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Quickons Saturn Ascendant: very important person

This aspect is said to be minor and secondary, it may not be noticed at all under the influence of more powerful quadratures, trines and oppositions, however, very often it is the inner feeling of guilt, vulnerability and constraint caused by the quincunx that launches destructive programs. It should be worked out through the energy of the trine , consciously imagining how the planets would influence life, being in such an aspect. Otherwise, a series of events will be repeated again and again, causing not too pleasant emotions in the affairs of the sacramental houses, so that a person reveals his best qualities in this topic.

Quickons Saturn – Ascendant weaves into the personality notes of the character of Capricorn. He gives seriousness, responsibility, or at least the desire to seem like such a person, which can be very difficult to do if the person is Aries Rising or Leo. The native puts a sense of self-importance in the first place, and any change in status, for example, dismissal, is a disaster for him.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Saturn – Ascendant

Depending on the element of the Rising sign, the aspect will affect people in different ways. For fiery and airy personalities, a note of seriousness will be beneficial, they will strive to bring things to the end in order to earn praise and recognition, but they will react very sharply to criticism, comments and even advice. Water and earth signs, on the contrary, can suffer from the image of a gloomy, withdrawn person who is only interested in work, and not only their own, but also someone else’s, because they like to stick their nose into the affairs of others, considering themselves a super professional.

If at the same time their Sun is in the 5th house or the signs of Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, then it will be difficult to ignite it at full power, because the quincunx Saturn – Ascendant limits the manifestation of emotions of joy, includes fear of public opinion. A person wants to give the impression of a very important person, and any mistakes, and even more so the ridicule of competitors, is like a knife in the back for him.

Quickons Saturn Ascendant slows down the speed of thinking and makes a person not talkative, so the position of Mercury must be taken into account. If he is strong and supported by harmonious aspects, then the eloquence of the native will go out only during his retrograde phase. It is much more difficult when the herald of the gods is initially weak and afflicted by the oppositions of the evil planets. In this case, purposeful work with speech and fine motor skills will be required from childhood.

Unlike similar aspects, the Saturn-Ascendant quinceon does not encourage a person to help selflessly, on the contrary, he does this only when he is well asked, and then reminds with all appearances who is the savior and benefactor here, which irritates other people.

Health is quite strong, in youth the native looks older than his peers, but over the years, on the contrary, he seems to become younger. We must protect the bones and monitor the condition of the teeth.

Quickons Saturn Ascendant, personal life and synastry

It is difficult for the native to build personal relationships because of the extra seriousness. Even the style of clothing he prefers is businesslike and discreet, without a hint of personal individuality. If a person has strong Sun, Venus and Mars, the Quicon will still keep him from revealing his creative uniqueness for fear of being disliked and rejected. There is a very complex combination of inflated self-importance and a heightened sense of vulnerability in connection with this. It is unbearably painful for such a person to be rejected, so it is easier to remain alone. If in his youth he experienced betrayal, then he can withdraw into himself and give all his strength to work.

The social status is extremely important for the owner of the Saturn Ascendant quincunx, therefore he will never choose a person below him in position and intellectual development as a life partner. An exception is the deliberate choice of a dependent spouse in order to assert themselves at his expense and remind him that he owes him all material wealth.

In the synastry, the situation is similar – the Saturnian limits the self-manifestation of a partner in his Ascendant, as if freezing all his dreams, hopes and plans. At the highest level of development, it is possible that the wisdom of a Saturnian helps his life partner to reveal himself as much as possible in the right direction, but this is rather rare, and there should be other indicators in the chart that confirm this.

How to work out the Quicon Saturn Ascendant

The main problem of the native is pessimism, gloom, too serious attitude to life. The study must begin with the Moon, as a zone of initial spiritual comfort, as well as Mercury and Venus, because if there is harmony between them, then a person will have a resource to confront his own fears and complexes. It is very important to live according to the Sun, because Saturn is a social planet, and the native perceives his failures especially in the public arena. If the Sun burns brightly, supporting the mission in the 10th house, then the Saturn Ascendant will help to systematically move towards the goal and show oneself as a responsible leader.

It is good to relieve tension with calm sports: swimming, Pilates, and for energy balance and tranquility, you can choose yoga and qigong. Slavic gymnastics and Reiki will help women.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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