aspect, or, on the contrary, develops their best qualities.

Quickons Neptune-Chiron appears in the map for a reason. This is a sign of accumulated unrealized talents according to the karma of the family. Due to internal uncertainty and fears, for the sake of someone, the ancestors of the native did not realize themselves along the creative and healing lines, forbade themselves to love openly, and suffered many humiliations. It’s time to fulfill your dreams without limits, but this requires a certain courage.

Character, fate and health with the Quince Neptune-Chiron

On the one hand, the aspect brings a certain magic to life: amazing meetings with gifted mentors. The signs of fate guide a person on the right path, and circumstances develop in such a way that he is literally on the threshold of his dream and he just needs to open the door.

For example, in childhood he is brought to a good music school, his performance is noticed by a famous producer, while entering a medical school, he meets his future spouse, already a famous doctor.

The problem is indecision and internal torment of a person. Because of them, a fateful chance flies by, and the native torments and torments himself with memories of how he missed a happy opportunity. Sometimes he deliberately goes into the shadows, not considering himself talented enough.

An important nuance – the peculiarity of the quincunx is that it really resembles a gray stone shell over a sparkling diamond. The native will have to become his own cutter.

Higher planets begin to influence later than personal ones, therefore, if in childhood it was not lucky to get to a good teacher in music, dance, drawing, it may seem that there are no abilities, and then, having matured, the owner of the Quinceon Neptune-Chiron amazes others with unusual plasticity, beautiful vocals and amazing photos.

Of course, for this you need to work, but the main thing is to decide to fulfill your dream, despite the fear of failure, gossip and condemnation. It is Chiron that gives such a strong vulnerability to the public. Perhaps in the family someone experienced a creative defeat or faced condemnation, and now, at the genetic level, this fear has passed to the native.

There may also be unexplained anxiety on the water. Here it is important to take into account the features of 8 and 12 houses, and if there are dangerous factors, avoid risky activities on the sea or river, at least not swim when the waves are raging.

Quickons Neptune-Chiron is pure psychosomatics. Any fears and anxieties, suppressed anger for the sake of maintaining the image of a good person trigger body reactions in the form of hypertension, edema, kidney disease, disruption of the nervous and lymphatic systems.

Quickons Neptune-Chiron, personal life and synastry

Due to the heightened sense of internal inferiority caused by Chiron , a person may not get along in his personal life, especially if the 1-7 axis of the house is affected. Of course, often this discomfort is overridden by stronger aspects of personal planets and causes only minor problems. The situation is much more complicated when Venus, Mars and the Moon are in fall or exile, there are squares and oppositions in the corner houses. At the same time, the feeling of confidence and happiness arises in the native only when he is in a relationship. For the sake of the appearance of happiness, he himself closes his eyes to difficulties, forgives, adjusts, accepts other people’s conditions of the game, or goes ahead, choosing a partner dependent on himself, completely suppresses his will, makes him play the role of a submissive doll, thus asserting himself.

Here much depends on the position of the Sun, Mars and Pluto. If they are strong, a person tends to dictatorship, and the weak position of these planets, on the contrary, makes him a victim. Also, such people gravitate towards the role of a rescuer, seeing themselves in the offended and destitute.

In the synastry, this is the aspect of Cinderella. There is a chance to attract relationships in fabulous circumstances, such as Assol’s meeting with Gray and, as a result, a surprise with scarlet sails. However, this aspect will not guarantee a happy family without work on oneself.

How to work out the Neptune-Chiron quincunx

First, the native needs to determine what role in the Karpman triangle he plays out of habit: a victim, a rescuer or an aggressor. For the wards of the aspect, a somewhat theatrical rapture with their sufferings is characteristic.

They choose the role of a handsome prince or princess who is being chased by evil monsters. However, this feeling will not cure inner vulnerability, and they will no longer love a person for his being in pain.

The only way out is to become a creator. This is not only about the literal creation of works of art, but about the position of the master of one’s own destiny.

The native is given a rare gift – his dreams literally materialize into reality, so it is important to stay in positive thoughts most of the time. By healing others, a person heals himself: the profession of a doctor and a psychologist is ideal.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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