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Quickons Saturn – Neptune: burning wings

Quickons is a minor aspect that is closely related to a person’s karma. His task is to reach out to the consciousness of the ward through the creation of a chain of recurring events, so that in the course of solving these problems a person can best reveal his talents on the subject of planets and houses in which they stand. It will not work to ignore the quicons, because it causes an unbearable desire to develop in these areas and go towards new interesting goals. Karmically, this aspect is associated with a deep sense of guilt in connection with the actions of the ancestors on the issues raised, and it is this aspect that needs to be worked out.

Quickons Saturn – Neptune makes the native extremely susceptible to any injustice, cruelty or suffering of other people. Man is in constant search for a philosophy that would give answers to the question of the existence of evil and would justify what is happening. He feels more guilty than others for all negative events, even those that are not directly related to him, and therefore often emotionally burns out and cannot fulfill his high-flying dreams.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Saturn-Neptune

Subtly feeling the energies of the world, beauty and spirituality, the native is initially gifted with the ability to transform Neptunian fantasies into clear Saturnian forms. These are excellent musicians, poets, artists, subject to the development of talents, because the quincunx still only hints at talent in one area or another, and a person must reveal his uniqueness himself, despite the fact that there is almost always internal resistance and fears.

Quickons Saturn-Neptune endows the ward with shyness. These people often create quietly, write on the table, draw for themselves, and dance when no one is watching. If, nevertheless, the talent has received recognition, then relatively early they are faced with a new shock: a sense of guilt that they have a gift, while others do not. They become ashamed of the ease with which they write music, poetry or paintings, while others spend hours on it, and such a false self-perception greatly limits their freedom of creativity.

The owners of the Saturn-Neptune quincunx try to use their talents for the benefit of society, then it is easier for them to accept the fact of difference. This is participation in charity concerts, organization of creative centers, drawing public attention to a particular problem through personal popularity. If they blog on social networks, then they are sure to shoot videos on sensitive topics or raise issues of injustice in live broadcasts. Because of his sensitivity, the native simply cannot pass by when someone is offended, sometimes taking fire upon himself. This habit can be costly, because a person interferes with the karmic processes of other people and draws them onto himself. It is permissible to influence social processes only with the energy of Neptune, through art, everything else will bring suffering to the native himself.

If the owner of the Saturn-Neptune quincunx cannot cope with problems and injustice, he tries to escape from reality with the help of alcohol, hanging out in social networks, watching TV shows, sometimes losing an adequate worldview. Distractedness appears, vision falls. Because of this, a person is prone to getting injured out of the blue.

Quickons Neptune-Saturn, personal life and synastry

Despite the generally accepted meaning of Venus as a symbol of personal relationships, it is Neptune that is responsible for the ability to love selflessly and truly. In men and women with the Saturn-Neptune Quinceon, this ability is somewhat constrained by the social attitudes adopted in their usual society.

If Saturn is in the 4th, 5th, 7th houses, then the cold atmosphere in the family can completely suppress the desire to love, and most importantly, it will introduce an attitude about the unworthiness of being mutually loved, about the impossibility of personal happiness for oneself, which further encourages one to devote oneself to solving acute social problems , become a volunteer, and in the most extreme cases, if one of the planets is associated with the 12th house, go to a monastery, or become a freelance artist.

It is very difficult for such a person to get married. Most often, he suffers from the rescuer syndrome, trying to make his partner with different addictions happy, justifying his aggression. Family life turns into service to another person or the intoxication of personal self-sacrifice.

Quickons Saturn-Neptune in the synastry creates problems with understanding each other’s feelings. Because of the cardinal opposition of love languages, both partners have a lot of resentment and suffering. The Neptunian tries to adjust, but the rigidity and logic of the Saturnian hurts him, and he, in turn, understands that the partner’s emotions are too deep and defy any adequate explanation.

How to work out the Saturn-Neptune quincunx

One can harmonize the aspect consciously by relinquishing the role of the world savior who is not actually asked to help. To get rid of guilt, the native should at least read about the triangle of codependence: “victim-aggressor-rescuer”, and as a maximum, work through these points with a psychotherapist.

Help for those in need should be at their request. The best thing a native can do to save the world and himself is to move into the position of a loving parent who creates works of art that awaken the bright, childish side of personality in every person.

Prayer practices, yoga, swimming, and massage help relieve stress. It is necessary to avoid alcohol excesses, not to get involved in antidepressants and not to waste time on people who are deeply addicted to drugs or belong to religious sects.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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